YPY Lake

The YPY lake is the largest lake in El Paraiso Verde with the most beautiful and best properties. Here, too, a small center will be built with a café and other nice offers that can be used.

The lake is so big that theoretically you could sail on it or use all kinds of boats. A central point for tourism that is planned at some point in El Paraiso Verde is certainly Lake YPY.

I would buy an apartment in the city of YPY, can I?

We have planned apartments in the city center, which we will sell from mid-2018. Depending on the equipment, you can count on around 900-1000 euros per m² for the apartment. When purchasing the equipment, we can respond to your wishes. The apartments are basically offered as 2 room apartments (approx. 48m²) and 3-room apartments (approx. 70m²), but other sizes can also be planned and built for the buyer.

Part payments for land in El Paraiso Verde are a separate chapter

Partial payments for land in El Paraiso Verde are a separate chapter

We have some “challenges” with partial payments:

If someone transfers the installments with 10,000 euros, – or any smaller amount under which “nothing is reported”, in order to stay “under the radar” somewhere in Germany (national bank, tax office, etc.): That normally does not work because the bank computers register multiple transfers from one account to another as one. There should be half a year or more between the transfers. Normally one can assume that several partial transfers can lead to inquiries from the money laundering department of the bank and possibly to a money laundering suspicion report than a correctly documented – i.e. with a proof of the source of funds – “high” transfer.

The challenge of exporting the money is one side, importing it into Paraguay is another and is also considerably more complicated. We have to go to the bank for all partial amounts and explain them. In any case, the bank only wants proof of its act that the total amount was legally earned (e.g. house sale, company sale, inheritance, tax return with corresponding income, securities account liquidation, life insurance – one of these proofs is sufficient).

A referral with proof is a fraction of the work and there is no “suspicion” that something is wrong. All evidence must also be CERTIFIED translated. These are then presented to the bank so that the money laundering department can let the money through. Paraguay, like almost all countries in the world, had to sign the international money laundering treaties in order not to be put on the “black list”, such as the Pacific state of Vanuatu. Black list means: no more money will be sent there and no money will be accepted from such a state.

The transfer must come from the account of the person who also bought the property. In the case of married couples with separate accounts, this can lead to “challenges” when importing foreign currency if “she” has bought the property according to the contract, but “he” transfers an installment from his account out of love. It becomes even more difficult if an installment (or the total amount) comes from a company account, but the company owner has bought it privately. This can lead to a return of the transferred amount.

Consult with your tax advisor

Therefore, consult with your tax advisor how you can transfer the entire amount at once without any tax consequences and send us a proof of the origin of the funds corresponding to the transfer amount.

Can you drill your own deep well in El Paraiso Verde? What does that cost?

At a depth of a few meters there is groundwater that is good enough for irrigation. At a depth of 100-200m we have the “best water in the world”. The quality is better than most “mineral water” that you can buy for a lot of money. A deep well can be drilled by anyone with a plot of 1,000 m² or more at their own expense. We recommend that neighbors band together.

We deliver water to the property from a deep well, but via long pipes. The water quality of your own deep well is better. The costs are between 6,000 and 16,000 euros (depending on the rock layers). Our first deep well in Paraiso Verde was a little over 6,000 euros.

So far, however, there are already 13 deep wells and supply the entire El Paraiso Verde. For this reason, it is not necessary to have your own deep well that only supplies one household.

Do I have any running costs at El Paraiso Verde?

No running costs are planned, as part of the harvest yield is used for further care / reforestation. This is clearly regulated in the management contract.

Recover money from a parcel in El Paraiso Verde?

Can I monetize my plot in El Paraiso Verde early?

The special legal structure of the Paraiso Verde allows plots and land to be swapped, sold or given away quickly and without great expense or effort. The plots can be sold again at any time. We are of course happy to help you with this.

After the second thinning of valuable and energy wood from the 8th year onwards, according to the present calculations, the originally invested amount flowed back through the trees you sold.

Is my investment in Paraiso Verde safe?

