Q&A – Advantages and disadvantages of Paraguay

Advantages and Disadvantages Paraguay

Here are the advantages and disadvantages why you want to emigrate to Paraguay. Of course, there are always one or two disadvantages, nowhere in the world is absolutely perfect… For this reason, here is a small list of the advantages and disadvantages of Paraguay…

What are the advantages of Paraguay?

  • Everything grows here
  • There are many animals and nature, huge butterflies and many birds
  • The currency of Paraguay (Guaranis) are not on the stock exchange, so the currency is stable.
  • There is much less bureaucracy in Paraguay. Many laws that exist in other countries are not found in Paraguay
  • You can easily buy your driver’s license
  • No compulsory insurances
  • In Paraguay there is no MOT or other controls for the car
  • Vehicle use is very relaxed. You can even ride your motorcycle with three people at the same time if you want to.
  • The house and property you buy in Paraguay is really your own. This also applies to your own car. The land and the car have a title. This is what constitutes true ownership.
  • Paraguayans are known as one of the happiest people in the world
  • Gasoline, food, houses, land, clothing, electricity, rents and much more are much cheaper than in other countries
  • Paraguay is boring to plunder by other countries, there is no oil, no gold, no mineral resources here
  • Banks are very stable, not affiliated with Rothschildt banks and largely debt free – and Paraguayan banks do not participate in bank data matching and thus bank secrecy applies
  • The water is free of fluoride, chemicals and heavy metals.
  • There is plenty of electricity in Paraguay, so much that it has to sell to other countries
  • Vaccination status is not required by law
  • Permanent residence permit is easy to obtain
  • Small tax haven, i.e. 10% income tax and 0% on international income!
  • Cost of living is very low
  • Meat, vegetables and cigarettes are very cheap. Example: 1 carton of cigarettes costs about 3 Euro, 1 package just 30 cent.
  • No trade office or similar. You can practice your business directly whenever you want to
  • Paraguay is far away from the EU and northern hemisphere, which will be a crisis center in the long run.
  • With 1.500 Euro per month one is considered rich in Paraguay. A Paraguayan has a monthly wage of about 400 euros (converted) and can live on it.
  • The winter is very mild. Maximum 6 degrees cold at night in only a few nights
  • 300 sunny days a year
  • Due to the climatic conditions up to three harvests a year are possible
  • No natural disasters (earthquake, hurricane, etc.)
  • Low population density, Paraguay is as big as Germany and Switzerland together and only about 7 million people live in the country
  • Paraguayans are extremely warm and helpful. They rarely want to be paid for their help.
  • Breathtaking starry skies and clear blue skies (no chemtrails)

What are the disadvantages of Paraguay?

  • No sea for those for whom the sea is important. The missing sea is replaced by a huge lake in the south with miles of sandy beaches.
  • More poverty than in Germany: still! While Paraguay moves with giant steps and an economic growth of 5% per year to the top of the industrialized countries, carried by the young and eager to learn, exclusively Christian population, Germany falls back with giant steps into a medieval conflict region, with religious conflicts, intolerant co-religionists and migrants ready for violence.
  • Crime rate: In northern Paraguay, the crime rate is even lower than in Brazil. We are in the south of Paraguay with a very low crime rate, especially in the rural area where we are located. It is comparable to that in Germany in the mid-50s.
  • Summer can sometimes be hot with 38-42 degrees in the afternoon.
  • Not all roads are developed, occasionally you end up on a sand road – but that also gives a sense of freedom and adventure
  • There is no Ebay and Amazon. But Paraguayans are very fond of using the Marketplace on Facebook, which replaces Ebay.
  • Bringing higher amounts of money from Europe to Paraguay is not easy. Either you set up several online banks and draw your money at the ATM or, as settlers from El Paraiso Verde, you use the help of Reljuv S.A.