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Legal questions and answers about the El Paraiso Verde…

What is the condominium contract?

These are the principles of life as they must be signed contractually to be part of the community. Those who are willing to accept and abide by these principles of life are welcome to El Paraiso Verde. This Condominium Contract will be presented to you and signed prior to your arrival at El Paraiso Verde.

Is the community’s constitution already fixed at El Paraiso Verde?

The basic principles in El Paraiso Verde (Condominium Contract)

The basic principles of our constitution can be found on all our web pages (see also Condominium Contract). These are a formulation of our basic principles, which will not change. This constitution is the basis for the constitution of our autonomous community. Violation of the Condominium Contract may result in expulsion from the community.

Are burials possible at the El Paraiso Verde property?

Generally, this is prohibited by Paraguayan law. Exemptions have been granted time and again, but cannot be promised. Only autonomous communities are allowed to have their own cemetery.

Can the community of El Paraiso Verde sell the plots?

Each individual plot holder can sell the right to use their plot. Since the interest in El Paraiso Verde is very high and increasing, a sale is possible.

Land registration of my absolute rights to my parcel?

When will the land registration of my absolute rights to my parcel be done and do I have to be on site (Paraguay) to do it?

As soon as an area is completely sold, the survey is carried out. These new partial areas will then be notarized by the notary.
If the complete sale of the area does not take place within one year, a date in the year is fixed by contract, on which the registration begins.
Buyers do not have to go to Paraguay, because the purchase is executed by the company via power of attorney.

What right do I acquire if I want to participate in El Paraiso Verde?

As long as it is run according to its statute and the community remains as such (with an operating company representing it to the outside world and a community of people who have their plots within that community), this autonomous community will remain. Some of these communities are over 200 years old.

If for whatever reason this community were to dissolve, the individual members (parcel owners) would retain their property. Only the community and the associated benefits of such would come to an end.

  • The community makes its own laws and rules.
  • Anyone doing business in Paraguay needs a tax number.
  • Paraguay levies: Income Tax 10%, Corporate Tax 10%, Value Added Tax 10%.
    (as of July 2018)

The purpose of our community El Paraiso Verde is regional development in every aspect: economic, cultural, educational, technical… El Paraiso Verde has many other purposes, including alternative health, rejuvenation, self-realization, creating a place of peace.

Each parcel owner receives all the rights of RELJUV S.A. to his parcel by means of a notarial deed. Therefore, each Parcel Owner has an irrevocable, perpetual, alienable, heritable and all others exclusive right of use to his Parcel.

This right of use is equivalent to the ownership of real estate.

Real Property Title in Paraguay and in El Paraiso Verde?

The transfer of real property has a TITLE and a mode, as in all legal systems derived from Roman law.

The title is everywhere the contract of sale, the mode in Paraguay is the notarial deed, since this deed becomes final and NOT the land registration. That means: in case of emergency, what is written in the deed is valid and not what is written in the land register. In this respect, the land register law of South America differs fundamentally from the corresponding laws in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The reason is that in South America the surveying is not yet exact enough and also the legal relationships of large areas are not clarified. In Central Europe there are partly land registers, which are more than 1000 years old and therefore the legislators have introduced the land register registration as mode after many surveys and regulations concerning property borders sometime.

Land ownership in Paraguay?

This was not always the case. Paraguay still has a long way to go here. Therefore, the notarial deed is the mode and therefore the process by which the ownership of the land is made known. The registration in the land register in Paraguay MAY be correct, but if this is opposed by a notarial deed of registration, this deed is valid.

Repurchase agreement for pension property possible?

The repurchase agreement applies only to those who have additionally purchased a precautionary plot, with the prospect of a one- or two-year return.

Return of the escape property possible?

Yes, two weeks from the beginning of the cedula application info trip, it is possible to return the purchased escape plot or exchange it for another one.

Are you an independent colony?

Not yet, but work is being done this year (2021) to become an independent colony. One of the conditions is the submission of at least 100 signed condominium contracts.

Are there any levies to El Paraiso Verde?

El Paraiso Verde does not charge taxes, but those who run a business, e.g. an online business or other business income, pay 5% annually to El Paraiso Verde. This tax serves the community and is deposited in a common pool for emergencies and for the protection of El Paraiso Verde.