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Our university is planned. Our planned Schauberger-Tesla-Reich University will be built with the everlasting guarantee of independence of science, research and teaching.

The “Schauberger-Tesla-Reich University”

Departments: Faculty of Natural Sciences

Freedom of opinion, and respectful dissent are the basis of this University. Since the loss of freedom in teaching and science has become prevalent worldwide, it is this University’s absolute requisite to be an embodiment of truth. Sincerity and integrity of all persons involved in this university and its teachings is essential in spearheading our world into the new age.

Our University shall never become dependent on business, industry, lobby groups, or political organizations. Upholding this guarantee is the utmost duty of the University Council and the management of the University.


Faculty of Natural Sciences

Physics with emphasis on research into the works of Viktor Schauberger, Nikola Tesla and Wilhelm Reich. The focus is on alternative energy, alternative transportation technologies and less harmful communication technologies. Research into alternatives to the worldwide high-frequency and low-frequency transmissions causing radiation exposure to humans and the environment.

Biology with emphasis on the restoration, preservation and improvement of the environment. Protecting animal species and natural habitats by stopping the spread of desert wastelands. Conserving biodiversity through natural resources such as restoration and diversified reforestation.

Faculty of Technology

Research and reconstruction of suppressed technologies, such as alternative engines and sources of energy and propulsion. Development, creation, small series and parts production of eco- and user-friendly technologies.

Faculty of Agricultural Sciences

Research into the principles of permaculture according to, but not limited to: Bill Mollison, David Holmgren and Masanobu Fukuoka. Finding ways for expanding and enriching local agriculture through diversification, while focusing on the nutritional quality of crops, according to Dr. Carey Reams.

Practical application of such research in harmony with local flora and fauna. Creation of a “paradise garden” for cultivation of all plants suitable for growing in the Paraguayan climate zone. The goal is improving food production through better soil quality. Harvests are not judged by weight, but by the nutritional content and density of the crop.

Faculty of Medicine

Focused on health, vitality and longevity research through departments such as: Lifestyle Transformation, Diet and Nutritional Science, Integrative Medicine- allopathy, homeopathy, naturopathy, Traditional Paraguayan Medicine as well as Traditional Medicines of the World (TCM, Thai medicine), Non-invasive healing methods – Electro current and vibrational treatments as well as a Department of Surgical Procedure.

Faculty of Law

Comparative Law, Justice and Social Responsibility, Ethics and Morals – comparative ethics and morals in different cultures.

Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities

The studies of: Comparative Theology and Religious Studies, Study and Codification of Universal Laws, Languages and Linguistics – focus on German, English, Spanish, Guarani. The Study of Language History and Language Development – Semantics, Comparative Literature.

Department of Historical Research – alternative history research, manipulation of recorded history, research of secret societies, early prehistoric cultures, antediluvian cultures.

Political Science, as well as Suppressed and supernatural Sciences – Telepathy, Psychokinesis and others.

Faculty of Music and Arts

Department of Musicology will not only feature traditional studies of Music such as Classical Music, Jazz, Popular and Contemporary Music, but also studies of the correlation between Music and Mathematics like the Fibonacci numbers -golden ratio.

The Faculty of Music and Arts will also focus on the use of Music and Art/Color as healing methods, Music and Vibration as Therapy (such as 432 Hz), as well as research into Light and Color therapy.

The Department of Applied Arts will teach Painting, Pottery, Sculpture, Dance, Photography and Videography, and also Integrative Art with focus on aesthetic design of articles of daily use.

For any further information regarding contributions to the establishment of the Schauberger-Tesla-Reich-University, of any kind, please contact us.

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