Transparency 003 – Case Buker: Criminal complaint

Case 3: Criminal Complaint against former President of RELJUV S.a.e.c.a.

El Paraiso Verde, Caazapa, Paraguay
Transparency Case 003
Bulletine 2024/4/24
Update: 2024/4/29

Criminal complaint against former president of RELJUV S.a.e.c.a. Juan Joaquin BUKER

and his “managers”
Damages in excess of PGY 24.800 million PGY
Possible penalty: 10 years in prison

After the takeover of the presidency of RELJUV S.a.e.c.a. by the owners Dr. Erwin and Sylvia Annau on October 17, 2023, the owners were able to inspect all files and account movements, as well as the company’s cheque books.

Since the owners and the settlers had absolute confidence in Mr. “Juan” until shortly before he left, it was not noticeable that he only reported account BALANCES, but not account MOVEMENTS, and if he did, then with fabricated Excel calculations.

Since 2022, the founders and owners have wanted joint signatory authority on the accounts. His comment: “That’s not legally possible in Paraguay” and “the banks don’t want that, they only trust me.”

When the founders or the settlers pressed for answers, Mr. Juann got loud:
“If you don’t trust me anymore, with all that I have to go through for you, I’ll throw it all away and you can do it yourselves”. There are about 30 witnesses and an audio recording of one of these outbursts of anger.

And the settlers, including the founders, were completely at his mercy – with their lack of Spanish skills and no knowledge of the legal situation. Many were still convinced in September 2023: “Without Mr. Juan there is no title in the land register, without him the EPV goes bust and our life savings are gone”. We therefore had to continue with him until the land register titles could no longer be stopped (not even by him).

From October 17, 2023, it was therefore only possible to shed light on the cleverly veiled darkness of the alleged deacon and alleged doctor Juan. An independent, external auditing company was commissioned to prepare the 2023 balance sheet. For control purposes, the balance sheet was prepared independently by the previous auditor. Both companies came to the same balance sheet result.

The entire 2023 accounts had to be redone, as all computers from the previous president’s office were handed over to the new president in a completely deleted state. Similarly, in March 2023, the chief accountant’s computer was handed over to her assistant in a completely deleted state. This meant that all financial and accounting data had been destroyed. The correspondence of the president, his office, the finance department and the accounting department was also deleted. The deleted computers were secured as evidence and for data recovery by specialists.

Until October 17, the former president was solely responsible for the entire economic management of the company, for all financial, entrepreneurial and personnel decisions and was also fully responsible before the law. He therefore also had absolute decision-making authority in these matters. In August 2016, before RELJUV S.A. was founded, he had contractually requested this absolute decision-making power as a “condicio sine qua non” – as an indispensable requirement.

The founders interviewed 5 of the owners of the 16 companies managed by Mr. Juan as president (the best known was LaRivera S.A.). The tenor of the inquiries was:

  • “You guys hit the jackpot.”
  • “The best you can get in Paraguay!”
  • “He has two doctorates and a Licenciado in Business Management.”
  • “He has the best political contacts!” (deputies, senators, the president, judges….)
  • “He is a deacon of the Catholic Church.” (the founders saw him say mass with a priest a few times in Villarrica). He would therefore be an absolute, moral authority.
  • “He no longer has to work. He is rich, he has 2 large estancias in Argentina with cattle fattening.”

Interesting: At the time, there was not a single negative, cautionary or critical voice. The founders therefore agreed to the strict rules of procedure: Management and asset management Mr. Juan, sales, marketing, face to the outside world: the founders. And that’s how it was. The “doctor”, who probably wasn’t one, had the last word. The “thundering” Jesuit, who always sat at the head of the table, did not tolerate any dissent anyway.

The employees of RELJUV S.A. are only slowly beginning to talk about their time with the despotic president. Fear runs deep. According to employees and former settlers, anyone who did not unconditionally obey the will of the then president was threatened or thrown out of the company with fabricated reasons for dismissal. The settlers and also the founders were made to believe that the world was a perfect one.

Apparently, the CEO’s withdrawals from the company’s coffers are likely to have increased significantly over the years. At least from 2022 onwards, payments to departing property owners increasingly fell behind, even though income rose steadily during Covid.

The fact that over 100 houses were built and several million were actually invested in machinery meant that the hole in the authoritarian cash register went unnoticed for a long time. On May 23, the current president Dr. Erwin Annau took over the construction department and discovered that money that should have been set aside for building materials and subcontractors was obviously missing.

No problem for Mr. Juan. He had a special method of fattening cattle that was secret and could be used to double the money every year. On the Estancia El Praiso Verde, he says, you can fatten up to 14,000 cattle and make 100% profit per year. He knew this, as he had 2 estancias in Argentina….

