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Transparency 001: Case Mario Bracho

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Author contract Mario Bracho and income received

Case: Transparency 001
El Paraiso Verde, Caazapa, Paraguay

Bulletin 5th of April, 2024

Here are two receipts of extremely high sums of money, at the time delivered by who claims to be “Dr” and was president of Reljuv.

20 million and 104 million guarani

I also exhibit the contract of Mario Bracho with me, Dr. Annau, for the publication of a book. For this he received a private payment from me, Dr. Annau. 30 million guarani.

It comes in handy that just yesterday his notebook was stolen in which the famous book on the success story of El Paraiso Verde was stored, which he was to deliver to Dr. Annau for proofreading before publication.

So, the argument that Mr. Mario Bracho is going to give as an excuse is going to be the following,

“the thief published the work full of lies without the consent of Dr. Annau and Mario “cannot avoid it” and then “he cannot deliver the book”.

Let us not forget that this gentleman who claims to be a journalist was dismissed from the channel and the reason is public knowledge. What a cheap intrigue. One would think that Bracho is smarter.

Therefore: we want to see the criminal complaint about the theft of the notebook AND the judicial prohibition of his publication as author.

Dr. Erwin Annau
President and Founder

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