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Case Bucker: Name and Title – Presidents of RELJUV S.a.e.c.a.

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NAME and TITLES – Presidents of RELJUV S.a.e.c.a.

Case: Transparency 002
El Paraiso Verde, Caazapa, Paraguay

Bulletin April 5th, 2024

If you work with someone, or even call him a friend, you should at least know their name.

We the founders of El Paraiso Verde worked from August 2016 to October 17, 2023, more than 7 years with a person whose real name we have only known since the end of March 2024.

Here are the 3 different names of the former president:


An academic title is not verifiable, therefore the right to use the name “Dr. Buker” is not proven.

Juan Joaquin BÜCKER:
According to the birth certificate of the city of Buenos Aires dated November 5, 1959, this man was born Juan Joaquin BUECKER, son of Federico Buecker and Mechthild Eva Maria Carla MEISTER on November 3, 1959.

In German, the letter “Ü” means the same as “UE”, so the name can also be written on a typewriter (computer) without the “ü” letter.

Therefore, every German speaking person worldwide would understand FRÜHLING or FRUEHLING to mean exactly the same thing: The time of year when the trees blossom, the rabbits have their young and people fall in love.

“U” without the two dots is a different letter. Words with or without the two dots above it have completely different meanings.

“führen” – to lead: is to take someone by the hand and guide them.
“fuhren” – drive: is when someone has driven a vehicle in the past.
Two completely different words.

Juan Joaquin BÜKER:
The extract from the civil register gives the name BÜKER: the C is deleted.
This created a completely different word.


“PAKET” is a box that is sent by postal services. “A” is pronounced long.
“PACKET” would be a request to several people, e.g. to detain a thief.
It is therefore not insignificant whether there is a C in this name or not. “A” is being pronounced short. Different meaning, different pronunciation.

Juan Joaquin BUKER
Why are the C and the Ü dots missing on the PARAGUAIC cedula: Explanation from Mr. Juan Joaquin: The authorities could not print an “Ü”. Why? The Spanish language knows the “Ü” (e.g. in Vergüenza).

And if that had been the case, why doesn’t the cedula say BUEKER? If Mr. Juan’s ex-wife was indeed called Mueller de BUEKER (according to the name change of December 5, 1985).

When asked why she was called BUEKER but he was called BUKER, he never answered that he didn’t know himself……


Why does a man change his name? A stage name for a musician?
Or because you can find an entry in the criminal record under the previous name?

This is why all previous names must be listed on criminal records. Therefore, name changes must be effected through a judicial or administrative procedure. There is no proof of a name change procedure.

Where is a criminal record of Mr. Juan Joaquin in which all his previous names are listed?

The change from BÜCKER to BÜKER was only carried out in 1985, when Mr. Juan was already 26 years old. The Cedula was issued under BUKER when he was 56 years old.

We don’t go into rumors, but interesting results from his time in Berlin are being circulated on social media…. Here is the truth to be determined. There is no criminal record information from Argentina or Germany.


In his curriculum vitae (see Appendix), Mr. Juan Joaquin lists the following academic titles, which he claims to have acquired by studying and passing the prescribed examinations.

Dr. en Theologia: Of University Pontificia Universitas Gregoriana, Rome
Dr. En Filosofia: Of University Pontificia Universitas Gregoriana, Rome
Lic. en Administracion de Empresa: Freie Universität Berlin

Despite research and inquiries, these titles could not be verified.
Normally the confirmation of an academic title by a university takes about 2 working days. This is issued by an officially signed email or by sending a confirmation.

When questioned, Mr. Juan stated that he could not find the documents, but that he would be happy to confirm on oath that he had legally acquired these titles.

Appendix Bucker:

Mag. juris. Dr. juris Erwin Annau

Birth certificate dated December 11, 1954:

Born Erwin Richard Annau in Vienna on 29.11.1954 as the son of Paul Annau, Roman Catholic and Melitta Annau, Protestant A.B.


Magister juris: Certificate dated April 15, 1983

Dr. juris: Certificate dated May 10, 1983

Confirmation of the conferral of title by the University of Vienna dated 5.4.2024:

And to all conspiracy theorists who now claim that I bought the titles for a lot of money:

1. Ask the University of Vienna if you can buy titles there. You will probably receive a criminal complaint in return by mail.

2. How could I have bought a title with my then monthly salary of 2,000 Schillings (146 Euros, 157 USD, 1,138,686 PGY)?

I have a criminal record certificate from Austria:

You should know who you are dealing with.

Dr. Erwin Annau
President of RELJUV S.a.e.c.a. and Founder of El Paraiso Verde
Mag. juris. Dr. juris Erwin Annau

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