Q&A – Transparency

Questions and answers about the “Transparency” section

The transparency section serves to create transparency in the company of Reljuv S.A. and the founders of El Paraiso Verde, Sylvia and Erwin Annau.

What about Raiffeisenbank private account Dr. Erwin Annau?

We’re talking about OCTOBER 2019:

Back then, we didn’t have a bank account for 10 months. Itau Bank had closed our accounts and those of pretty much every large company in the country (allegedly including Coca Cola).

This happened without giving any reasons (when we asked, we were told verbally that they wanted to withdraw from business with major customers). However, settlers who had left wanted money urgently.

I suggested this business model to Raiffeisenbank so that we could give the money to settlers who had left, as we didn’t have a company account.

Raiffeisenbank rejected my proposal and canceled and closed my account.

What about Cyprus?

In the years 2015 until the decision to found the El Paraiso Verde project in Paraguay in August 2016, Dr. Erwin Annau consulted at company formations in Cyprus with his company Sysfree-EEIG, which he co-founded, together with a Cypriot trustee.

He only drafted the articles of association for this type of company (European Economic Interest Groupings). A Cypriot lawyer checked these and a licensed Cypriot trustee had them entered in the commercial register.

According to his recollection, 12 companies were registered. He was only a shareholder in two companies. In all other companies, he was ONLY a co-developer of the articles of association for a fee, so he was NOT a shareholder in these companies!

All companies were still inactive in August 2016, most of them not even registered. Only two companies had bank accounts, but there was hardly any movements in them.

After deciding to develop the El Paraiso Verde real estate development in Paraguay, Dr. Annau duly handed over all 12 companies (including Sysfree EEIG) to the approved trustee in autumn 2016 with the instruction to continue to operate the newly founded companies as trustee if the principals wanted to continue running them and to sell the others if possible (and keep the sales proceeds for himself-for the trustee).

The companies for which there was no buyer were not to be extended. Therefore, all companies that have not been sold to new principals should have been deleted due to inactivity by 2019 at the latest. Or so he was assured. But Dr. Annau had nothing to do with the liquidation.

Dr. Annau terminated the rental agreement for his registered office in Cyprus around April 2017.
The two bank accounts for the two companies and his private bank account were deleted by the bank in Cyprus in 2018 at the latest due to inactivity in accordance with the terms and conditions.

Dr. Annau has not transferred money abroad from ANY of his private accounts in Paraguay since his arrival in Paraguy!

In RELJUV S.A. Dr. Annau had no signing authority. As Vice President of RELJUV S.A., he was not a “Representante legal” and was therefore not allowed to sign any transfers, checks or contracts.

No transfers could have been made from the Reljuv accounts to Cyprus to “Dr. Annau’s accounts” as the bank accounts had been deleted and the companies had been sold or deleted.

Dr. Erwin Annau on the allegations circulating on the Internet that he had transferred up to 75 million euros from the Reljuv account to his company accounts in Cyprus.

“This would not be possible for the following reasons:

  1. 75 million EURO would have been all the money invested in RELJUV until around the end of 2023.
  2. I never had signing authority on the RELJUV accounts, I would not have been able to transfer money or issue checks
  3. there were no companies to which I could have transferred money, they were deleted or owned by other entrepreneurs
  4. therefore there were no bank accounts.
  5. I would not do such a thing. Not for the sake of the rumor mongerers and not because I’m afraid of anyone, but because I wouldn’t do this to myself to cheat or steal from people. I couldn’t run away from myself.

But for all the doubters, I have a simple question:
Does anyone really believe that if I had stolen any amount of money, I would have put myself through the conversations with the settlers, the attacks from the media and the slander on social media?”

What about the BILL OF EXCHANGE?

Dr. Annau (PGY 26,000 million) and Juan Buker (PGY 2,620 million)

Mr. Buker himself proposed to Dr. Annau that the latter, as a private individual, should issue a bill of exchange for PGY 26,000 million to RELJUV S.a.e.c.a, saying that Dr. Annau must secure his commission claim. Dr. Annau was originally opposed to this because the bill of exchange was to be issued against the company of which he was one of the owners.

The real reason, however, was that Juan Buker wanted to take advantage of Reljuv’s situation in June 2023 to get a bill of exchange issued by him (Buker) to RELJUV S.a.e.c.a. for more than 2,600 million signed by Dr. Annau as Vice President.

This amount was never invoiced by Buker. If the President issues a bill of exchange to the company he represents, he may not accept it at the same time for the company as the debtor.

In such a case, the Vice President must sign and a director’s file must be created for this transaction. This was done.

At that moment, Dr. Annau and Sylvia Annau recognized Buker’s intentions and accepted in order to protect the company from Juan Buker if he sued RELJUV, because at that time Buker was the only representative of RELJUV S.a.e.c.a.

Dr. Annau thought that he could protect the company if he had a larger Bill of Exchange claim than Buker. Buker filed HIS bill of exchange claim in late April 2024 in an attempt to bankrupt Reljuv – a scheme that failed completely and became a boomerang for the former president with 3 names and no verifiable title.

Unlike Buker, Dr. Annau has not presented his bill of exchange and has no intention of doing so.

Dr. Annau has secured his commission claims FOR THE PROJECT in case anyone wants to access RELJUV’s assets.

He has publicly stated: “I will only present my bill of exchange in the following cases:

  1. if greedy lawyers and real estate agents want to rob the settlers of their life savings, or
  2. once ALL settlers and all investors who have legitimate rights have received their money, once the lakes and infrastructure are built and El Paraiso Verde and RELJUV have enough liquidity to pay that amount or a portion of it AND El Paraiso Verde can be realized as planned.”

“We did not do this project for the money. We will fight for the settlers and their savings – and we will win.”