Star Circle

Star-Circles are a proven living concept from the USA enhanced with our innovative ideas and designed with the ambience of El Paraiso Verde in mind.

8 Wedge-shaped plots of land are designed to maximize space and give the impression of a much larger property.

Star Circles properties are very economical: carport, side rooms, or a guest apartment can be added on to the house near the central roundabout. Less driveways on the property means less service pipes and easier maintenance.

In our designs, the houses are built facing the garden, with a large back patio. This is perfect for enjoying nature from your home, while also ensuring privacy from your neighbors.

Construction sites for houses are predesigned and will be built by RELJUV S.A. Prices of the plots include all initial landscaping (construction site, platforms for carport, garage, driveway) and are therefore very cost-effective.

Maximum house size is 33 x 33 feet, to insure a 9-foot distance to the property line. The terrace can be extended towards the garden. The house may be built with a 2nd floor and a green roof terrace, if desired.

The construction of a 2nd house in the garden area is not possible. A gazebo, grill, sauna or the like is permitted.

Star Circle 1

District of Paraiso Verde-North

Star Circle 1 will be built in Mediterranean style. It is ideally located and close to numerous amenities. (Paraiso Verde 90)

Only a short stroll will take you to the planned village of Pueblo de la Chinampas, with shops and restaurants.                                                                                                                                                                Also, less than a mile from this settlement is Pira Tava, featuring our RELJUV® health center, as well as the Pavilion and the Madonna Forest.                                                                                                                Swimming opportunities are close by with Lago Pora only .2 miles away, Lago de Chinampas .3 miles away and the big YPY lake less than a mile away.

8 plots from 11,959sq. ft to 13,541 sq. ft are available.