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UNIVERSAL RIGHTS of all Spiritual Beings

These are universal fundamental rights that we at El Paraiso Verde will defend with everything we have:

Right to a positive life experience

Every being has the right to have good experiences and be happy in his incarnation.

Right to freely chosen advancement

Right to spiritual growth according to one’s own soul plan.

Every being has the right to decide whether it wants to ascend to a higher level of consciousness in an incarnation.

Once a being has chosen to continue ascending, he has the right to begin, continue, and end it without oppression, obstruction, or forcible interference with the integrity of his body, mind, or “soul.”

Right to all information to be able to understand themselves

Every being has the right to get all the information it needs to better understand itself, other beings, the universe and the supreme being. This includes the answers to the questions: where we come from, where we are going and why we are here.

No state, church or organization has the right to suppress or distort information that leads to answers in these areas.

Right to absolute freedom from and protection against negative actions of other beings.

Every being has the right to freedom from all NEGATIVE actions, words and negative emotions of other beings, however deliberately and with evil intent.

It is the duty of every community and all its members to provide the necessary protection to others in a community so that everyone can enjoy these universal rights.

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