General questions about El Paraiso Verde

On this page you will discover general questions and answers (Q&A) about El Paraiso Verde in Paraguay.

What is the El Paraiso Verde Paraguay?

After 4 years of intensive research, we have found for you a safe place in a Christian and democratic country – Paraguay, in the heart of South America. El Paraiso Verde is located in the southern part of Paraguay, about 130 km southeast of the capital Asuncion. The nearest major city is the university town of Villarrica with 70,000 inhabitants, 4 universities and a university hospital. In an independent community we can offer you the realization of your life dream – life in freedom.

Who is not allowed to participate in El Paraiso Verde? Who do we not want?

Whoever feels ideologically affiliated with a religion, worldview or ideology that views other people as inferior, or even openly calls for oppression or violence against people of other religions or worldviews in speech or writing, please refrain from contacting us. Whoever, as a member or sympathizer of such an ideology, tries to sneak into our community despite this clear statement on our part, will be excluded by us as soon as we find this out.

How do you solve the enormous need for electricity in El Paraiso Verde?

Almost 100% of all our investors and emigrants want to live self-sufficiently. Energy self-sufficiency, with our revolutionary metal-hydroxide batteries, photovoltaic and inverter, costs about 12,500 euros per household (normal consumption), and 9,860 euros in the campaign.

For just over 1,000 euros more, our residents are energy self-sufficient. Electricity comes free of charge from the sun.

We therefore supply – if someone wants to move to his property – generator power. This is chargeable (replacement of fuel costs and wear and tear of the generator) – therefore at cost price. Thus, each resident has the opportunity to plan his plot and thus his energy self-sufficiency – without stress. Until everything is built, the electricity comes from us.

Can my children study in Paraguay?

Villarrica has 4 universities. But also in El Paraiso Verde a university will be opened soon, where you can study different subjects.

Can I make a living in Paraguay or El Paraiso Verde?

In a country that has had a constant economic growth of almost 5% for more than 20 years and where (unlike Germany) there is nothing and everything is needed, every German who had a qualification and was willing to work became wealthy or rich.

Almost without taxes, with a cost of living between 1/5 and 1/10 of the cost of living in Germany and in a country where you are allowed to do everything that is more and more forbidden in Germany (especially: to think differently and to be critical), you can build a future for yourself.

My recommendation: personal conversation (in the presence of your partner) on Skype and the preparation of a retreat. Based on their qualifications, we can develop a plan to build your personal existence in El Paraiso Verde.

Is Paraguay safe and what is the crime rate?

Paraguay has less than one tenth of the crime rate you find in major German cities today. Crime rates in the area of Paraguay we are in (Caazapa) are equivalent to Germany in the 1960s.

How does it look if I want to work in Paraiso Verde?

Basically, we leave your activity in Paraiso Verde to your own wishes and needs. What arrangements you make with other residents about your employment is up to you. RELJUV S.A. generally only hires employees whose duties are typically non-self-employed (accounting, support services). Alternative practitioners, doctors, consultants, consulters and craftsmen generally work on a self-employed basis.

Paraguay is a country that needs people who think and act independently. Those who absolutely need the social protection of an employment relationship and the social network must consider emigrating to South America.

On some websites you read a lot of criticism about El Paraiso Verde. Why?

El Paraiso Verde is the largest settlement project in South America and also brings the most immigrants to Paraguay. Most of the criticism comes mostly from other immigration workers who see El Paraiso Verde as competition. In addition, El Paraiso Verde does not indiscriminately accept every seeder who wants to settle here and has been asked to leave. This has sometimes led to backlash. Despite all of this, El Paraiso Verde is concerned with fostering peace and community. This requires a certain amount of choice.

Is El Paraiso Verde a haven for NAZIS?

Nazi is a word that is ostracized by certain groups of people or ideologies. That is correct. Unfortunately, today this word is abhorrently and reprehensibly misused to “shove” those who think differently politically into a “corner. The word Nazi is instrumentalized in order to enforce equalization of opinion with unworldly, extremely left-wing multi-culti ideologies. These ideologies destroy all values for which our ancestors fought and died. Ethics, morality, family and respect in dealing with fellow human beings have nothing to do with NAZI.

Is El Paraiso Verde a cult? What is it really like there?

Definitely not. We are finally cured of all sects after painful experience and will reject any “sect” in any case. Everyone can believe what they want on their own property – with the exception of the clarification below regarding who we do NOT want. We will never position ourselves as leaders or gurus or accept such here. We are also just normal people who have taken on the task of preparing the playing field. All participants have to play themselves.

Clearly, however, we will not allow participation in our community of people who belong to a world-conquering religion or such an ideology or worldview.

Why are there so many negative rumors about El Paraiso Verde?

Reljuv S.A. and therefore El Paraiso Verde have the largest immigration assistance service in all of Paraguay and are also able to transfer higher amounts of money to Paraguay from all over the world. Therefore, this is a thorn in the side of other immigration assistance services that exist in the country and spread rumors extensively. In addition, the ever-increasing wave of emigration in Europe is something that governments there would like to curb, and thus attempts are made to malign larger immigration assistance services.