Environmental Protection El Paraiso Verde Paraguay

El Paraiso Verde and its sponsoring company, RELJUV S.A.E.C.A, have made an uncompromising commitment to the protection, preservation and restoration of the natural environment. A settlement (urbanization) has as one of its central challenges the treatment of wastewater and the maintenance of clean groundwater. To ensure this, we use the most modern wastewater treatment plant in South America at El Paraiso Verde – biodigestors.

These systems turn any wastewater into at least process water which can be used without hesitation for the irrigation of plants. The system could even produce drinking water (with the addition of additional filters). For this commitment we received the recognition of the largest association of environmental technology companies in Brazil.

“Por sus buenas prácticas a través de la tilicaión de la T.B.T.E. – Technologia Biológica para Tratamiento de Efluentes, contribuyendo asi con la mitigación de los problemas ambientales en Paraguay y en el Planeta”.

“For its good business practice through the use of T.B.T.E. – Biological wastewater treatment technology that helps alleviate environmental problems in Paraguay and on the planet.”

We continuously monitor the quality of all waters in El Paraiso Verde in order to keep the water always in excellent bathing quality.

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Environmental Protection El Paraiso Verde Paraguay 2