Composting in El Paraiso Verde Paraguay

"We should not only feed plants and animals, but above all the soil."

A healthy mother earth (humus) is the source of life. Without a soil rich in microorganisms, the complex processes of photosynthesis and the conversion of inorganic elements into organic nutrients cannot take place.

Every nutrient in the soil has been “eaten” and “excreted” at least once “by” a microorganism. If the microorganisms are missing, plants have no nutrients prepared for their food.

Therefore we need compost to bring the earth to life in El Paraiso Verde.

The soil is basically very good, humus - 50 to 100 cm thick - never contaminated by industrial agriculture, rich in nutrients. But this soil has been compacted and acidified by decades of cattle breeding. Burning, which was practiced before our time, led to the death of microorganisms and to the proliferation of fewer grass species.

We therefore attach particular importance to the use of all organic waste for the production of compost. This is then brought into the gardens and used in the planting of trees and vegetables.

By converting the currently “dead” humus into humus made alive by compost, not only the diversity of the fauna and a healthy PH value are restored - living humus holds up to 25 times more water than compacted “dead” humus. Even in heavy rainy years, hardly any areas will be covered with water. For this nature will spring up out of the ground.

And: more CO2 is bound in the soil. That is climate protection in El Paraiso Verde

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