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The mission – holistic and natural

Reljuv El Paraiso VerdeOur mission is to provide people with the best possible health to the best of our knowledge and belief – by that we mean the residents of El Paraiso Verde, our neighbors in Paraguay and of course our spa guests from all over the world.

“El Paraiso Verde offers a comfortable life without stress and tutelage for its roommates and guests. The experience of relaxed freedom in a healthy and clean environment enables the restoration and maintenance of a healthy body, an alert mind and a liberated soul.

Only then is the way free for personal development, for the full development of your own creativity and strength and thus for the fulfillment of all wishes. “

“To be truly happy everyone needs a healthy, fully functional and energetic body, a sharp mind, an alert mind and a worry-free heart.”

How can we achieve this new way of life and steady personal growth?

  • Away from drugs and surgery
  • Away from passive medicine
  • Take full personal responsibility for your own health
  • Towards the power of nature
  • Towards self-healing, regulative and holistic building methods for stress elimination, antiaging and strengthening of the inner doctor

Not feasible, do you think? Of course! In fact, it’s very easy.

By looking at the human being as a whole, all applications that only affect very few processes in the organism are eliminated.

The smaller the scope of action, the more artificial and unnatural the procedure and the more side effects will slow down or prevent a real and permanent healing.

Humanity has only existed on planet earth for eons because the body’s own repair and self-healing programs work so wonderfully – if you let them be and not constantly being disturbed by harmful interventions.

Our ability to live in perfect health for a VERY long time is weakened by unhealthy food intake, environmental toxins, depleted arable land, continuous radiation from microwaves (WLAN, 4G, 5G), as well as constant stress and negative information.

Modern orthodox medicine is of eminent importance as emergency medicine. It can help quickly in acute situations, such as broken bones, accidents or vital organ failure.

In all other cases, especially when it comes to prevention, chronic illnesses or the maintenance of long-term health, conventional medicine has failed in many areas.

Then there is the profit-oriented food, pharmaceutical and health industries.

One speaks openly about “creating demand” for operations and medication, which in plain language means: you have to make people sick first in order to subsequently win a permanent customer.

Side effects of drugs are desired – they lead to the consumption of more drugs. Vaccinations weaken the immune system, especially in children, and lead to permanent damage a million times over.

Operations outside of accident care – most naturopaths agree – are more than 90% unnecessary. They mostly lead to permanent and irreparable damage in the delicate and finely tuned body system.

A holistic, regulative natural medicine sets natural impulses and removes blockages. The body’s own self-healing programs are the best medicine in the world. Self-healing is unmatched in the breadth and complexity with which the processes in the body are repaired.

Regulative natural medicine is unmatched in its tolerability despite the massive improvements in health that it can bring about in only a short time.

Most holistic healing methods are pleasant, painless, invigorating, invigorating and practically free of side effects.

We will show you why El Paraiso Verde with its comprehensive health offer is unique worldwide and how we manage to optimally support your health.

We offer many excellent treatment methods under one roof. Treatment methods that were previously suppressed by profit-oriented conventional medicine or that were forgotten due to the lack of a financially strong lobby.

We preserve and cultivate old and proven health knowledge, which has developed over centuries or millennia.

On the basis of these proven treatment approaches, taking into account current alternative medical research, we optimize the methods that enable you to improve your general physical condition in a relatively short time and to maintain it through the application of the knowledge we have imparted about the body.

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