Casa Grand Standard

The Casa Grande Standard is a house for several people or a family. The more than 80 square meters include three bedrooms, a kitchen-living room, a technical room, storage space, two bathrooms and two terraces. Of course, it is always possible to adapt our sample plans according to your own wishes.

The Casa Basica is an apartment for one or two people. The apartment consists of a living room, which has a kitchenette, a bed, a desk and a couch corner. The bathroom has a washing set, a connection for a washing machine and a shower. The studio apartment also has a technical room and a terrace.

The Casa Grande Feng Shui, just like the Casa Grande Standard, has three bedrooms, an eat-in kitchen, two bathrooms and two terraces, a technical and storage room. The difference to the Casa Grande Standard is that the Casa Grande Feng Shui was aligned and designed according to the energetic guidelines of Feng Shui.

The studio apartment consists of an approx. 20 square meter kitchen-living room, a 12 square meter bedroom, a bathroom of 6 square meters, a storage room of a little more than 7 square meters, which can also be used as a small room for a bed or a bunk bed and a 17.5 square meter terrace .