Paraguay Rammed Earth in El Paraiso Verde

It took a long time… With this construction technique it is possible to build faster and more efficiently with rammed earth, which, contrary to the usual earth building method, effectively withstands the weather conditions in Paraguay.

With this construction method, it will not only be possible to build houses with thick, insulated thick walls, but also to provide optimal heat and cold insulation. In addition, it will be possible to build hobbit houses and domed buildings, which are really very imposing.

What is Rammed Earth – Rammed House Ecological House (Reco House)?

The Reco House is a structural wall system with a thickness of 20 to 24 cm. Local floors in combination with 9% cement are compacted on both sides of a hidden insulation core. Stabilized with compacted earth and rebar, with 4″ solid insulation in the center of the wall (rebars are used in seismic areas).

We offer the choice. The choice to build as if the future, the environment and people’s well-being are important.

Our Core Values

Reco House is a complete wall system with the strength and beauty of sedimentary sandstone that catches the eye.

This unmistakable, visceral connection to the earth is also the outer and inner surface of a Reco House building – no seals, cladding or drywall are required.

These high performance walls are built with a system that has been researched and developed for more than 25 years, with a thermal mass and efficiency that surpasses any other wall system. In combination with the Rammed Earth system for quality control and soil mixing, walls are built that exceed the current standards for energy efficiency and compressive strength.

The Reco House system has been further developed by Rammed Earth experts over the past 28 years and can be seamlessly integrated into unique designs and modern surfaces with timeless charm.

The Reco House building system has been a global technological leader in the field of insulated rammed earth since its invention in 1992 and was the only supplier for the first thirteen years. Reco House holds four patents for this special technology, which is groundbreaking in this emerging industry in terms of thermal and structural excellence.

Reco House System

The Reco House system starts with secured, reusable molds that are filled with a mixture of moist soil. Once the soil mix is ​​compacted, structural rammed earth walls are created that will last for several lifetimes without the need for maintenance.

Reco House earthworkers use the world’s leading Rammed Earth earth mix technology to achieve the optimal mix for the strength and structural requirements of the project. We can make almost any color you want and have recommendations for achieving quality and economy on a project-specific basis.

The Reco House Base comes with a special additive that we have developed. It is worked into the entire wall to limit efflorescence and to achieve hydrophobic properties. The hidden core of insulation in the center of the wall is usually (but not necessarily) made of polyiso foam.

Forming, delivery and mixing are determined on a project-specific basis. Pneumatic and hand rammers are selected on a project-specific basis.


The Reco House gets wet. The tide is receding. Rammed Earth is drying out fast in a very short time.

Cyclones/Strong Winds

A Reco House is approximately 20 times the mass of stud walls and 4 times the width of the foundation, so it is much more difficult for winds to overcome them.

Extreme temperatures

The comfort is retained even in the event of a power failure, as the dynamic insulation is at least twice as high.

Sound and Vibration

Reco Houses block the sound through mass and different vibrations. Solid materials vibrate at such a low frequency that the sound energy can be largely absorbed. The layering of the Reco House, foam and rammed earth makes it almost impossible for sound vibrations to penetrate through the shift in density.


A Reco House is healthy for people – no bas chemicals, that is carcinogenic substances, environmental hormones or heavy metal, etc. in the wall structure.


The Reco House can withstand horizontal driving rain and extreme temperatures for hundreds of years. It has the strength of concrete and is also provided with a hydrophobic additive. You could say that it will last 1,000 years.


Solid walls with ample insulation form a thermal flywheel. This increases energy savings and human comfort through stable indoor temperatures and radiant heating (one is heated by the surrounding surfaces and not by warm air).

Climate resistance

The Reco House is extremely resistant to fire, floods, cyclones and extreme temperatures.


The first construction in El Paraiso Verde was a test wall to test the local soil and its resilience. At first it is a small test project, but it can be seen …


After this successful test we started to build a Reco House apartment and see how beautiful it is: