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Newsletter El Paraiso Verde NewsletterDear El Paraiso Verde Friends,

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Gratitude – a state of consciousness

“Too good to be true” is what some interested parties have already said about El Paraiso Verde. Erwin Annau’s answer: “Yes, the vision has always been just as beautiful, the reality has not always been, but now everything is free to make the original, beautiful vision of the green paradise for people who think with their hearts and meet each other at the heart level come true in full.

The vision was always the same, the NOW beautiful reality had to be created by us, the founders, our loyal staff and the dedicated settlers. We are grateful that our vision IS now a reality.”

Astrid and Stephan are a role model for me as people who see the positive side of every situation, who are grateful for their experiences and thankful for how it IS.

You can feel their peace in their hearts, their love and therefore their true wisdom. For many of us, this is something we can still work on.

We are grateful from the bottom of our hearts that this wonderful family lives with us at El Paraiso Verde.

Stephan und Astrid 

What we mean by “gratitude as a state of consciousness” is best expressed by Professor Kurt Tepperwein:


Grundriss Tiny Huse            Tiny House

Realizable from 271,125,784 PYG, which is approx. 35,000 euros turnkey, including land in the Caracol district and clay platform (depending on exchange rate). Best: Build as plan B and rent out with approx. 8% return, inflation-protected.


This is only available once in El Paraiso Verde – finished house to move into immediately on the first floor with 3 spacious bedrooms and a large living room with terrace.

There is also a granny apartment on the 1st floor (from approx. September 2024). Ideal for families with 2 or more children and also for families with an adult child or for anyone who wants to take granny with them.

Grundriss Scippi

Haus Scippi1 Haus Scippi 2

 House Scippi 3

The house Scipi on PV80 Q is very close to the school, Bambambo, the library, the Mini Mercado, playground, riding arena, Lago Pora, Pira Tava lake…

Plan 80Q  Grundstück 80!

Thank you for your dreams”….

For all those who also want to “give thanks” for their dreams: We can also build such houses. At EPV, you can build anything in terms of architectural style (even a knight’s castle). WE are the “building authority of first, second and third instance…..)

 Grundriss rundes haus Bild rundes Haus 

Gratitude – a state of consciousness.

It requires a place where you can find peace,

security, peace and the people

who are GOOD to you from the bottom of your heart –

El Paraiso Verde.

In Love

Erwin Annau

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