The Fundamental Principles of Life
In Compliance with the Fundamental Principles and Condominium Agreement.
Our Green Paradise is and always has been a spiritual project.
This is how it was envisioned and how it will be implemented. El Paraiso Verde
is a place of concentration and focus on what is essential in our lives: our
spiritual and mental development, finding our meaning in life, and our
connection to our higher self or higher consciousness: God.
El Paraiso Verde as a community is non-denominational. Everyone can follow
their own path of awakening and enlightenment here. We are all in the midst of
an evolution, from unconscious perfection to conscious imperfection to
conscious perfection.

For some, this is the cycle of one lifetime, for some more. Everyone can decide
that for themselves here.

For one, the Bible might be the way, for another it may be the Vedic hymns.
One may find solace and strength in prayer, the other in meditation. Many of our
fellow residents find contentment simply in their own gardens, planting trees
and herbs, enjoying the beautiful weather, birdsong and giant butterflies. They
are just fulfilled and content to BE in a place of peace and tranquility.
Many spiritual people - or just open-hearted people - came to El Paraíso Verde
with love and trust in us and our vision.

But we all know that where there is a lot of light, there is also shadow.
Every spiritual and luminous project also attracts the polar opposite.
In the past, there have been people who, often unconsciously, wanted to disturb
or destroy the creations that were created through help of the divine creative
power. Much of the positive in this world was destroyed by a few because we allowed it
to happen.
It is not surprising that in the first four years of a project as unique as El Paraiso
Verde, three times people have tried (consciously or unconsciously) to destroy
the project through envy, hatred, ill will, negative thinking and deepest distrust.
Of course, this did NOT succeed and it will not succeed in the future.
Many of those who came to us and have left, came to us because of FEAR of
the uncertain future, but wanted to continue living the old system in El Paraiso

