Emigrate to Paraguay


Are you also worried about your safety, the safety of your loved ones and the developments in Germany and Austria?

Do you no longer feel "at home" at home?

Do you feel growing unease about the preferential treatment of millions of economic refugees, the infiltration and the loss of our homeland, our culture and our values?

Are you skeptical about the multi-cultural welcome culture, the steadily increasing repression by taxes and authorities and the incapacitation from the bureaucracy and regulation mania from Brussels?

Are you concerned that your wealth will be destroyed by a crash or rising inflation?

Do you fear the collapse of the social systems and internal order in Germany and Austria?

Come to us at “El Paradiso Verde” in our “Green Paradise”.


We did not focus on these worries, but on THE SOLUTION.

You can enjoy life in freedom. NOW - or whenever you prefer to withdraw from England, Canada, USA, Australia or any other country. We speak here mainly three languages: Spanish, English and German.

3 Main Interviews with English Subtitels

The emigration trend from Germany is increasing sharply. According to the data of the Federal Statistical Office of Germany, in 2019 officially 1,231,552 people emigrated from Germany. 20% were native Germans. Now, in 2020 there are completely different numbers. According to the statistics there are five times more that have left Germany, for example. However, nobody can be sure, that this new numbers are correct, because the gouvernement doesn't want to have such high numbers for the public. As far as we know, it took 2020 two weeks to get your documents for emigration. In 2021, however, this process now takes 2-3 months. Thus, a significant number of emigrants has arisen, where the offices can no longer keep up to process the documents in the short term.

What about other countries? We must say, that also in other countries the number of emigrants increased a lot. You can simply watch the duration of getting your needed documents.

Beside this, we already have several settlers here in the El Paraiso Verde, i.e. from Canada, USA, UK and Australia, that have arrived this year and more are coming.

If you also like to come to El Paraiso Verde, you should be able to speak at least one of the languages, Spanisch, German or English.

El Paraiso Verde Erwin Annau

Paraguay is in the heart of South America. With a total area of ​​406,752 km2, it is as large as Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein together.

The low population density of 3.6 million inhabitants (approx. 2 x Berlin) offers enough space to grow – economically, socially and spiritually.

Paraguay has a stable democracy of young people. More than 70% of the population is younger than 35 years. The population is friendly (there are studies that the Paraguayans are said to be the most cheerful people in the world), open-minded and willing to learn.

Many international companies have chosen Paraguay as the central location for their South American activities, but also because of the enormous tax advantages for their international business.

Paraguay offers companies a guaranteed free flow of capital and profit transfer. There has been an investment protection agreement between Paraguay and Germany for many years.

Economic growth in Paraguay is stable at just under 5% per year and inflation is very low compared to other countries in the region (around 5%)

Paraguay is characterized by high productivity, but low wage costs.

Coupled with very low taxes, these factors enabled, e.g. in 2013, a return of more than 22% on the capital brought into the country by foreign investors

Paraguay has received several awards for the best investment climate in South America

In a word: whoever comes to Paraguay is always welcome and whoever uses his knowledge and diligence in Paraguay will be wealthy, maybe even rich, within a short time.

On this website we will analyze the individual factors that speak for Paraguay and present our own project in Paraguay – El Paraiso Verde – the Green Paradise. On 16 square kilometers we offer people from Europe (mainly Germans and Austrians) space for their personal growth in every respect: economically, culturally, health-wise, mentally, socially … ..

Paraguay is a land of opportunities, a country in which many Germans have already found their new home and in which you will still greet many compatriots with “Grüß Gott at home in Paraguay”.


In our long-term endeavor to offer our clients the greatest possible freedom from the “matrix” (authorities, tax office, taxes, bureaucracy, “disease medicine”), we wanted above all to find a place where we can achieve all of our goals.

Nobody HAS to emigrate, everyone CAN emigrate when they see fit. Paraguay's laws make it possible to obtain a permanent, lifelong residence permit as soon as possible.

In contrast to practically all other countries in the world, you are not obliged to move within a certain period of time. Many of our investors have therefore obtained the immigration papers and are staying in Europe as long as they still feel safe here.

Big advantage: once the borders in Europe are tight, the borders in all other countries in the world are also tight. In this case, you can officially walk past all the refugee queues in Paraguay and go through passport control to your new home as a “resident”.

An investment in the country and a permanent residence permit in Paraguay are therefore essential if the security of the family is to be guaranteed under the sign of the progressively collapsing society in Germany or Austria.

Living in Peace and Freedom

After 4 years of intensive research, we have found a safe place for you in a Christian and democratic country - Paraguay, in the heart of South America.

El Paraiso Verde is located in the southern part of Paraguay, approx. 130 km southeast of the capital Asuncion. The next larger city is the university town of Villarrica with 70,000 inhabitants, 4 universities and a university clinic.

In an independent church we can offer you the realization of your lifelong dream - life in freedom.

Above all, English speaking people, Germans and Austrians are building a new home on approx. 1600 hectares (10 m2) to show that you can become very successful and live happily without tax repression, foreign infiltration and bureaucracy.

Paraguay offers you a democratic state with basic Christian values ​​such as respect, tolerance, freedom of belief, equality...

Members of religions whose beliefs include the contempt or persecution of those of different faiths are not allowed to enter Paraguay. You are therefore safe.

Paraguay has a comparatively low tax burden (10% income tax, 10% corporation tax, 10% sales tax). This tax burden in Paraguay is bearable and fair for everyone. It can possibly be reduced by our team of tax experts using international tax laws. More details on this in an individual consultation. If you have a business inside of Paraguay, that is, if your business is outside of Paraguay, you don't have to pay tax.

In our independent community we make our own rules within the framework of the law of reason. In principle, everything is allowed that does not harm others or restrict their rights.