Land Registry


Parceling out the settlement area of El Paraiso Verde into approx. 1500 plots and the subsequent registration of all property owners into the land registry book requires the consolidation of the 3 estancias (farms, homesteads), which make up the entire area of El Paraiso Verde (1597 hectares).

The document published on this site is the final verdict (adjudgement, decree), with which the merger of the 3 estancias was granted.

The verdict of the court regarding the merging of the 3 properties into one property can be read on page 10.

The ruling was published on October 11th 2019 after the hearing on December 27th 2018 and the verdict was reached on December 28th 2018.

The merged property should be entered in the land registry by August 2020 (depending on the opening of the courts and offices after the corona lock-down). Thereafter, landowners (after signing the condominium agreement and the constitution of the private colony El Paraiso Verde, which is currently being established) will be able to apply for a title for their land. The registration is subject to a fee.

Document – Click here

Documento – Click aquí