First School in El Paraiso Verde Paraguay

On November 18, 2020, work began on the first school in El Paraíso Verde. Up until that day, our children had been given lessons in the Asado Hall. Now our ever-growing group of children has received the first permanent class.

A university lecturer and several mothers with pedagogical training developed a curriculum designed to turn children into free, independent and critically thinking adults. The El Paraíso Verde School goes its own way, based on the tradition of the anthroposophical schools.

RELJUV S.A.E.C.A. hired a local headmistress to ensure connection with the public education system. RELJUV S.A.E.C.A. takes care of the school's public rights.

The focus of the El Paraíso Verde School is learning for life (not learning for school)

Lessons in the Asadohalle: Sept-Dec. 2020

While the large kitchen and dining room were under construction, the children kept the teaching materials in a huge box and received lessons in the planned dining room in the morning.

2. Lessons in the makeshift school on the terrace of the fitness container, from January 2021

The 54 m² room that was created in front of the fitness container remains an additional room for special classes or courses for children who do gymnastics, sports or yoga during the day.

The school building and its furnishings were largely financed by donations from investors in El Paraiso Verde, roommates and RELJUV S.A.E.C.A. provided.

Our investors show it and set a good example:

A donation from an investor secured the purchase of the materials for converting the terrace into a classroom (later the gymnasium) and for the furnishings, air conditioning, windows, doors and the necessary computers.

RELJUV donates the working time of the employees involved in the project, the space including the forecourt, as well as the costs of the terrace built 3 years ago, covered with Isopanel panels with a fixed glass wall on the south side.

As a result, our parents only pay for the running costs (especially for the teachers).

Some parents get involved in teaching and thus save part of the school fees for their children.

The first donation was really balm for the souls of the three of us (Juan, Sylvia and I), as we have been giving everything to this project for over 4 years. Our own wealth was only the smallest part of it. The rest cannot be paid for with money.

The donations are made by RELJUV S.A.E.C.A. managed. As long as we don't need any additional staff, the administration is free. An example for other, non-profit organizations ...

We leave it up to the donors whether they want to be named. We will set up a plaque of honor with the donor names in the school in Pira Tava and on this plaque we will also pay tribute to the anonymous donors.

Our settlers are highly motivated - there are already projects from earth building, gardens to an a capella choir.