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Living in Freedom

Emigrate to Paraguay to El Paraiso Verde

Living in Freedom? Is it possible in the present time?

Our english conversation between Mark Holland (r.) and the founder of El Paraiso Verde Dr. Erwin Annau (l.) about living in freedom after emigrate to Paraguay…

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The infrastructure of El Paraiso Verde was set up in a very short time…

We achieved that in a very short time
  • Above 60 miles of all-weather roads have been laid out
  • 200,000 of the planned 500,000 square meters of water were created. (Of the more than 4 million cubic meters of earth that are to be excavated and rebuilt on the site, 1 million cubic meters of earth have already been moved for the infrastructure
  • A flood protection of many millions of euros encloses the settlement
  • A hotel village, a health center, a restaurant, a café, a raw food restaurant and the first business park were built.

This new home of English speaking settlers – and also Germans, Austrians and Swiss – with its harmonious shapes, lakes, canals and “rivers” is even clearly visible from space…

The aim is to establish a community that is large enough to preserve the culture of the individual ethnic groups, their language, values, as well as science and education.

More Freedom in Paraguay

Each resident builds his or her own “paradise” on his or her own property, where he or she enjoys the greatest possible freedom. In addition, there are low taxes and cost of living in Paraguay, which make it easier for everyone to shape their lives according to their own wishes and dreams.

Paraguay has historically low inflation (4.5%) and despite the recession in Europe and South America, Paraguay in particular is enjoying constant economic growth of around 5%. Thanks to this major project, the Caazapa region is experiencing significantly stronger economic growth. El Paraiso Verde is growing by more than 100% annually. The country’s economy, which is largely based on agriculture and construction, is crisis-resistant. Paraguay has hardly any foreign debts, but as an export country it has high foreign exchange reserves.

The investments made by the residents in their properties achieve a continuous increase in value that is above the Paraguayan average.

In El Paraiso Verde, every euro or dollar invested by the residents was and will be put back into the community and the project.

With English Subtitles

Real Freedom through Emigration

By REAL freedom we mean taking full responsibility for ourselves, our families, our social surroundings and our environment.

  • Everyone is encouraged to write their own success story at El Paraiso Verde. Here you are independent and responsible. We live in a community characterized by mutual respect, respect for the privacy of the other and in a community in which everyone proceeds from the benevolence of the other.
  • Real freedom is the FREEDOM to create what the own soul or the human being as spiritual creator strives for.
  • Real freedom is a place where you can think, feel, research and speak FREELY.

Therefore, there will be an innovative school system and a university in El Paraiso Verde with a focus on:

  • Alternative health
  • alternative energy
  • Alternative agriculture
    All 3 focal points have already been implemented and are constantly being expanded.

We have put our focus on THE SOLUTION.

You can enjoy a life of REAL freedom when you have the desire to create your life the way you want it and to achieve your goals.

The Community – your guarantee for independence and freedom

  • El Paraiso Verde is an emerging independent community. Such a community requires special permits. It serves to support Paraguay in building the economy, infrastructure and a culture of mutual respect and tolerance.
  • The members of the community are therefore handpicked. Capital or money are not the only criteria for participating in the Paraiso Verde project. We are primarily interested in whether your heart is in the right place and whether the “chemistry is right”.
  • As soon as we have got to know you and we understand each other, you are free to decide how much time and money you want to invest in your future in the Green Paradise and whether and when you want to relocate to Paraguay.

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