Q&A – Immigration

Tips and tricks for the trip


The 5000 euros or 31,500,000 Guarani are a deposit that is deposited in Paraguay as a pledge in a Paraguayan bank when applying for the cedula. As soon as the cedula has been received (after approx. 3-6 months), you get the full amount back. So it’s just a security deposit that still belongs to you. It is not an entrance fee to the country. The best thing to do is to bring 100 euro bills with you to Paraguay, not 200 or 500, and hand them in to Mr. Juan Bucker. The deposit is payable per family.

Take cash with you:

A maximum of 10,000 euros per adult is allowed to be taken with you.

Flight costs and information trip:

The flight costs are to be paid by you personally, you also book the flight yourself (e.g. via Swoodoo). Transfer only the money for the information trip (Cedula), which includes the 8 days (flight excluded). We advise against travel agencies.

Staying longer at El Paraiso Verde?

All costs are included in the 8-day information trip (except for purchases in the supermarket and visits to cafés and similar private expenses). If you stay longer than 8 days, you will have to pay the costs yourself, e.g. hotel room monthly without kitchen (approx. 320 €), apartment with kitchen (approx. 460 €), meals in the kitchen (approx. 4 € per meal).

Transfers to the El Paraiso Verde account:

Before each transfer, please send us a bank statement first so that we can see whether your bank is accepted by the central bank, which stands between your bank and our bank and issues approvals. This account statement must show: The total of your account balance and the name of the bank. Unfortunately, many banks are not accepted here by the central bank for fear of money laundering. It is also very important that you transfer exactly from the bank from which you are sending this account statement and that the name is identical to the person making the transfer. We need to know exactly when a transfer is due, at least to the week. The transfer must be made within 30 days at the latest.

Transfers from banks for property (s) and house that the central bank in Paraguay reject:

  1. Switzerland: ask banks beforehand! Züricher Kantonalbank, UBS, Credit Suisse are not allowed, i.e. no transfer option. The Raiffeisenbank Zurich was still working recently.
  2. Germany: IngDiba definitely NO transfers allowed. The DKB, Sparkasse, Volksbank, Raiffeisenbank, possibly also GLS, worked very well.
  3. Austria: Many banks are not allowed, so ask beforehand, we will check it. Bank Austria and Volksbank are okay.
  4. Any type of financial service provider will be rejected, such as: Transferwise (Wise) Monero, Revolut, etc.
  5. All banks from: Liechtenstein, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Bulgaria, Romania are not allowed.
  6. Bitcoin payments and all other cryptos are not possible.


In Germany / Switzerland / Austria, we recommend deregistering at the residents ‘registration office or citizens’ office and then deregistering at the tax office in order to avoid double taxation. In Paraguay, the state only taxes income that has been made within Paraguay. There are no foreign tax laws. Value added tax has to be paid in the country in which one has merits anyway.

Levies in El Paraiso Verde:

El Paraiso Verde does not collect taxes, but those who run a business, e.g. an online business or other business income, give 5% annually to El Paraiso Verde. This fee serves the community and is stored in a shared pool for emergencies and to protect El Paraiso Verde.

Repurchase Agreement:

The repurchase agreement only applies to those who have additionally acquired retirement property with the prospect of a one or two-year return.

Children’s certificates:

The last three certificates are occasionally required for the cedula in children who are in / have attended school. This can be certified by a state administration office. The apostille is sufficient for Switzerland and Austria.

Certification of documents:

A final certification (over-certification) is necessary for all documents from Germany. Also sending it to the Paraguayan embassy in Berlin to legalize the documents for legal transactions in Paraguay. One apostille is sufficient for Switzerland and Austria.

Photos for the cedula:

You don’t need to bring photos for the cedula. These are made on site during the application for the cedula.

PCR test (only valid for 72 hours):

You have to have a PCR test to get on an airplane at all. That is why many in Frankfurt do it before boarding a plane or contact the doctor of your trust. The following tests are allowed: LAMP, NAAT and RT-PCR for the final destination Paraguay.