There is an investment protection agreement between Germany and Paraguay dating from 1997. Even in the event of unilateral termination, the state is liable to the investor for another twenty years.

Paraguay thus offers more security than Germany. Autonomous communities in Paraguay have been protected by all forms of government for almost 500 years as they form the backbone of the economy.

According to the constitution of the country of Paraguay, expropriation is as good as impossible.

Questions and Answers with Sylvia and Erwin Annau

Matrixxer: When was El Paraiso Verde founded?

Erwin: El Paraiso Verde was founded in 2016. Long before we got the country here, actually. Actually as early as the 1990s, we said: You would have to buy a few hundred hectares somewhere and you would have to implement something like this on a piece of land, namely: a coexistence of people based on natural law and reason, spiritually want to develop further.

Sylvia: That idea existed long before we met.

Erwin: … but it didn’t work in the USA or in Europe, because if you want to do alternative health, alternative energy and alternative agriculture there, then quickly click the handcuffs. And that’s why we decided to emigrate to Paraguay.

We then decided to look into alternative healing methods. And yes, then Sylvia got sick.

Sylvia: It wasn’t pleasant. I got very sick, and that’s where all the knowledge came into vogue, like so much is now in vogue. I then informed myself on the Internet and the knowledge then flowed to me. We just had to make more of it. But I still had to do more, it was 2 to 3 years before I got completely healthy again.

Erwin: Hence the name of our company in Paraguay called RELJUV, which we founded in 2016. So from rejuvenating and the additional L stands for love, laughter and passion. And then I said we had to pass on the knowledge. So many people then healed themselves with our knowledge.

Sylvia: Healed yourself! You healed yourself with the knowledge.

Erwin: And that was the beginning of Reljuv S.A. And when we then realized: This is not how it works with the much knowledge that we had acquired that is no longer wanted and needed in Europe. Then we knew we’d better not do that in Austria. We have to go where there is a really free country. It has to be lonely, a relatively free country, because when the moment you talk about freedom, people have completely different views. A much freer country that guarantees people in the constitution that they have the right to heal themselves where there is the right to their own body. This is very important. And also, very importantly, on the children’s bodies – and that is possible in Paraguay.

Sylvia: Paraguay has a very strong constitution where, for example, compulsory vaccination is unthinkable. Further treatment is also unthinkable, because the patient can choose the treatment himself, i.e. the choice of how he would like to be treated. You don’t have that in Austria.

Erwin: In Paraguay there is a Doctor Naturalista and they can also come from shamanism. It still exists here. And it is also the people that decide. Even financially, the state is not in a position to treat people across the board, and so there are completely different requirements. And that was one of the reasons for Paraguay.

And when we got here, it was already clear that there would be more than just a health center. There will be a small community.

Matrixxer: What was your intention? Why did you found El Paraiso Verde, so what is the intention behind it? What is the goal?

Erwin: Exactly what we want is: alternative health, alternative energy, alternative agriculture and that in an area where you can also develop technologies, where you can develop healing methods, where you can attract enough people to make it all possible . You can build a school here, you can build a commercial center there, and that’s how it kind of came about. Of course, there is also our philosophy of life. We actually want to found a community in which one can assume that my counterpart, everyone who lives here, is good at heart.

Sylvia: I believe that Paraguay and the place here was somehow brought to us or we were brought to the place. Because looking back, you can say that it was led, we were led here. You have already experienced that yourself, the energy here is quite simply a special one that you don’t find everywhere.

Matrixxer: That’s right, we were brought here too. And which people, or attitudes, appeal to you the most?

Erwin: People who come here for a similar reason, and not people who come here out of fear. We don’t want fear-driven people. People who are afraid or come here out of fear, they take themselves with them, they take their fear with them, because that is a pattern that is in people.

Sylvia: People who live in fear also take them with them. El Paraiso Verde should not be a place of refuge for people fleeing Europe, it should rather be a spiritual project, with people who see it as an opportunity and not as an escape route.

