Villa Park Pirapo

Villa Park Pirapo is tucked into the quietest corner of El Paraiso Verde and is ideal for those looking for peace and relaxation.

Even though Villa Park Pirapo is secluded, the planned town of YPY can be reached in 2 minutes by car. Pira Tava and the health center are 4 minutes away, and the planned village (El Pueblo de las Chinampas) is only a 3 minute drive.

The Villa Park Pirapo1 consists of 15 plots and has 4 public access roads. The building regulations (distances, building density, divisibility) on these lots are the same as in the district Paraiso Verde.

13 of the properties line the centrally located lake, which is intended mainly for landowners and their guests. However, there is a small public area with access from the west road.

The 2.55-acre lake has a diameter of 426 feet.  It is not connected to the canal system of El Paraiso Verde. The lake will remain in the property of RELJUV S.A. and will be maintained by RELJUV S.A.

Access to the lake and canal system is 320 feet away from the north corner of the Villa Park.           

The large canal outside the dam road can be navigated with canoes at higher water levels. The nearby river Pirapo will be accessible in the future for hiking and boating.

A small therapeutic center with a seminar room will be built on the adjoining plot Pirapo1-28.

For a limited time, we are offering the founder discount of 15% as well as a family discount.

Families who move to El Paraiso Verde within 12 months after the investor trip will receive a 5% discount for each minor child moving with the family, in addition to the founder discount. (maximum 35% total discount).