The Story of the Founders

Our Story: The El Paraiso Verde

El Paraiso Verde GründerIn 2016, Dr. Erwin Annau (chartered accountant, doctorate in law) and Sylvia Annau (spiritual coach with decades of business experience) looked at the development of the world and knew from Erwin’s work as an asset protection expert that history always repeats itself: first there is a p(l)andemic (like 1916), then the banking collapse with hyperinflation (like 1923), then the great depression (like 1939), then war (WW2 1939-45) and then the great reset (1948 Bretton Woods with many victims and wealth in the hands of a few). WW 1939-45 and then the great reset (1948 Bretton Woods) with many victims and the wealth of the private sector in the hands of a few. And people always had to start from scratch.

After months of careful research, they chose Paraguay to create a conscious (awakened) community that would provide a framework for alternative agriculture, alternative medicine and alternative energy. Above all, El Paraiso Verde was always intended to be a spiritual project. The goal is to create a safe space where people can fulfill their potential, regardless of worldview, race, age or any other characteristic used in the world to divide and oppress humanity. Our only common ground is our life principles.

In December 2016, they presented their project online with the (now famous) Robert Stein interviews. The response was phenomenal. Thousands of people were interested. But even the forces that do NOT want a peaceful world began to slander the founders, their project and their vision of a life of real peace and prosperity in El Paraiso Verde as early as February 2017.

Erwin and Sylvia led the project through 7 grueling years of flooding – which has since been regulated by a 16 kilometer long dam, fire – which is no longer a threat due to over 100 kilometers of roads, government harassment – that was only under the last government – and they built a project like no other in the world. The largest international heart community of unsmurfed free thinkers.

Erwin and Sylvia were just the founders and the “face” of the project. The management was taken over by a crew of Paraguayans led by an Argentinean. In October 2023, Erwin and Sylvia had to take over the management completely and dismiss more than 80% of the crew, including their former president, for corruption. Nine people were reported and Erwin and Sylvia rebuilt the community with a lot of heart and skill.

El Paraiso Verde is now flourishing again. The founders now have full control and – as always intended – the settlers have become involved in the administration and organization and are beginning to take care of the community’s affairs.

In January 2024, after 7 years of cutting red tape, the El Paraiso Verde urbanization project received individual titles for 1711 plots.

Almost 700,000 people have followed the amazing story of El Paraiso Verde.

There is no other project of its kind in the world. It is self-sustaining and large enough for the settlers to stay in EPV in times of crisis, in an international community of awakened spiritual people.

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