Matrixxer: Do you only accept spiritually minded people?

Erwin: No, we don’t just take in spiritual people. There are also spiritual people who may not suit us, they are different.

Sylvia: We also want people who want to give this fundamental love to others, that is what we would like to have here.

Erwin: El Paraiso Verde is also not a party location, this is a place of retreat, but not a place of retreat out of fear, but rather to be able to limit yourself to the essentials. We are not at all Catholic and also not Christian oriented, each as he wants.

There are many points of view here, so we have everything here among the people, from hollow earthers to torus eartheners, to ball eartheners, to flat eartheners, but the nice thing is that we can have different opinions, but respect each other in our different opinions, an interesting conversation lead and then part, and we are still good.

Matrixxer: Do you want to get some facts? How big is the whole property?

Sylvia: 1597 hectares. That’s 1,597,000 square meters.

Matrixxer: You have a lot of leeway there.

Erwin: Yes, with the jungle and all the trimmings. And that’s the nice thing about it, we have lakes, jungle, meadows, you can hike endlessly …

Matrixxer: How many buildings are there and what has already been built?

Erwin: About 30 buildings. Most of the buildings that are built here now are hotel buildings and apartments, for people who build their houses down on the lot and then move into their own house. At the back of the property, eight buildings have been completed. Many are currently under construction again. Well, we mostly have 10 construction sites. We want to build around 30 houses this year 2021, but it can also be many more.

Matrixxer: Are there any competition or people who don’t like you?

Erwin: From our point of view, we have no competition. It’s so nonsense that people think we’re competitors. Nobody brings more people into the country than we do, that is, four times as many people come to the country because of us, come to us or go somewhere else in Paraguay. Well, we are not competition, on the contrary, we attract a lot of people into other projects, so that to the address of the respective competition thinkers … But even people who see us as competitors had to admit that we are absolutely top quality for Paraguayan standards, we have worked for them. Unfortunately, many see us as competitors because of this.

We build in bricks with tiled roofs, with wood, with roof trusses and bricks, we can do that. With the project we are a blessing for the country, here in Paraguay and in Caazapa. After all, we give work to 300 people. We feed about 1200 people and with the indirect economic effect, probably 4000-5000.

Matrixxer: So, a very charitable company?

Erwin: We continued to pay the workers when Corona started. We all continued to pay in full. People were in lockdown. We knew that if they didn’t get the money from us, they wouldn’t have anything to eat. The Paraguayans are not as knitted as we Europeans, who, as always, have had to make provisions for generations. We have that in our blood because nothing grows in winter, but everything grows here all year round.

We are an absolute blessing or a salvation to the state of Caazapa. For the numbers-oriented people: Paraguay has only experienced a shrinkage of the gross domestic product of 1.5 percent, despite Covid. Why? Because the construction industry alone grew by 8.1 percent across the country. But the joke is that the construction industry isn’t as thriving everywhere as it is here. So, we have prevented the country from collapsing economically and we have also acted politically with common sense. We only do it with common sense, with the senators and MPs, and that’s why the lockdown was relatively short and always a relaxed lockdown. That was a lot of persuasion that we did and we created a lot of trust here, also in the political world, because we never make claims, because we do something for the people here and don’t want anything in return.

Sylvia: We’re a little bit lost again, honey.

Erwin: No, you … (laughter).

Matrixxer: Back to the facts … And now we have the next questions: Well, some have asked us: “Yes, Paraguay … Are there forests and lakes there too? Does nature exist?”

Erwin: There is a large jungle with very old trees that are a few hundred years old. For the fact-oriented people, we have about 100 hectares of primeval forest, one primeval forest on the north side and then along the Pirapo River, at about 6.5 km one bank belongs to our property. The rest was just a meadow before. So, we have around 100 hectares of primeval forest. We, i.e. REJUV Aktiengesellschaft, have around 100,000 trees, we have already planted around 4,000 trees ourselves. Some grow very nicely. It will be a beautiful paradise. And of course, we are at a bird sanctuary, at Isuzu National Park. And this bird sanctuary is now moving to El Paraiso Verde, as the farmers very often burn down large parts of the Isuzu every year, and the birds have now noticed that El Paraiso Verde is not burned down. And now it is wonderful to see this peace. We have many different birds, hawks, owls, eagles, herons …

Matrixxer: Are there any predators and poisonous animals here?

Erwin: There are snakes, crocodiles and predators in Paraguay, but most of them have two legs and wear pants and shirts. Joking aside, these big cats no longer exist in this part of Paraguay because they need 35 square kilometers of contiguous jungle. So it doesn’t exist here. There are no giant snakes, anaconda or anything like that. But there are crocodiles that are so small, they are no more than 75 cm tall, extremely rare, and are under the strictest nature protection. And as I said, a Paraguayan shouldn’t run into a crocodile because the latter taste very good.

Matrixxer: Are children safe here?

Sylvia: The kids are running around everywhere. We have many children here and of all ages, from babies to 18 years and the number is growing all the time. We are becoming more and more family-friendly, because we want families here, we want young people here.

Matrixxer: We wanted to talk about the health center, but we’ll do that later, but if someone has something acute now … what then?

Erwin: There are three hospitals in Caazapa. There are two private clinics and one public hospital. The public hospital is eleven kilometers away. And another hospital in Caazapa.

We don’t have health insurance here because we have colloidal silver, CDL, we have vitamins. We have everything.

Matrixxer: What about the internet? Compared to Mexico, this is a lot better here, as we noticed. Every now and then there are fluctuations, but all in all it is much better than in Mexico or Cyprus, where we have been for a long time.

Erwin: We have a stable 100 megabit line here, so you can do something with that. And we are in the process of expanding that. We are currently in the process of bringing in a second provider, so that the reliability of over 99% would be possible. We’d be there a long time ago, but every now and then there are power outages in Caazapa, which hinders, but we have very good internet security.

Matrixxer: How is the water here and where does it come from?

Erwin: The water comes from the second largest underground river in the world. It’s so big … somewhere between 120 and 350 meters deep. If there was no water, seven billion people could drink it for almost 400 years and the water is actually mineral water quality without fluoride. We have 13 deep wells and we have already had it tested.

Matrixxer: Have you ever checked the pH?

Sylvia: Sometimes it has a pH value of 7 to 8, but more like plus 7. There are companies that also draw off the water, make mineral water from it and sell it in bottles.

Matrixxer: How high are the annual taxes?

Erwin: You have to make a distinction here: In Germany and Austria you have 50 percent tax or more because you have the entire tax burden. That’s a lot more. Paraguay has 10 percent sales tax, 10 percent income tax, and 10 percent corporate tax. That means, if you have a company, you have to pay sales tax and then an income tax, although that is not entirely true, because in Paraguay you can deduct everything you have an invoice for. You can sell everything, even your private clothes, private food, house building …

We, here at El Paraiso Verde, have no taxes. We only have one infrastructure contribution here for those who run a company, and that is 5 percent of sales. Why do we need this? For example, for the political work that we do, it costs money. You also have to lobby for Paraguay to remain business-friendly.

Matrixxer: So in a nutshell: The contribution you make will benefit the community?

Erwin: Yes, it stays in the community.

Matrixxer: How much money should you have at least if you want to buy a plot of land and build a house in El Paraiso Verde?

Erwin: I’ll say it based on today’s status. It’s the end of January 2021. An individual who emigrates to Paraguay, even if he goes somewhere else, is difficult for less than 70,000 euros. A couple maybe 100,000 euros, calculated on the order of magnitude. This includes the cedula (permanent residence permit for Paraguay), a piece of land, the house, the relocation, a basis has already been created with 70,000. With that you can actually live here and with it you can live very cheaply in Paraguay, once you have paid for land and house, you can live here really cheaply. A Paraguayan family with four people usually only has around 300 euros a month. Four of you live. Paraguayans often live in a family of four.

Sylvia: The Paraguayans are very hardworking. We love Paraguayans and that’s important too. You have a big heart. They are very friendly people and we both treated these people with great respect from the start. The Paraguayans are hardworking. They work from a quarter to seven to five in the afternoon, even in the greatest heat.

Matrixxer: How much money should you have at least if you want to buy a plot of land and build a house in El Paraiso Verde?

Erwin: I’ll say it based on today’s status. It’s the end of January 2021. An individual who emigrates to Paraguay, even if he goes somewhere else, is difficult for less than 70,000 euros. A couple maybe 100,000 euros, calculated on the order of magnitude. This includes the cedula (permanent residence permit for Paraguay), a piece of land, the house, the relocation, a basis has already been created with 70,000. With that you can actually live here and with it you can live very cheaply in Paraguay, once you have paid for land and house, you can live here really cheaply. A Paraguayan family with four people usually only has around 300 euros a month. Four of you live. Paraguayans often live in a family of four.

Sylvia: The Paraguayans are very hardworking. We love Paraguayans and that’s important too. You have a big heart. They are very friendly people and we both treated these people with great respect from the start. The Paraguayans are hardworking. They work from a quarter to seven to five in the afternoon, even in the greatest heat.

Matrixxer: What if someone is interested in El Paraiso Verde? What do you have to do?

Erwin: Someone registers through our website. And says: I would like to come, then one of our clerks will contact him or her.

And then there is an interview and after this interview, if it goes well and you feel good about each other, then there is a Skype conversation with me. And after this conversation it will be decided whether it is worth a try for both sides.

You take part in the information trip in which the cedula is requested. In addition, a plot of land is bought. Then the purchase application has to be filled out, which then goes to the notary. And the identity card is then created on the basis of the permanent residence permit. And everyone who comes to us has bought a piece of land beforehand. There is a reason for that! If there are political problems, I can get those affected out of the zone and bring them to us so that I can still help in an emergency – and that’s why everyone buys a plot of land beforehand. Then you come here and at the end of the information trip you say whether you like it in El Paraiso Verde or not. If you don’t like it, you will get your money back. No problem. But we also have the right to say ‘No’. That means, after the week you already know each other a little.

Matrixxer: How many people live in El Paraiso Verde?

Sylvia: Currently around 18g0 people. Between 20-40 people are added every month.

Matrixxer: What age groups do we have at El Paraiso Verde?

Sylvia: Everyone. From baby to 80 years old.

Matrixxer: Which alternatives that don’t exist in Europe have you already installed here? What is there already? What else is planned?

Sylvia: Well … we have already installed a health center. This is now under construction. The first treatments are already taking place, with alternative healing methods, by a naturopath who has come to us from Europe. We have a lot of alternative devices, including one of those devices that is being built now in the near future is a Lakowski device.

Matrixxer: What other alternatives are there?

Erwin: The second alternative is energy. We are working on alternative forms of energy that I do not want to discuss publicly so much. Let’s just say it’s an advanced form of photovoltaics, if you can call it that, but be surprised. And it is also very much wanted and needed here in Paraguay because it is a large country. And the money for expanding the infrastructure with cables is not available. In this freedom, we allow it. The idea of ​​El Paraiso Verde is that we can allow everything

We don’t want to limit ourselves in our heads. In other words: I think we have fulfilled the purpose with El Paraiso Verde when someone suddenly starts levitating here in the Madonna Forest and the others look and say: “Oh, Josef, he’s levitating again … “And then the conversation goes on normally about any other esoteric topic. That would be the situation for me in which I say, this is El Paraiso Verde, we allow it. Or if someone suddenly developed healing powers …

Sylvia: Yes, that needs a morphogenetic field that allows something like that. And how do we want it here …

Erwin: If someone is levitating next to you, then let them do so. I have to be able to let it happen and not scream: “For God’s sake! You can’t do that. It’s forbidden!” or call anything. We have to say exactly what we want and what we don’t want.

