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The founding couple

The founding couple – Sylvia and Erwin Annau

“We are 2 simple people who have cherished the desire for freedom and independence for many years and – instead of complaining about the progressively worse circumstances – have simply looked for solutions and created an alternative for everyone who wants a life free from foreign infiltration, tax pressure and bureaucracy Looking for.

I’ve been a lateral thinker for as long as I can remember. I could never classify myself, was always a rebel and allergic to anything that wanted to patronize me in any way. Therefore I have a very eventful life behind me and a beautiful life in freedom in front of me. You can find my résumé below.

My wife Sylvia is the soul of the community, with her wisdom, her extensive knowledge and her life experience.

We are not gurus and we are not cult leaders. We firmly reject that. We are like among equals. We are all divine creatures under one Lord God. Nobody is better than the other. We neither want to lead you, nor “schoolmaster” you, nor do we strive to be seen by you as VIPs.

We just want to have normal people around us whose goal is to develop further – spiritually, mentally and physically – and who want to achieve their goals, whatever they are, in harmony with nature and other people.

We have merely created the playing field for freedom for self-realization. You have to play.”

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