Legal matters

When we entered Paraiso Verde for the first time in early 2017, we lived under the illusion that other German project operators and emigrants would receive us with open arms. We wanted to network with them and form a German-speaking community in Paraguay. For German colleagues – project companies, companies, tradespeople – we would have had work orders worth millions.

But what really happened was so monstrous that we can hardly believe it to this day: Instead of welcome celebrations, we were greeted with a hail of over 100 criminal charges! Their content was even more monstrous than the advertisements: it was claimed that we would divert the Pirapo River – absurd and technically impossible for us. The most common allegations were that we were digging and building houses in the Isla Susu Nature Reserve. Just as nonsensical. To date, we have not worked with our excavators closer than 1.2 kilometers from the LIMIT of Isla Susu. This is easy to prove by drone footage. These defamatory advertisements resulted in TWO unjustified construction stops. Any construction stop could have killed the project.

What we were accused of was exactly what “the others” did. They diverted the Pirapo, which was leading to the flood, to our property by laying 2 x 2 meter tubes under the main road – without building negotiations, without a permit, nobody knows who placed the order.

When one of our excavators sank during surveying work (NOT excavation work!) On the western border of our property, these groups took the opportunity to once again file a defamatory criminal complaint. The allegation read:

We would dig in the nature reserve…. With nieces! Our excavator did not dig – he drove with the surveyor into the impassable terrain to measure the western border, and –

The place of the accident was 1.2 kilometers from the border with Isla Susu!

But what does a slanderer care about facts, even if they could be proven to every prosecutor in 2 minutes? According to Napoleon, every German believes every slander …

Napoleon I (Napoleon Bonaparte) (1769-1821), Emperor of the French: “There is no more good-natured, but also no more gullible people than the German. I never had to sow conflict among them. All I had to do was unstretch my nets and they would run in like shy deer. They choked each other and thought they were doing their duty. No other people on earth are more foolish. No lie can be devised roughly enough: the Germans believe it. For a slogan they were given, they persecuted their compatriots with greater bitterness than their real enemies. ”

The environmental prosecutor had experience with these reports. This time he first looked for himself what was going on and – of course, the ad was discontinued because we weren’t digging in the nature reserve …

That is the background to this document.


At El Paraiso Verde, it is very important to us that all processes are carried out in accordance with the law. This is a challenge with such a large company. Immigration law, labor law, social security law, trade law, corporate law, but above all the complex environmental protection regulations must be observed in all of our actions.

We employ more than a dozen lawyers in the company and have an external law firm to handle these tasks properly, as well as consultants for special areas, such as the entry of over 1500 properties in the land register.

The complexity of the processes can be explained well using the example of labor law:

Every employee has an employment contract and receives at least the minimum wage. We have not made ourselves popular with other (including German) entrepreneurs who follow the common practice of paying local employees significantly below the statutory minimum wage. Greedy entrepreneurs often only pay half the minimum wage!

One of our employees reported that she often couldn’t put the food for her children on the table at her previous employer. But now that she is paid a little above the minimum wage, she can also support her parents and, if necessary, her siblings. Every employee has Christmas bonuses and 12 days of paid vacation, sickness benefit and all of our help so that he or she feels comfortable with us. We subsidize food and accommodation at El Paraiso Verde.

The local employees are very grateful for this consistent personnel policy. One worker put it this way: “We are a family at RELJUV. You gave us a perspective and a future. “

Since the beginning of our project, we have been showered with a hail of advertisements for our uncompromisingly compliant behavior, especially from German emigrants and “competitor projects”. Strange, because of the 280,000 German emigrants in 2018, we are currently only able to accommodate around 300 emigrants per year in El Paraiso Verde. Where is the competition? Are the 279,700 potential customers not enough for them? But you should never try to understand insanity …..

ALL of the 100+ “fellow admirers” ads have been discontinued. Without exception – all of them. The slanderer will be held accountable by us. Defamation is a criminal offense, even for people who cover up the perpetrators, because they don’t want to “pinch” anyone … Understandable, perhaps, why so many “stories” are told about us …

Particular attention is paid to the SEAM (the environmental protection agency). An experienced, employed lawyer who has worked for the Itaipu Nature Reserve for years and a graduate engineer work exclusively to check compliance with environmental regulations and laws, to discuss all ongoing projects with SEAM and to report work to the authorities in good time.

Our exemplary approach is bearing fruit.

Here you can find the German translation of a letter from the Public Prosecutor for the Environment of Paraguay. In this resolution he confirms that he has inspected El Paraiso Verde (by the way several times and with great accompaniment) and that everything in El Paraiso Verde has been built in accordance with the laws and the environmental license issued by SEAM. The reports brought in by “Pressure Groups” and German fellow admirers, according to which we are allegedly digging in the nature reserve, were rejected as false accusations by the public prosecutor.

Other peoples stick together – especially when they are abroad and actually “guests”. Perhaps the Germans, Austrians and Swiss can still learn from these other peoples.

Legal compliance of RELJUV S.A. and its employees and board members confirmed in writing: A unique recognition for a unique company.

Rejection of criminal charges from excavator rescue