We had to learn to be more selective. Today we turn down about 40% of all
interested parties, no matter how much money they would come with.
We are not therapists or a group therapy facility. We only want to live with
people who have an open heart and basic trust in life, and in us, El Paraiso
In one sentence:
We only want to live with people who can and WANT to LIVE the Fundamental
Principles of El Paraiso Verde!
The condominium agreement will become obsolete at some point - hopefully in
the not too distant future - when all fellow residents have arrived in the new era
and have realized that the condominium agreement was only meant as a crutch
- an aid to more easily implement a new way of living together.
The moment we have all arrived in the new era, we will be able to recognize
that the community can only do well if everyone is doing well.
This includes all residents, the sponsoring company of this community and its
employees, the founders and the board members.
Without the sponsoring company and the people who have given their all since
the beginning of this project, this vision of a community that strives to meet at
the level of the heart would have no basis.
El Paraiso Verde will also only remain truly successful if we make sure that our
project is a blessing for the country of Paraguay and the people of the country.
This includes that we treat the locals with respect, love, understanding and consideration.
After all, this wonderful country has given us a new home.
If someone should have strayed here who does not mean well to others, or
sees and regards only himself and his own world, therefore not living our
principles, we will bid him farewell in peace.
The percentage of those who have said goodbye to El Paraiso Verde since
September 2017 has steadily decreased, even though the number of residents
has greatly increased.
Now with the condominium agreement that everyone signs BEFORE coming to
us, that percentage will be much lower.
People will always come and go - that's life.
The community will become big and strong ONLY if we really LIVE our life
principles in our daily life, and help our fellow men to live them as well. To do
this it is essential to discard the old patterns of thought.
El Paraiso Verde – living the life principles
Our most important foundations for living together are our life principles. In
order for this community to function and to realize its goal - living in peace and
freedom - the adherence to the principles of life by all fellow residents is a basic
Our principles of life are the REASON why so many people come exactly
Any philosophy, any code is only worth as much as it is BELIEVED.
Living as a Community
We, as a community, and the individuals in El Paraiso Verde want to move into
the new era because the OLD system is breaking down worldwide.
FREEDOM is the very highest level of responsibility for oneself and for one's
fellow man.
Free people have a name and a face. Only slaves are anonymous and
"faceless" (currently with masks).
Therefore, behind every problem there is a PERSON with a name.
Whoever has a problem with the community, RELJUV, the board, the founders,
or with other people in El Paraiso Verde, must clarify his problem DIRECTLY
with the person or persons who can also solve it!
Anonymous questions will therefore no longer be answered. Anonymous statements, generalizations and rumors should be firmly rejected
by all fellow residents as a violation of our principles of life.
If we, as a community, allow individuals to hide in anonymity and thus unsettle
the community with NEGATIVE generalizations, we will never arrive in the "new
When problems have no face and no name, we open the door to the dark side
of power. The dark side will always try to disturb or destroy projects or persons
of light. The easiest way to do this is from anonymity.
The person who makes a negative statement does not even have to be aware
that he or she is a pawn of the dark side. Heated by a remark, someone can
easily be opened to such emotions, and abused by the negative energies in a
This almost always happens unconsciously. It is not obvious, and rarely
intentional or consciously malicious.
We may become aware that the methods that are still taught and used
worldwide for group leadership and group education come from the old times.
This was always done under the premise of improvement. However, the goal of
such methods was always "divide and conquer". If you look closely, you can
see it.
Group meetings (WhatsApp, Telegram) are desirable, as long as they serve to
elaborate or manage a project, remain constructive and keep the positive sides
in focus.
Meetings (this includes WhatsApp and Telegram group, as well as social
media) that deal with matters which affect the lives of the residents of El Paraiso
Verde should be held in accordance with our principles of life, and should
include all affected parties, especially those who can SOLVE the problems - the
board members and the founders.
This way we talk WITH each other and not ABOUT each other.
Of course, our fellow residents can meet wherever and whenever they want.
Especially at gatherings it is essential to adhere to the principles of life.
Bringing issues up with parties who cannot solve those issues can easily tip a
whole group into a negative mindset and spread bad energy from one to many.
After leaving such a group people leave, not with solutions, but ALWAYS
now carrying the problems and frustrations of ALL. This is just like the circle
with the stick - the "group therapy", which is guaranteed to lead to the destruction of any community.
If these kneaded out problems of a few would then be presented as the opinion
of all, this poison cocktail would be suitable for the destruction of EVERY
In the past, the statement of INDIVIDUAL persons has been repeatedly
misrepresented as the "mood of the entire community".
Some had apparently recognized this in various meetings and it was requested
to discuss the positive sides so that these are strengthened and nurtured.
It is the responsibility of all of us to make sure that no groups are formed to
exchange frustrations and that our principles of life are respected.
If we want to live in a place where our life principles are lived, we have the
DUTY to demand that our life principles be observed, and to see to it that all
who violate these principles have their behavior pointed out to them with love
and respect, and are asked to change their behavior. This is even more
important in gatherings.
"We withdrew right away anyway" is the wrong way to go. You are leaving the
field to the dark side. Sitting in silence has the same effect.
This is exactly why the earth has become a hellish place. The vast majority of
people with good hearts remain silent and do not take a firm stand against the
dark side.
In El Paraiso Verde, if we assume that we are all Good natured towards each
other, there is no more “tattling”, denouncing, or "putting someone down." We
can assume that "problems" are a misunderstanding that can be easily resolved
in a direct conversation.
You only need the protection of anonymity when you are afraid that the other
person is NOT goodwilled towards you.
In order to LIVE the new principles of life, it is precisely these old thought
patterns that must be discarded.
Our vision is to make El Paraiso Verde one of the very few places where all
people are goodhearted towards each other. Since we all still carry patterns
from the old structure within us, it is even more important to pay attention to our
life principles in order to dissolve the old patterns with mutual help in love and
"Total freedom is the very highest degree of responsibility." (Dr. Erwin Annau,
Sylvia Annau) We have written down our life principles as a "crutch" and to help us. When we
have all arrived in the new era, we will live them automatically. There will be no
need for a written agreement then, because the old patterns will have been
If we assume that we are "good natured to each other," adherence to the
principles of life will surely be self-evident.
Here's to a happy togetherness!
"Even if we lived in simple mud huts with no comforts, but lived according to our
life principles wholeheartedly, we would be in a Green Paradise.
Even if we lived in luxurious mansions with all the comforts of the world, but did
NOT live according to our principles of life, and did NOT insist that our fellow
men LIVE these principles, we would be in hell - in the hell also known as
"EARTH"." (Dr. Erwin Annau)