Return Flight:

You always have to book the return flight from Frankfurt, Zurich or Vienna. A one-way flight alone is not recognized if you want to enter Paraguay, as you are still considered a tourist before applying for the cedula.

Travel Insurance:

Travel insurance for the duration of your stay in Paraguay is required in order to be allowed to fly there, otherwise you are not even allowed to get on a plane in Germany. The same applies to the return flight. (For such an insurance see e.g. insubuy.com). The fact that Covid is covered must be written on the photo that you take of the travel health insurance confirmation so that you can show it at check-in / out and that for every person traveling with you.

Travel Health Care QR code:

It should also be noted that you fill out the Travel Health Care form at the airport in order to receive a QR code. Without this you cannot get on the plane. The bureaucracy in many countries tries to make traveling more difficult, so that many don’t even feel like traveling. This QR code is required as a photo on the mobile phone for check-in and check-out for every border officer.

Paraguay’s quarantine:

There is currently a 5-day quarantine once you have entered the country. You can sit them out in El Paraiso Verde. If someone at the border asks where they are being quarantined, they are shown the following address: El Paraiso Verde (Reljuv S.A.), Colonia Riachuelo, Tajy, Canada, Caazapa, 5600 Paraguay. (Subject to change)

For container services:

If you want to rent / buy a container or if you want to have a cargo in a container shipped to El Paraiso Verde in Paraguay, please contact:

  • Peter Kunzmann
  • Email: cargoteam@web.de, for further information.

Summary for the flight:

  • A photo of the travel insurance confirmation that you show at check-in and check-out, with a visible indication that Covid is also covered.
  • Negative result of the PCR test, it is clearly visible that you are negative (attention: only valid for 72 hours).
  • Fill out the Travel Health Care form online and take a picture of the QR code. The QR code must be shown at the counter. At the airport you can find out the website (ask fellow passengers) on which the form for filling out this form is located. You then fill it out online and receive the coveted QR code. This must be completed and presented at most airports. Please inquire in good time at the airport.
  • Passport (valid for at least 6 months)

When you arrived at El Paraiso Verde

  • Then you will be placed in a hotel room or apartment.
  • Please do not throw paper into the toilet in these, otherwise it will smell a lot after a while.
  • The Paraguayans are a peaceful and open people, but the German language sounds very harsh to them. So speak as softly and gently as you can.
  • In Paraguay, most people ride a moped or scooter. Therefore, pay close attention to their driving style, which does not always correspond to our usual traffic rules.
  • Tips are usually only given to Paraguayan employees when they are doing a service for someone outside of their working hours (7 a.m. to 5 p.m.). Some Paraguayans find tips slightly offensive, so approach them carefully.
  • At El Paraiso Verde, the Paraguayan employees are equipped with colored T-shirts: purple (kitchen), black (security service), green (gardening), wine red (cleaning service), white (office).

Good Trip!

What is a cedula? Is that the permanent residence permit?

Is the Admission Permanente the Cedula?

No. The “Admission Permanente” is the lifelong permanent residence permit. This is a credit card-sized photo ID, which, after fulfilling the criteria and after a proper application process, is issued approx. 3 months after the personal appearance at the immigration authorities (Immigracion) and sent to our office in Villarrica is shipped.

Due to the permanent admission, an identity card is issued that is valid for 10 years and is then permanently renewed after 10 years upon presentation of the admission. This identity card is called: Cedula.

What is the cedula?

The applicant’s cedula will be sent to our office in Villarrica approx. 4 weeks after the Admission Permanente has been issued. Thus, the process takes up to 4 months (it can be faster).

You can enter and leave all Mercosur countries with the Cedula.

If I have a cedula, will I remain an Austrian / German citizen?

What is the cedula?

The Cedula is only an identity card – valid for 10 years in all Mercosur countries and is extended upon presentation of the permanent residence permit. The permanent residence permit is another form of ID that is valid for life. She is not a citizenship. Therefore, you will keep your citizenship and the corresponding passport unless you change your mind after 5 years and apply for Paraguayan citizenship. You remain a citizen in your home country without a request.

