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Therapy Forms

Reljuv El Paraiso VerdeThe following is an overview of the applied forms of therapy in our health center:

Quantec – Radionics*

Properties of Radionic Analysis

Quantec enables communication between biological systems or fields of consciousness. It does not make clinical diagnoses, but uncovers those problem fields that have causally led to the present psychological, physical and pathological changes.


Radionics is a drug test for the targeted selection of the appropriate natural remedies for physical, mental or mood disorders. In this way, necessary concomitant medication can be determined in advance in a very targeted manner. Quantec radionics thus detects pathological vibrations and harmonizes the body’s vital functions.

Carrying out the Testing

About 30,000 remedies from all areas of naturopathy are used for testing, which are then analyzed and discussed together with the patient in a consultation lasting at least one hour. This is followed by a prescription of the most important remedies.

Ozone Therapy


Ozone therapy improves the oxygen concentration of the organism so significantly that all metabolic processes experience a considerable improvement. Cell performance is increased.


Ozone therapy is a safe and gentle treatment against all chronic metabolic diseases. These include circulatory disorders, heart, kidney, liver diseases, immunodeficiencies, rheumatic diseases, migraine, allergies and hormonal disorders. Ozone therapy is the ideal prevention of diseases and stress management.


Ozone therapy is performed once a month, usually in combination with magnetic therapy and vitamin C high-dose infusion. About 1/4 liter of blood is taken from the arm vein, filtered, enriched with ozone and then reinfused.

Autologous Blood Therapy


Autologous blood therapy stimulates the body’s own defenses in an effective way and thus prevents excessive reactions of the immune system.


Autologous blood therapy is used for all immunological defects. These include in particular allergies and skin diseases, but also destruction of the body’s own defenses regularly caused by antibiotics, cortisone, radiation or chemotherapy.


Autologous blood therapy is performed once a week, usually for 6-10 treatments. Depending on the indication, 1-3 ml of blood is taken from the arm vein, homeopathically potentized and ozonized, then reapplied intramuscularly with the addition of snake venom in homeopathic concentration.



Homeopathy works in the subtle realm. Its doctrine is based on the fact that from the pathogenic substances, through a specific treatment of the same (potentization), the medicines can be created, which reverse the effect of the original substance.


Homeopathy is used as a supplementary therapy to give specific information to certain organ systems by means of single or complex remedies, through which they can work again without disturbances by themselves.


Through precise research (repertorization), homeopathic single or complex remedies are determined by the therapist, which can either be given orally or added in ampoule form to an invasive therapy (e.g. ozone therapy).



Acupuncture corrects energy flows in the body through the 14 acupuncture pathways (meridians), which are tonified or sedated. The forces of Yin and Yang in the fullness and emptiness are balanced and harmonized.


Acupuncture is used in many diseases, but especially in pain therapy and addiction therapy, but also in psycho-therapy.


The stimulation of the corresponding acupuncture points can be done in different ways,- by needling, burning with moxa, acupressure, by means of gentle laser beam or as a new way in radionic balancing.

Laser Therapy


Laser therapy is a form of therapy that applies specially focused light to the skin. This stimulation triggers biochemical processes and healing forces in the structures located under the skin in the cells.


The application of laser therapy is very wide: it ranges from orthopedics with various manifestations of pain symptomatology to inflammatory skin diseases; it is also applicable in acupuncture, where the painless application is an advantage in comparison with needling.


Since these are so-called soft lasers, which do not produce thermal effects, the skin is not damaged. In the therapeutic milliwatt range, which even allows the laser treatment of homeopathic ampoules, the structures to be treated are irradiated for only a few minutes.

Magnetic Field Therapy


Magnetic field therapy stimulates blood circulation in organs and improves energy performance in cells. Thermal imaging in thermography proves this phenomenon.


This therapy is used for many diseases of inflammatory or degenerative form. These include, in particular, inflammatory diseases of internal organs and joints. Diseases caused by circulatory disorders such as tinnitus, hearing loss or dizziness can often be alleviated with this complementary therapy.


The therapy is usually applied in addition to other biolo-gical healing methods by means of a special mat or local magnetic field applicators. The duration depends on the severity of the disease and can be from 8 to 15 minutes.

Phyto Therapy


In phyto-therapy, alcoholic or aqueous extracts of medicinal plants or parts of medicinal plants (drugs) are used, which can have a healing or soothing effect on diseased organs or organ systems in the organism.


Phyto-therapy is used as a supplementary therapy to provide specific information to certain organs or organ systems by means of herbal medicinal substances, by means of which these organs or organ systems can function again without disturbances.


Phyto-therapy is usually administered orally by using ready-to-use medicines or tea mixtures. However, there are also numerous external applications, such as ointments, compresses or poultices. In some cases, phytotherapeutic substances are also used in ampoule form.

Fresh Extracts Therapy


Fresh extract therapy provides the organism with youthful cell structures, which are still very original due to their young age, and which renew by their own division the cells that have been copied, adulterated and thus aged.


Fresh extract therapy is used not only in geriatrics (geriatric medicine), but especially for active elimination of degenerative diseases and immune deficiencies such as rheumatic and tumor diseases. There are currently nine different preparations: thymus, spleen, heart, liver, kidney, mesenchyme, placenta, testes and ovary.


Fresh extract therapy is performed as a course of treatment once or twice a week for usually 10-20 injections. One or two fresh extracts can be used in each treatment, they are brought out of a minus 40°C cold sleep by heating and injected intramuscularly.



It is a specific elimination therapy with homeopathic remedies; in nosode therapy all kinds of substances are used, which are elicited in the organism by radionic or biophoton diagnosis. These substances, whether environmental toxins or certain pathogens that one has forcibly absorbed and deposited over the years, are subsequently recognized and eliminated by the body.


All kinds of diseases caused by toxin blockages, which cannot be treated by conventional methods.


After accurate diagnosis, the necessary homeopathic medicines are prescribed.

Colon Hydro Therapy


Colon Hydro Therapy fundamentally rehabilitates the large intestine (colon). The intestinal environment is normalized, and the physiological (endogenous) bacteria can once again control the pathological (disease-causing) bacteria and yeasts.


Colon hydrotherapy is used for all diseases with intestinal involvement. These include in particular allergies, skin diseases, any fungal infestation (mycoses), destruction of the intestinal flora regularly caused by antibiotics, cortisone, radiation or chemotherapy, but also chronic constipation and intestinal inflammations.


Colon hydrotherapy is performed as a course of treatment once a week for usually 6-10 treatments. Warm, filtered and oxygenated water is flushed through the colon through a soft plastic tube for about 40 minutes. The procedure is hygienic and pleasant.

Neural Therapy


Neural therapy interrupts energy flows in the body through the nerve pathways. It results in relaxation of muscles and healing of neuritis (neuritis).


Neural therapy is used against acute and chronic pain disorders. The complaints can be treated in the area of the cervical, thoracic or lumbar spine with radiation into the arms and legs with often astonishing success.


Using a disposable syringe and a very fine needle, a drug mixture of homeopathic substances and biological painkillers is injected into nerve endings, acupuncture or pain points, usually in or directly under the skin.

*I. Explanation of Quantec Analysis

Radionics is a psychotropic procedure that uses the mental faculties of man as a specific biological form of communication, bringing them either alone or in addition to pharmacology or physical treatment, according to the discretion of the therapist. (George de la Warr 1961)

The computer opened up a whole new dimension for radionics, whose possible applications were thus not only greatly simplified, but also extended to other fields from the Far Eastern tradition. This new technology, which enables a connection between electronics and consciousness in just an ideal way, is likely to play a significant role in the spread and acceptance of radionics in the future. (Hermann Grösser, CO`MED 6/1999)

*The radionic balancing runs for the time being until the given date, if you do not wish it differently. This means that you will receive the information of all remedies from the analysis radionically, as it is noted on the header page 1 of your Healing Sheet as send data. During this time you will have the opportunity to test the effects of the radionic balancing for yourself on the organic, mental and emotional levels. Of course, you may use the listed remedies or gemstones in parallel, – in the case of essential substances such as vitamins, you should even do so, since by nature only subtle vibrations can be transmitted. If you wish the continuation of the balancing beyond the projected date, we should agree on the transmission dates.

Radionics has been researched for almost 100 years and is popular in England, but is still relatively unknown in Germany. These are completely natural laws, which are directly related to the functioning of the human organism. They have been known for thousands of years and are also used in other countries and cultural areas from the medicine man to the shaman with the respective contemporary means and rituals. Here the spirit dominates the matter and the consciousness-relevant processes are superior to the biochemical ones. (Hermann Grösser, CO`MED 6/1999)

Research in the Institute for Bioenergetic Blood Diagnosis in Rostock, Germany, has recently produced an interesting proof. Radionically generated substances, which are energetically charged to a carrier such as lactose or alcohol, show the same physical reactions as commercially available test substances. Now we go one step further here and do without the material carrier. We use the fluidum, which has been called ether, od, chi or prana since ancient times, as a medium for radionic treatment. By means of the computer, from the virtual fund of almost 15,000 test substances, we specifically search for the remedies relevant to you as an individual and also transmit their information to you. Beyond space and time, quantum-physical phenomena become effective here. You will feel these “effects” in different ways – gentle and pleasant, or purifying and activating, if latent hearth events require it.