Also the field of alternative school … because the school that we are building here should educate the children to be independent, critical, self-confident beings. You should find yourself. And the aim of the school is that every child finds a purpose for their own life. It is much more important that the child finds himself, what he burns for, what he is here for. That would be the goal of this school.

Of course, four languages ​​are taught first. German, English, Spanish and Gurani (Paraguayan (native language). That is why the Minister of Education wants us to start this as soon as possible. We will have public recognition very soon. It goes very quickly with us. Elsewhere it takes many years. That means that we also want the children to be able to plan, carry out and complete a project and that they learn how to plant a tree, how to care for the garden, how to build a wall, maybe also how to weld or with wood and The children should learn what is important in life by learning two types of story, the story that is being taught and then perhaps what might have been, there are two types of story . We know that. That is clear. The children should also know how to keep their bodies healthy, ie theoretically also practically. The school is also open to Paraguayan children If your child has a child, they should interact with the local children as well. We will implement that.

And there will also be a spiritual subject … Comparative religions, comparing worldviews. I think this is very important because there is a lot of truth in every religion.

Sylvia: I also believe that children in particular are very sensitive to the activation of the brain regions, to the activation of the amygdala. All these things.

This is much faster with children than with adults. Adults are quick to worry when they hear such a thing. Children simply try it out and see if it works.

Erwin: Well, it would be nice if the children here at school deal with telepathy …

The next alternative is a university. A lot is written about this on our website, but the concept is much bigger. A university where you teach things like that, towards alternative philosophy, ethics and that on the basis of reason.

These things can come into being here, that’s why the space here is so big, that’s why there is now a condeminium on the way to a colony. And once we are an independent colony, the university is a central point. So, these are the alternatives that we want.

Matrixxer: Exactly, that would be one of our next questions: How can the people here express themselves creatively or maybe also contribute? For example, can you build a pyramid?

Erwin: Building pyramids … no problem.

Matrixxer: Also plant everything as you like?

Erwin: There are still very strict laws in Paraguay when it comes to growing hemp or such plants. That means it doesn’t work, not even on your own property. Then the drug agency would come. I can’t say whether that will change in the future or not. One can only speculate. That means, you have to say that clearly, for someone who comes here and believes he can plant hemp on his property, no, that is not possible.

Matrixxer: But you can plant anything else?

Erwin: Everything else can be planted.

Matrixxer: Short question: rights and obligations of fellow citizens?

Erwin: So, the subject: What freedoms? In principle, we have our principles of life, which everyone signs beforehand. In the future, also the roommates, also guests. We differentiate between a day guest and a guest who stays for three months. You all subscribe to these life principles. They are our red line, if you don’t keep to this, please go somewhere else. Anyone who thinks this is just a piece of paper should go somewhere else. These life principles must be lived. And whoever adheres to these principles of life, whereby all of this is self-explanatory and every reasonable person would take this for granted and say: ‘I want that! Exactly that and something else not. ‘These principles can also be read on our website.

Sylvia: That’s that: What you don’t want someone to do to you, don’t do that to anyone else …

Erwin: My freedom ends where the freedom of the other begins. I cannot not impose something on someone else and expect them to be happy with it just because I have to live in my freedom. The life principles actually mean humanity.

This is often misunderstood. One of my biggest mistakes was saying ‘freedom through emigration’. That was really a mistake because a lot of people believe freedom means I come here and let my huge ego out! That means it was a lot of work for us in the first four years. These people, with these wrong attitudes, which at the beginning were very nice to get rid of again. That was important. These people believed freedom means freedom from work, freedom from responsibility, I can behave as I want. Because that is the greatest responsibility …

Matrixxer: If you had to summarize the life principles in some words … what would they be?

Erwin: You have already said it, personal responsibility, respect for one another … and everyone has a right to a nice day.

Very important: No spreading rumors. You solve a problem with whoever you can solve it with. There is no point if you have a problem, e.g. with the water … or with the sewage, and then go to another settler and say, ‘It’s all bad! The water rises … “or” The water stinks … “. That doesn’t do any good. You have to go to the person who can solve the problem. And people have to understand that you simply don’t try to solve the problems you have with the people who cannot solve the problems. There is no point in discussing it with others.

