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Social Responsibility in the “New Era”

Such a project with an exemplary effect must include its surroundings in this level of the heart. Our employees are family to us. We actively help in every emergency situation and make sure that every roommate and employee has a chance of a secure future in the Paraiso Verde family IF they actively work at MIT on this opportunity.

Our family has more than 160 employees (as of early 2020). With the salaries we pay, our employees have the opportunity to support their families. Your parents, children, brothers, sisters, cousins, nephews, nieces … .. are often unemployed and have no prospects for the future. It is estimated that over 1000 people live DIRECTLY from work in El Paraiso Verde. Through the stimulating effect of these people on the economy and the external partners who receive orders from us, we improve the living conditions of thousands of people in the region.

In Paraguay – in contrast to our dying society in Europe – solidarity, helpfulness and compassion are not only capitalized – they are lived unconditionally.

If someone needs a vital operation, the whole family – including extensive relatives – collects for the costs of the medical intervention: cows are sold, and often their own land is even sold to save their uncle, nephew or cousin.

Weddings are celebrated big with hundreds of guests, even if a young couple has to save money for over ONE year. But funerals also make huge financial demands on families because the whole family sticks together even in times of grief. Sticking together, living together, celebrating, working and mourning: this is history in Europe.

The family – a concept that has been almost completely exterminated in Europe by over 100 years of brainwashing – is the central building block of society in Paraguay. We often employ several members from one family. We are practically a family business. If an accident happens to a family member of one of our employees, we help immediately, arrange the operation, pay it often and collect money for the bereaved.

The „Forgotten of Paraguay….“

But behind this unimaginable poverty there is a much greater poverty than that. A terrible, depressing poverty. These are the old people who no longer have any family members. In a country without a social network they are starving, without medical care, live in appalling “shelters” under unbelievable, hygienic conditions and vegetate between life and death.

Two courageous women in Caazapá dedicated their lives to these poorest of the poor: mother and daughter. They have started taking in such people in small houses so that they have a solid roof over their heads (even windows and doors) and so that they can wash and eat makeshift food.

The former president, Dr. Horacio Cartes has financed more social programs during his presidency (partly with his own money) than all the other presidents combined since World War II.

Among other things, he had the old people’s home built in Caazapá – a modern, beautiful facility for 25 of these poorest people in the region.

Unfortunately, a president in Paraguay can only rule for one term. Therefore, Dr. Cartes will not be re-elected and the current president has canceled the funding for this retirement home. Of the 25 places, only 9 can be financially preserved. Again and again they don’t have enough to eat in this old people’s home …

We, EL PARAISO VERDE, helped unbureaucratically and consistently – with monetary and material donations.

We ask you NOW to help us alleviate this unbearable hardship. If you like and can, you can transfer the donation directly to the Caazapá retirement home’s donation account. No NGO, no bureaucracy, no redistribution. The money goes directly to the people who need it most.

Maybe we can fill a few more of these places together and bring that glow back into the eyes of a few of these old people.

Here is the video:

Bank, management (address) BIC, recipient is the “Johannes Paul II” retirement home, account number and the purpose of the transfer: DONATION

Muchísimas gracias!

El Dr. Erwin.

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