On August 9, 2023, Mr. Buker publicly apologized to the settlers for the situation that had arisen under his leadership.

He said he would take FULL responsibility and he promised to completely rectify the situation and to continue working until it was rectified. Unfortunately, there were still many settlers who believed him. This apology was audiotaped.

So the founders weren’t so worried, but instead tried to find investors for cattle investments. According to the ruler of the house by the lake, these would solve all financial problems.

This lie was shattered on October 19, 2023 between 5 and 7:30 p.m. in the new president’s office when he heard from cattle fattening experts that the cost of fattening a cow on the pasture offered by El Paraiso Verde was PGY 5-6 million. However, Mr. Juan had given the fattening costs of PGY 700,000 to the founders. Contrary to the 14,000 cattle that Buker claimed could be kept at El Paraiso Verde, the experts attested that the pastures were suitable for 1,600 cattle at best. The experts interviewed were barely out the door when Dr. Annau immediately stopped the cattle fattening program by means of a circular email and message.

Since 17 October 2023, Dr. Annau and his wife have stabilized the company and refocused it on its original goals: An international community of people living together in peace, regardless of worldview and nationality.

Since taking over the management of the company, the founders’ primary goal has been to preserve the value of the investments made by settlers and landowners. This goal was achieved through a consistent savings policy and ultimately through the granting of land register titles for 1711 properties in EL Paraiso Verde.

The solvency of the company and the full payment of all taxes is a basic prerequisite for the transfer of titles to settlers. Therefore, the most important task was to maintain the company so that the settlers could receive the titles they had been demanding for many years.

By selling the more than 1000 remaining vacant lots (worth between 120 to 150 million USD) and by reselling the lots of frustrated landowners who want to leave the project after their experience with EPV under BUKER/BÜKER/BÜCKER, all those who want to leave will eventually get their money back.

Dr. Annau:

“After the bitter experiences of the past 7 yearsI only have two goals: Everyone who wants to leave should get the money they are entitled to and Mr. Juan should be held fully accountable for what he has done to the settlers, the employees, the staff and us.”

According to the founder of the country’s largest settlement project. This is what the founders stand for. That’s why they stayed, despite attacks from outside and, unfortunately, sometimes from within the settler community, from settlers who didn’t know, didn’t understand or didn’t want to understand the context and background.

Despite all the attacks from all sides, however, something very positive emerged: more and more settlers recognized what had been done here and supported the founders: the vast majority of settlers grew together like one big family during this difficult time. The spirit of El Paraiso Verde could not be destroyed: A community based on heartfelt love and mutual goodwill is stronger than corruption, machinations and crime.

In October 2023, Mr. Juan fled the house built for him by the RELJUV on the lake (the fans belonging to the RELJUV disappeared from the terraces and expensive office furniture from the office in Villarrica with him). What remained was a gigantic whirlpool, only 60% of which was paid for with RELJUV money, but 100% for the private pleasure of the ex-president and his young wife. Reljuv has settled the outstanding bill.
Mr. BÜCKER (Buker) then holed up in Maciel in a mansion that he had been building since June 2022, according to former employees with the materials and construction workers of RELJUV S.a.e.c.a. Once asked about rumors to this effect, he vehemently denied them and showed the plan of a small house that he was allegedly building there from private funds for his father-in-law.

The auditor and the independent auditor’s office agreed after preparing the preliminary balance sheet 2023 that there was a shortfall of over 14,000 million PGY (approx. 2.079 million USD or 1.86 million euros) due to withdrawn funds, WITHOUT ACCOUNTS. This result was brought to the attention of the owners on March 22, 2024. On March 25, 2024, the owners filed charges against Buker, 7 of his executives and his wife.

The charges were as follows: Suspicion of embezzlement and formation of a criminal organization.
Persons charged: Juan Joaquin Buker, alias Juan Joaquin Bücker, alias Juan Joaquin Büker. Title not proven.

7. Mr. Ricardo Pereira
Other suspects in the alleged breach of trust: Nilda Pereira

=> The full criminal complaint can be found here: Download PDF 

The suspects were given the opportunity to repay the missing funds or submit payment proposals. The owners publicly declared that they were not interested in punishment or revenge, but only in the restitution of the allegedly embezzled funds. Paraguayan law provides for restitution instead of punishment.

