9+1 New Ways into a new Life in El Paraiso Verde

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The “New Era of Opening” – 9+1 New Ways to a Life in the El Paraiso Verde


Motto: “WE create OUR future.”

As of February 1, 2023, we have begun the ERA of opening our LAND “El Paraiso Verde”.
With an area of 16 km², we are 8 times the size of Monaco.

The ERA of Opening manifests itself in a multitude of NEW access routes into our community. This year there are at least NINE pathways into El Paraiso Verde. Many of them can be entered immediately. These NINE new pathways are independent of the previous pathway into El Paraiso Verde, which has been known for years and which has brought many families safely to their new home in Green Paradise.

1. Short Info Week without Land investment and without Cedula

For all CEDULA owners already living in Paraguay. All about us in 4 days. “Out of the rumor kitchen to the experienced reality of the fabled El Paraiso Verde…”. Make yourselves a picture of the El Paraiso Verde! Apply to: info@paraiso-verde.com

2. Low-priced INFO week for all who already have a Cedula

7 Days Info Week for the best, fastest and safest way to live in El Paraiso Verde.
Application: info@paraiso-verde.com

3. 2 or 3 weeks Wellness and Recovery vacation at El Paraiso Verde

A health and wellness program paired with a visit to the tourist highlights of Paraguay and the waterfalls in Foz de Iguazu (Brazil, depending on entry requirements).
Dates and registration: info@paraiso-verde.com

4. Week of Consciousness

This week is about finding access to oneself through individual accompaniment/coaching and special offers for this: Looking at and solving personal issues, raising awareness for a new dimension, dissolving blockages, strengthening self-worth, finding one’s own destiny, getting out of fear, stress, pressure and old patterns, finding contentment and balance, spiritual accompaniment, nutritional counseling, tools for inner peace.

5. Application for the Cooperation in one of our Settlers Enterprises

This is THE opportunity to build up an existence in El Paraiso Verde even with little money.
Our established businesses, run by pioneers and immigrant entrepreneurs give you a chance of a future for you and your family.

Hard work, perseverance and pioneering spirit are required for a future of freedom, peace and security. Apply: info@paraiso-verde.com

6. Application as an Affiliate for the El Paraiso Verde with Commission

For all those who would like to spread the message and information about the largest settlement project (living space, space for alternative energy, agriculture, medicine, spiritual growth, carefree childhood, etc.) on all social media and on the Internet, you have the opportunity to apply as a RECOMMENDER with us and earn lucrative commissions for the settlers and investors of El Paraiso Verde that you have won.

A SUPER way also for those with limited funds to get a plot of land, a house and a livelihood for you and your family in El Paraiso Verde.

You start as a referrer already in your “old home”, no matter if Wuppertal, San Francisco, Ottawa, Madrid, Sao Paulo or Buenos Aires. You get YOUR own, personalized website with your OWN, personalized LINK and all who click on your LINK will be registered in our new CRM system and are therefore YOUR contacts.

You will receive commissions for all residential and investment plots of the settlers of El Paraiso Verde recommended by you.

And in addition – as an incentive to come to us quickly – there is the possibility to become a consultant as soon as you live permanently in El Paraiso Verde. In addition to tipster commissions, our consultants receive lucrative commissions for advice that leads to the purchase of residential lots, investment lots, and (for settlers only) preferred stock.

Many a consultant has earned a portion, and in a few cases almost the entire house, on commissions. Application: info@paraiso-verde.com

7. Application for ESCUELA El Paraiso Verde

For families who want their children to grow up in a free environment – free from injections, masks, tests and strange theories about gender, early sexualization and other weird world views.
“With us, children are allowed to be children again.”

Instead of twisted worldviews and “politically correct egalitarianism” in the old world, your children grow up in an international community. They learn German, English, Spanish and possibly Guarani, they learn, in addition to the usual items, how to plant a tree, build a wall, plant a vegetable garden and much more. Learning for life.

“Escuela El Paraiso Verde” – a school that produces happy children and thus master their lives.

8. Application as permanent Tenant of an apartment or house in El Paraiso Verde

From now on, people or families can apply to become permanent tenants. The target group are people or families who for whatever reason can not or do not want to invest in a property and house in El Paraiso Verde.

We currently have a duplex (2 apartments, one with two bedrooms one with one bedroom) and 2 other apartments (1 bedroom, 1 small office or children’s room), all with living room including kitchen and terrace, where the owners explicitly want permanent tenants.
Please send applications to info@paraiso-verde.com

9. The standard Way to El Paraiso Verde

First you buy a plot in El Paraiso Verde. After that you take part in our one week info trip. During this week we will take care of everything for your clean immigration to Paraguay. After that you can look at your property and decide if you want to keep it or exchange it. Once you have decided, you can make your house plan to have your own house built for you alone or for your whole family in El Paraiso Verde. If you are interested, please send us your contact information through our registration form at Contact

10. Renting at El Paraiso Verde

Yes, you heard right: it is now also possible to rent a flat at El Paraiso Verde and have a look around – without any obligation! If you don’t like it, you can leave at any time without having invested anything.

This option has been available since the beginning of 2023 and we welcome both short-term and long-term tenants. If you love El Paraiso Verde, you can rent an apartment or house for an unlimited period of time.

The Way to El Paraiso Verde – Details

Short info week WITHOUT property investment

We make the visit to El Paraiso Verde possible for the many interested people who are already in Paraguay, have an Admision Permanente and a Cedula and finally want to know how it REALLY looks like in this El Paraiso Verde, how the people REALLY are, and how life REALLY feels in the biggest Condominium in South America.

Rumors and half-truths (“swamp theory”, “never in the land register theory” and many others) run rampant around the fence of our condominium. For all those who want to get to the bottom of the truth and make up their own minds, there is now the opportunity to apply for participation in a SHORT INFO WEEK. this short info week (usually part of the regular info week) lasts from Thursday 3 pm to Monday 1 pm:

Please send applications and dates via: info@paraiso-verde.com

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