Survey Results of new settlers of the info trips

A survey is sent to participants after each info trip. These are the answers to the surveys:

Survey results January 2024

Question: What did you particularly like?


  • The feeling of being at home
  • The visit to my future home
  • Freedom
  • The people at El Paraiso Verde
  • The nature at El Paraiso Verde
  • Everything was perfect
  • The attitude to life of the people here
  • The existing network of waterways
  • The openness and warmth of the settlers
  • The commitment to this project
  • The movement

Question: Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

  • Thank you for the great support
  • The info week was one of the best experiences in 2024
  • The conversations with Erwin and Sylvia were overwhelming and mind-expanding. I can’t put into words the relief and hope that I felt as a result.

Survey results December 2023

…to follow

Survey results November 2023

…to follow

We can achieve so much together. El Paraiso Verde makes it happen.