Ready to Leave?

Are you fed up with your country?

  • Have you had enough of the preference given by economic refugees who are unwilling to integrate?
  • Growing unease about the destruction of our culture and our homeland?
  • Are you tired of paying taxes, tax audits and tax office terror?
  • Do you no longer feel “at home” at home in Germany?
  • The bureaucracy and the E.U. Regulation mania on your nerves?Afraid of a bank and euro crash?
  • Do you fear even more expropriation through taxes on income and savings?
  • Do you expect the overburdened social systems and internal order in Germany and Austria to collapse?
  • Do you long for real freedom?
  • Do you want to finally get out of the “Matrix”?


  • A life in freedom
  • You decide when this “New Life” begins for you
  • a green paradise where you can eat healthily from your own garden
  • Absolute independence
  • ZERO taxes
  • no bureaucracy
  • Like-minded people who are also looking for freedom
  • a meeting place on “equal eye level”
  • A community based on mutual respect and the freedom of the individual as the highest maxim

    Why emigrate? Paraguay the safest retreat

    • The EU. no one can save anymore.
    • Lobbies and multinationals dictate their agendas to willing puppet governments
    • No consideration for the needs of the E.U. Citizens.
    • Increasing tax pressure due to unaffordable social and integration costs

    This is what Paraguay offers

    • Permanent residence permit valid for life
    • You decide when you emigrate
    • Safe retreat in case of war in Eastern Europe or civil war in Germany
    • Acceptance in your new home when borders are “tight”
    • Fertile land for a self-sufficient life
    • Christian country with a democratic constitution
    • no toleration of groups who view those who think differently as “inferior”
    • Crime rate generally lower than Germany, especially in the Villarrica area
    • Residents do not lock houses (like we did at home in the 50s)