Building houses with 3D printing – 3D Printer Paraguay for 3D House Building for  Apartments

With the use of 3D printers, it is now possible in El Paraiso Verde to perform 3D printing house building. The movable walls are printed directly and then placed on the owner’s property. This has the advantage that the 3D printing house construction proceeds more quickly. Average construction time of a 3D printed house is about 5 months.

Here are the plans of the 3 versions of the 3D printer house:

3D Druck Hausbau

Key data:

  • After order and receipt of money 5 months construction time
  • 3 D printer houses are dry, good thermal insulation
  • Roof: Isopanel (sheet metal with polystyrene insulation) on request also tiled roof or flat roof
  • We recommend windows from “Blindex”
  • Kitchens we can supply

A turnkey version will follow. Also the first 3D printed settlement (Pueblo 50) will follow.

Currently there are 3 versions of a 3D printing house construction for apartments that a settler can build (possible from 7.8.2023):


For an estimate, you can contact one of our consultants.

Our 3D printing building at El Paraiso Verde

This building is where the 3D printers are built. This is done with a state of the art 3D printer. Our staff was trained by an absolutely professional team from the Netherlands on site. It was an adventurous time with this Dutch team and and spent a few weeks at El Paraiso Verde. The team would have gladly stayed with us longer if their work had not called them to other places in the world.

Our El Paraiso Verde 3D house printer is from CyBe and here is a small gallery of our own team on site at work:

The Plan of 3D Printing House Construction of Stephan

stephan bauStephan is one of our most skilled and dedicated 3D print house builders with a terrific knowledge that he brought with him from Denmark. Not only is he very involved in creating the sturdiest bricks available in Paraguay, but he also does a lot of other construction work in El Paraiso Verde. Here, for example, you can find a 3D printer plan of Stephan:

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