Targeted balancing the causes of blockages and disorders. Please do not always take descriptions for the nosodes literally, as they are analogies by means of which strong remedies are generated from the range of the ICD 10 of the WHO, – a worldwide standard for recording all diseases or disorders ever found in humans. By similarities with you attached acute or also long past causal stresses vibrations are produced, which often work by exaggeration of a principle.

Example: The nosode of “complete absence of a lower limb” from ICD 10 merely points to a known shortening of leg length in a patient, by means of which the consequences such as pelvic obliquity or spinal curvature with painful nerve irritation can be compensated.

The organ nosodes indicate an energetic disturbance in this area.

The color shown is defined as a healing color and can be used by you, for example, in clothing.
Tree blossoms and tree circles act as affirmations in the emotional area.

Healing stones as gemstone vibrations. If you are attracted to some of the designated minerals, work with them by integrating these stones into your life field.

The affirmations according to Luise Hay are not always exactly indication-related, but in analogy to a similar problem they are effective and important prayers for you, which you may integrate into your meditation.

The homeopathic single remedies or complex remedies can additionally be used therapeutically, if you or a therapist deems this suitable for a complaint.

The Aura-Soma oils are especially recommended if you experience problems in the mentioned areas or if one of the color combinations appeals to you.

The chakras sometimes show fluctuating values, which is why they cannot always be clearly interpreted in percentages. In any case, however, all chakras are balanced to 100%. Quantec is not intended as a measuring instrument for quantitative determination in the true sense of the word, yet amazingly accurate measurements can often be derived.

Indications and energetic disturbances refer to organic stresses, often in the pre-clinical and therefore still irrelevant area in terms of orthodox medicine. Nevertheless, many patients already feel symptoms here, which are to be balanced by energetic balancing or the mentioned biological means.
II. explanations about radionics with quantec®

Every substance has its own characteristic vibration. In herbal medicine this vibration is used directly, e.g. in tea preparations, in homeopathy this vibration is reversed by potentizing the original substance, and in bioresonance the vibration of the original substance can be generated electronically. All this works and has been proven in practice. However, while bioresonance still requires contact electrodes to be touched by the patient, the desired vibration can be transmitted by means of radionics without this direct contact. Similar to the magnetic field treatment, a force acts here, which is not visible, but nevertheless undoubtedly present. Unlike magnetic fields, whose force decreases with increasing distance, radionic transmissions can be sent over any distance with the same intensity.

Until now this fact was very controversial from the scientific point of view, because classical radionic devices work with scalar waves – also called Tesla waves or longitudinal waves – which cannot be detected with any common measuring device, but in practice lead to impressive results. Radionics in this form has been known for almost 100 years and is mainly used in England.

However, the situation is completely different with radionic devices of the new generation, which work with entangled photons, so-called twin photons. In addition to scientific theories, there are now practical applications for this phenomenon.

Photons are light particles. Twin photons are ultimately two similar light particles, which, similar to humans, have a very close connection with each other. Their formation takes place by the collision of an electron with a positron. This is a process, which runs off in the whole universe constantly, but can be triggered also experimentally. The special thing about these entangled particles is that they can maintain contact with each other simultaneously over any distance and thus exchange information at any time. This process occurs through horizontal and vertical vibrations.

In 1999, Professor Dr. Zeilinger succeeded in proving this in a practical experiment for the first time and then also participated in the development of a first industrial application possibility. Through a widely documented and sensational experiment using an image of the Venus of Willemsdorf, it was scientifically proven that information can be transmitted simultaneously by twin photons (see under “entangled photons”, University of Vienna).

As a radionic device of the new generation, quantec now takes photos of objects or persons to be treated via a digital camera. A photo shows the given photon radiation (light reflection) at the moment of taking the picture. Since there is always a certain percentage of twin photons in every photon radiation and these are now stored in digital form on the hard disk, it is now possible to inform the twins remaining with the subject in parallel by radionic information change of the entangled photons on the hard disk and to initiate a treatment by means of homeopathic remedies, Bach flowers or other vibrations. Away from the often cited placebo effects, effects can even be proven in animals or in environmental remediation (see

However, quantum physics not only works for the transfer of homeopathic information through the radionic computer to the desired object, but conversely also allows the analysis of the stored remedies, for example, for drug testing on the patient.

