Censor Free Social Media and Search Engines

Censor Free Social Media – Alternative Search Engines and Portals

Given the amount of disinformation currently circulating on the Internet, many of which already know whose sources this is thanks to, we have compiled a list below to help navigate and find information on the Internet.

Censor Free Social Media - The Google censor machineYes, El Paraiso Verde is also repeatedly caught in the crossfire of the mainstream media. On Google, EPV has been “shadow-banned”, i.e. Google has simply pushed EPV and comparable “opponents of the system” to the very back of the most important search terms. This is censorship and not a censor free social media aspect. And for this reason, it is one more reason to take action here and make alternative recommendations.

Search Engine “Duckduckgo”

Duckduckgo search engine is characterized by much more objective search results. “Duckduckgo” has originally been one of the search engines for the darknet, with the task to search independently, concretely and value-free. Only later did this search engine catch on in the open Internet as well. While El Paraiso Verde can be found on Google somewhere on position 84, Duckduckgo shows EPV right on the first page. There one recognizes the power of the search engines. We therefore recommend to use only these three search engines in the future. You can either set a bookmark in your browser or, for example, add “Duckduckgo” as the default search engine in the browser settings.

Search Engine Yandex

Yandex is a Russian search engine, but it also has an English interface for searching (click on link). Yandex is uncensored and El Paraiso Verde is always on the first page. On Google, for example, it is always on page 8 or similar. Here you can clearly see the difference between uncensored and censored. This search engine is highly recommended!

Search Engine “Presearch”

The search engine “Presearch” offers a wide range of search options for many portals that you can select in advance. Presearch has always been a little reluctant to the big tech corporations and are represented on Twitter and Reddit. Here the offer is that for each search you will get a “Precoin”, which is digital currency and is even worth something in crypto trading. The price of the Precoin increases the more searches are done with this search engine. (El Paraiso Verde ranked 3rd with the most search words related to Paraguay).

Search Engine “Ecosia”

Ecosia is a very neutral, almost censorship-free search engine and optimal for nature-loving people, because for every search you do here, a new tree is planted. Meanwhile, they have already planted almost 180 million trees for the world through the help of the users of this search engine. (El Paraiso Verde in 3rd place with the most search words).

KI Search Engine “Perplexity”

In the age of AI (artificial intelligence), there is also a very interesting search engine that is much better than Google and many other search engines. If you ask a question in the search engine, you get a series of good answers with links, videos, books, etc. So far, this search engine seems to be very neutral and has a substantive answer to everything.

Video Portal “Rumble”

“Rumble” is also emerging more and more as a budding competitor to Google’s video portal called “Youtube”. A very good and fast video portal that is becoming more and more popular. “Rumble” does not censor and you can enjoy excellent freedom of speech there. Originally, “Rumble” was founded by US patriots and has an increasing number of users. Even Donald Trump has a video channel there, as well as many other video artists who want to escape the Great Reset and the anti-democratic Democrats.

Video Portal “Bitchute

Also quite good and recommendable is “Bitchute”. This portal is very user-friendly and does not censor at all, but unfortunately still has quite slow servers and a poor user interface for video producers. Meanwhile, you can also find already many video producers from many countries there. It is certainly a distinction that “Bitchute” likes to be torn apart by the mainstream media.

Censor Free Social Media Portal “Twitter”

After Elon Musk took over “Twitter”, it is still somewhat uncertain what the future of “Twitter” will look like, but the new CEO Elon Musk declared that he will reintroduce freedom of speech in his portal. He has largely realized this and many patriots and free people can now be found there. We can hope that Musk will stick to this statement permanently. In any case, so far it is true that everyone can write openly on “Twitter” and many patriots have gathered there. “Twitter” is at least a thorn in the side of the mainstream media and they always try to discredit and denigrate “Twitter”. Elon Musk recently stated that in the near future he will transform “Twitter” into an all-encompassing platform that will unite all platforms into one. This means that he plans to trump the large ruling censorship community, Youtube, Facebook, Google and others, in this way. Whether “Twitter” is the best alternative in the long run is still uncertain, but it is definitely a very good one at the moment.

Censor Free Social Media Platform “Reddit”

According to many users, “Reddit” is a very good alternative to Facebook and belongs neither to Facebook nor to Google. Freedom of speech is largely free there and there is very little censorship – at least at the present time. “Reddit” is very popular and already enjoys millions of users.

Messenger “Telegram”

The best alternative so far and the biggest competitor to “Facebook Messenger” and “WhatsApp” is certainly “Telegram”. There, it is largely not censored and is often attacked by the mainstream media – which, strictly speaking, is almost a distinction. “Telegram” is therefore the best alternative at the moment. “Telegram” simply offers everything that belongs to a messenger and more. It does not belong to Facebook or Google, the owners are based in the Arab Emirates and therefore do not have to follow the orders of big tech companies. Of course, the owners of “Telegram” care about staying in the trend and always try to find a compromise. Brazil has already banned “Telegram” because the owners refused to give in to that country’s demands. Germany is also planning to ban “Telegram” because they do not censor enough.

Spying of Big-Tech-Companies


The spying of Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook, Tiktok, Youtube, etc. is increasing every day. Also the censorship is getting stronger and stronger. More and more data is being spied on, and at the moment these big companies are working on getting full access to the cell phones and computers of all Internet users. This means that these companies want to know everything, i.e. who you are, what websites you visit, what emails you write and what you type on your keyboard. This is absolute spying!

The solution is: The next cell phone should no longer be an Apple, Google or Microsoft! There is now an alternative cell phone that was developed by a patriot and is spy-proof. It is not much more expensive than other phones.

You can get informed HERE at PRVCY-World.

Google is so powerful that it hides the other search engines from us.

Since Google decided to censor, it is already considered by many as the censorship machine. Google has become so brazen that it tries to hide other search engines, especially those that do not censor, from their users. Google also likes to eat other search engines, i.e. it tries to impose its own search algorithm on other search engines in order to censor in this way.

google-zensurfreies-internet-2These details are very good alternatives at this point in time, but also without guarantee, because you never know what the future will bring. We will keep this list up to date so that you always know which are the best alternatives.