When I have a problem with someone else, I look them in the eye and say, ‘I have a problem with you. Let’s talk about it … ‘And at the end of the conversation, trust and understanding are back, even if you have different opinions, then at least there is understanding … or if it doesn’t fit at all, then you part. We want this culture here. We don’t need intrigues and cross-drivers. Why do all the little communities break up? I always say it in one sentence: Communities between 20 and 25 people, they all break up. Why? With 20 people you have a mushroom, these are often very friendly people, but it plays people off against each other. Divide and conquer. He intrigues … Then you have four stinky boots, and I’ll say it carefully, then personal relationships will change.

This then becomes critical and that is why most communities collapse in around 20 to 25 people. We’ve had that twice so far. Now we have more than 100 people here and it’s a lot easier.

You also have to know that when you start a project, then you have 80 percent of the problematic characters at the beginning.

I think it’s easier now. All the people who will come now will read this Condeminium treaty and sign it. And those who don’t sign it don’t come. And those who don’t want to live that won’t stay.

Sylvia: If you are confident that you are being led, then you have to go with the flow, then you have to go with this leadership so that it can arise. If we had tried from the outset to plan everything down to the smallest detail, it would not have happened. There would be no El Paraiso Verde today.

Matrixxer: Well, if someone has an open heart and is flexible, they will absolutely fit in here, right?

Sylvia: Yeah.

Matrixxer: That was a nice end, but unfortunately we came up with something else. We are the Matrixxers and of course we also have the topic of matrix and spirituality. Therefore, we would actually still be interested in what interests and fascinates you so spiritually …

Erwin: We are initially open to all things. We’re not ruling anything out. This is important. We deal with the topic and then this topic either becomes real or it is not for us after all. That way, we’ve already gone through every conspiracy theory …

Sylvia: Yes, what has accompanied us from the beginning was this inner knowledge that man, purely theoretically, is immortal.

Erwin: It’s even in the Bible. Eternal life that we can restore and rejuvenate the body. Now this is not just theory, it is something that is inherent in us.

Sylvia: But what really brought us here and has been with us all along, was this certainty that if you are ready, if you grow spiritually and spiritually, you will be able, I’ll say, infinitely Life!

In your own body, if you want, or to bring the body to a level where you can dissolve it in order to go into another dimension, i.e. into the next level. This is something that has always been with us since we met.

That has always been our topic. At the beginning, when we got to know each other, I said to you: I’m going to tell you something I haven’t told anyone before. And then I told him about my interests …

Erwin: The subject of cell reproduction, teleportation, whatever, these are subjects we would like to be researchers on, who do this research, do it, and see how far we get. I believe that we will also bring other people here who, like us, are researchers. We want to learn. Maybe there is the one other master who will tell us how to do it. I don’t know, but please with an open heart.

Sylvia: On the subject of anabiosis, for example: This is what is known as hibernation. According to today’s medical criteria, physical death or people who are resurrected has been proven. Anabiosis, a very exciting topic, whether it works or not …

Erwin: … we want to find out. We want to know whether it works like this now, but you have to allow that, again you need a large area in which we, as an autonomous colony, can research these things and are also legally protected. A place where you can do that and then we’ll see if that is possible. So, I am consciously in the subjunctive with these topics, i.e. extraterrestrial and intergalactic federation and everything there is, nothing is excluded here and nothing is prevented as long as it is legal.

Sylvia: So everything that comes from the light side.

Erwin: Yes, exactly, those from the dark side can go elsewhere, but all of that is interesting for us. Actually, that’s the reason why we have a place here where people can meet each other on the level of the heart and exchange everything with one another. And no matter how crazy it is, it doesn’t matter, you can talk about it, you can research and that’s the only way to create something new.

We need such people here who research such things and bring completely different points of view here. Things that are forbidden out there in science. Yes, we are interested.