The function mode of a Radionik equipment may be best illustrated on the basis an experiment, about which Rupert Sheldrake reports in its new book “the seventh sense of the animals” on page 322: Here, in the first part of the experiment, chicks were conditioned at hatching to a robot, which in turn was equipped with a random “white noise” generator, like the one used by the quantec device, for its control. Conditioning chicks to a robot in such a way that they mistake it for their mother is, as Konrad Lorenz showed in his famous experiment with gray geese, very simple – the first object that the chicks see moving first after hatching is mistaken for the mother.

The following graphic on the left symbolizes the second part of Sheldrake’s experiment; here, the cage on the right is devoid of chicks and the randomly controlled robot moves all over its area with no discernible pattern within the perimeter. The lines correspond to the paths the robot travels. In the third part of the experiment, the chicks that think the robot is their mother are placed in the cage in the right graph. As indicated by the lines, the awareness of the one-day-old chicks with the assumption that the robot is their mother is sufficient to keep the randomized robot now always near the cage.

This sensational experiment points to a power unconsciously inherent in the living being, because chicks know neither what a robot is, nor what a random generator is, moreover probably also not how this generator triggers the right-left movement of the robot. It is probably the unconscious wish, the expectation of the chicks, which controls the robot. This force generates a field which has intrinsic intelligence, i.e. which knows by itself how this robot, the random generator as well as the control system work and triggers the movements of the robot accordingly. Max Planck expressed this very clearly: “There is no matter in itself. All matter originates and exists only by a force, which brings the atomic particles in oscillation and holds them together to the tiniest solar system of the atom. But since there is neither an intelligent nor an eternal force in the whole universe, so we must assume a conscious, intelligent spirit behind this force. This spirit is the primordial ground of all matter!”

Quantec uses basically the same mechanism, but instead of chicks, here it is people, animals, or objects like lakes or houses, and instead of a robot with only two choices – left or right, a computer program with very elaborate and extensive databases that contain all the disturbances that might be inherent in the subject or object under investigation. And here again it becomes clear that the unconscious, the morphogenetic field (see Sheldrake) has an inherent intelligence that can interact with computers. This enables the user an access to knowledge, to which he had no access instrumentally so far. This is the only way to explain how quantec can be used to obtain findings in just a few minutes that, for the most part, could not have been expected even when other modern and costly technologies were exploited.

If one now considers all procedures in which one works with subtle information and energies, one comes to the conclusion that it does not depend so much on the special effect of special procedures or actions, but rather on being able to find an access for the subtle information in this material world. Whether one tries this as a shaman in the ritual, as a Feng Shui advisor with remedies, as a therapist with needles, as a Christian by the candle before the holy picture, as a Buddhist by mantras, as a Tibetan monk with the prayer wheel or as a homoeopath with high potencies – all this does not miss its effect obviously and daily anew! Radionics appears as a wanderer between the worlds of empirical teachings and modern physics – the more the fundamental facts of quantum physics find understanding in our world, the more irresistible and self-evident radionic applications will become.

“In medicine, too little attention has been paid to the radical changes forced in natural science by quantum theory as the cornerstone of modern physics.” (from the German Medical Journal by Prof. Dr. Schmahl and C.F. von Weizsäcker)

From the work of spiritual healers we know that spiritual energies are able to influence matter. Since not everyone is able to generate the necessary spiritual energies from within themselves, radionic devices have been built since the beginning of the last century to help people use these spiritual energies in a targeted manner. While man, under the influence of the Newtonian worldview, considered only what is “real” to exist, quantum physics teaches us to take seriously even those phenomena for which we do not yet have a scientific explanation.

One such phenomenon is the possibility of influencing matter through consciousness, for which there is also scientific evidence and which makes what was previously thought impossible not only probable but inevitable. Matter in form of computers – controlled by consciousness processes! At the University of Princeton, USA, Prof. Robert G. Jahn and his assistant Brenda Dunne found out that it is possible to influence matter by human will. They conducted experiments that proved the possibility of controlling computers through consciousness – to make this possible, a link or interface had to be found that could interact with both human consciousness and a computer.

For this today the above-mentioned random generator serves – a diode with white noise,- this produces, like the diode of a radio, which is adjusted between two transmitters, a broadband noise. And this noise can be accessed and communicated with by both the human mind and the computer. In the development of the radionic device quantec this was the decisive thought: the generator reacts to the presence – physical or mental – of people and likewise to animals, plants, even stones and houses. The generator always seeks out what is characteristic of the object it is dealing with – analogous to the synchronicity formulated by C.G. Jung.

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