Immigrants for the cedula and deposit of money with National Bank

I heard that immigrants only needed a bank confirmation of the money in the account for the cedula and withdrew the money immediately after receiving the cedula (i.e. not left it for 3 months)?

That is partly true. The cedula takes 3-4 months from application to immigration in Asuncion to issue. After the cedula has been issued, the money can be collected. So the money is at the National Bank for 3-4 months, as proof of payment must be provided when applying for the Cedula.

The application for the cedula takes place in a single stay in Paraguay. The Cedula and the permanent residence permit (2 photo IDs) can be picked up from the authorities with a power of attorney. Only you can withdraw your deposited money.

Proof of purchase of a plot of land does NOT replace the deposit of the 25 million Guarani! It is also logical, since the 31,5 million Guarani are supposed to be a guarantee that the immigrant has the means to look after himself.

How does the repayment from the Asuncion National Bank work?

The amount can only be picked up in person, i.e. when you next stay in Paraguay and after receiving the cedula.

How does it work with the 5000 euros for the permanent residence permit in Paraguay?

The state of Paraguay demands this guarantee so that no one comes into the country with their “last euro” and then becomes a burden on Paraguay’s social system. They are just smarter than the Germans and Austrians….

The 5000 euros are to be taken to our organization office in Germany before the trip.

Each participant then receives 31,5 million Gurarani in cash in front of the counter of the National Bank in Asuncion, where we take all participants. The traveler pays this into an account opened for him at the National Bank. This account is not a bank account, but it is kept in the name of the person applying for permanent residence.

After 3 months you can withdraw the money after receiving the permanent residence permit and the cedula, but only in person! Withdrawing the money is the only thing we cannot do for our clients. If there is money left over when changing (Euro to 31,5 million Guarani), the difference can be paid out to the travel participant in Euro or Guarani in cash upon request.

Emigrating to Paraguay – when is the right time?

Can’t I put off my plans to immigrate to Paraguay for a few more years?

I don’t know how long you will get out of Europe. Coming to Paraguay will certainly be limited in time and gradually become more difficult. The time to emigrate to El Paraiso Verde has come and you shouldn’t hesitate any longer …

Take cash with you to Paraguay … Can you transfer it?

What about the cash I’m supposed to take with me? Can I transfer that?

There are 5,000 euros per adult or per family who apply for a cedula to take with them in BAR. If the application is submitted by an underage child at the same time, the underage child does not need to deposit any money. Instead, a supply declaration is signed (in front of the notary).

If the child does not apply for the residence permit at the same time as the parents, it must also deposit 5,000 euros (actually 31.5 million Guarani). The 5,000 euros are to be taken in CASH (maximum 100 euro bills).

Deposit for the Admission Permanente in Paraguay

The deposit of 31.5 million Guarani (according to the current exchange rate approx. 4,200 euros) with the National Bank is the basis for issuing a permanent residence permit (Admission Permanente). Because of this Admission Permanente you get an ID that is valid in all Mercosur countries (this is the duty-free trading zone of South America in which most of the countries are represented).

Everyone has to pocket their 5,000 euros themselves and bring them with them, as 10,000 euros (unannounced) is the maximum amount that can be put in when leaving the EU. Higher amounts must be reported to customs beforehand. At airports, there are sometimes dogs in the departure halls before leaving the country who sniff out money. Theoretically, it is a criminal offense if you have pocketed more than 10,000 euros and do not report this.

National Bank of Paraguay, Asuncion

We in Paraguay will convert the 5,000 euros into 31.5 million Guarani for deposit at the National Bank in Asuncion. That is currently around 4,200 euros. The rest is paid out in Guarani. The rest can then be used for shopping or for the minibar. Since the exchange rates fluctuate, we always speak of 4,000-5,000 euros.

More than this amount is not to be taken in cash. This amount is independent of the properties that have to be transferred separately.