Highest Recognition El Paraiso Verde Paraguay

Isla Susũ – RELJUV & El Paraiso Verde receive the Highest Recognition

RELJUV and El Paraiso Verde receive the highest recognition for their achievements in protecting the environment and the natural paradises in Paraguay

certificate conciencia ambiental
Highest Recognition El Paraiso Verde Paraguay 2

The Foundation for Environmental Awareness of Paraguay appointed RELJUV S.a.e.c.a.) as a supporting member of the foundation in August 2020. This was preceded by over 3.5 years of research and reviews by the foundation with regard to our behavior in environmental protection. The following was particularly emphasized at the solemn appointment (on August 24, 2020):

  1. At no time did RELJUV intervene in the Isla Susu nature reserve, but rather respected the area designated by the UN as a national monument and natural heritage of mankind and completely avoided environmental damage.
  2. RELJUV is a pioneer in Paraguay for the waste water treatment plants (BIO digesters) that are already required by law. Required by law, but only implemented to a very, very limited extent in Paraguay, we have prescribed the use of this new wastewater technology for all buildings and we are 100% enforcing this obligation.
  3. RELJUV has gone beyond the strict environmental regulations of the country through the use of biodegradable and preferably natural (environmentally friendly) cleaning agents as prescribed in El Paraiso Verde, as well as the recommendation of fluorine-free toothpastes.
  4. The agricultural department of El Paraiso Verde makes 100% organic cultivation, both in the garden, in the orchards and when reforesting the settlement area.
  5. With the planning of the settlement area El Paraiso Verde, RELJUV paid special attention to the conditions in the nature reserve and protected and maintained the ecological conditions in the nature reserve with the implemented planning.