Condominium Contract Changings

Condominium contract changes

The following condominium contract changes as of 7/1/2024 have now been added or amended to our Life Principles:

1. Becoming a settler despite vaccination?

Science has provided groundbreaking new findings that have proven the previous division into “unvaccinated” and “vaccinated” to be scientifically untenable.

If this is an issue for you and you want to know NOW how “vaccinated” people can possibly get into the EPV, contact us NOW:

2. Title for your property: Immediately

From now on, anyone who buys a title-ready plot in El Paraiso Verde will receive the title without a waiting period. It is no longer necessary to enter the country or attend an Info Week to purchase a plot and receive a title. You can buy a plot without coming to El Paraiso Verde.

In this way, we can give everyone who is looking for a plan B NOW in the event of an international crisis the opportunity to travel and live in a safe place if the worst comes to the worst.

We have already been through the experiences that almost EVERY expatriate anywhere in the world has to go through. We are here and will build your plan B so that you have a place to live if your current home is no longer worth living in

This solution became necessary because such a crisis can come much faster than we can turn applicants into settlers via the Info Week.

3. 5% Infrastructure contribution for international income – now on a voluntary basis

The question has often been asked whether the 5% infrastructure contribution for international income will remain in place in the future.

As of 1.1.2024, infrastructure contributions for international income will no longer be levied. Anyone wishing to make voluntary contributions for the improvement of community facilities is welcome to do so.

The 5% infrastructure contribution will remain in place for revenue from Paraguay. The revenue generated from the infrastructure contribution will be used exclusively for security, infrastructure improvements and welfare facilities.

The infrastructure contributions for buildings in the EPV also remain in place.

4. Electric cars and electric vehicles: no changeover in El Paraiso Verde

The current level of knowledge and experience regarding electric vehicles no longer allows a community to be obliged (by majority decision) to use electric vehicles. Such a decision would trigger unforeseeable liability consequences for the proponents of electric vehicles. The use of electric vehicles is therefore permitted in the EPV, but will not be made mandatory in the future.


Over the next few months, we would like to hand over areas that the settlers can take over competently and reliably to settlers:

  • Baking container: was handed over to Stefan and Astrid’s family – complete success!
  • Dining restaurant (Asado hall): This was handed over to the family of Christophe and Eva-Simone on 1.7.2024. The settlers like it. We will now come to the restaurant more often to eat!
  • Waste and garbage collection: This was handed over to a company in Caazapá on July 1. The company collects the waste fees independently. The residents now manage waste management in the condominium independently.

Interested parties wanted (turnover lease):

  • Nursery
  • Compost (help for Carlos, who has taken on the topic)
  • Lease of agricultural production (Chakra)
  • Taking over the maintenance work in the condominium