The former president of RELJUV S.a.e.c.a. had more than two weeks to explain the missing amounts and return the illegally taken funds or submit a repayment plan. However, there was no sign of remorse or understanding on the part of “Mr. Juan”. Instead of settling the accusation of qualified embezzlement through an amicable agreement, he began with all-round media attacks in the well-known propaganda media and on his radio. Allegations, recriminations, accusations…

The shortfall that led to Mr. Juan and his “management team” being charged with embezzlement and the formation of a criminal organization only relates to amounts that have been taken without any invoice. It does NOT concern fictitious invoices and over-invoicing (inflated prices with kick-back commissions). These facts are currently under review.
Simply money taken from the bank and the cash register, dipping into the honey pot… An explanation was apparently not necessary, the president-despot felt so secure. No one would contradict the “Godfather of Maciel” and everyone – unfortunately still a large proportion of the settlers in September 2023 – would believe him.
His calculation that the settlers would turn on each other and the founders in ignorance of his misdeeds, that this would destroy the project and the evidence of his maleficence and, in the best-case scenario, he would be reclaimed by the settlers as the “savior of El Paraiso Verde” in order to cash in on the rest, did not work out.

According to the 2023 balance sheet, the amount withdrawn from the company in 2023 without any intended use amounted to…

14,373,111,126.00 PGY

1.968.919,- USD, or 1.763.572,- EURO
Exchange Rate: 7300 and 8150, according to the foreign exchange purchase rate on April 22, 2024 (Maxicambios). The balance sheet was handed over to the public prosecutor’s office on April 25, 2023.

The final balance sheet was handed over to the public prosecutor’s office on April 29, 2023. This amount would be sufficient to complete all the construction sites NOT completed by Mr. Juan and his loyal subordinates.

This amount is missing

without giving reasons for payment

Independent of FAKE or unsubstantiated invoices 

bilanz 2023 1

Link to our balance sheet: Balance Sheet Download PDF

The settlers ask: Where is our money?


Where has our money gone? Many settlers and alumni ask this question. Part of it perhaps in the manor house in Maciel that Mr. Juan started back in June 2022? He initially denied the existence of this house. He later admitted that he was building a “small house” for his father-in-law, financed from the proceeds of the sale of the 2 estancias in Argentina that allegedly belonged to Mr. Juan.

Research to date has been unable to identify any estancias under the names BÜCKER, BÜKER or BUKER in Argentina, let alone a sale of these estancias to the Benneton brothers. To date, Mr. Juan has not provided any documents relating to these alleged estancias or the sale. Therefore, he is also unable to prove the loan of approximately 2600 million guarani that he allegedly gave to RELJUV S.a.e.c.a..

Former guards, amongst them Coronel Luis Gonzales, former chief of security, report that construction teams traveled daily from El Paraiso Verde to Maciel. However, their departure from the work site in the EPV was not allowed to be recorded in the guard book.
The settlers question as to where their money might be can perhaps be partially answered by looking at the photos of the manor house built by Mr. Juan – presumably – with RELJUV money. Impressive. PHOTOS see below.


– the “ingenious scam” to extract money?
The transport companies Bukers and the mothers of two of the persons reported.

On April 22, 2024, we became aware for the first time that Mr. Juan had a transport company. And the mothers of two of the reported former “managers” of RELJUV S.a.e.c.a. mutated into transportation companies. Furthermore, in addition to the remuneration of the board of directors (which was approved by the general meeting), Mr. Juan issued fee notes for consulting services from an unknown consulting firm “Dr. Juan Buker” until April 22, 2023. These invoices were never shown to the Executive Board members.

According to the articles of association of RELJUV S.a.e.c.a., the directors may submit fee notes, but all fee notes that exceed the remuneration of the Board of Directors approved by the Annual General Meeting must be recorded in an “Acta de Directorio” – a director’s file – and approved by all members of the Board of Directors by signature.



Reading the invoices published here for the years 2021 to 2023, the completeness of which is still being checked, requires very strong nerves. Some settlers became nauseous when reviewing these invoices, which the former president had shamelessly, without compassion, presented to the company and pocketed. While hugging the daughter of a settler, a girl with Down syndrome, on camera, he (presumably) robbed the same family of their life savings.

Examples of Invoices:

buker rechnungen 05

buker rechnungen 06

buker rechnungen 07

All of the transport invoices of Mr. Buker so far discovered: Servicio Transporte Download PDF

ANALYSIS AND SUMMARY – Transport invoices:

The first analysis of the transportation invoices of a company whose trucks have never been seen even by former employees, and whose existence was unknown even to former and current executives, gives the following picture:

  • 2021 invoices billed and paid to Buker Transporte: 3,538,800,000 Gs.
  • At least 2, sometimes 3 or even 4 invoices invoiced and paid in each month:
  • January 2 invoices for a total of 184,800,000 Gs
  • February 3 invoices for 298,800,000 Gs.
  • March 3 invoices for 306,000,000 Gs.
  • May 4 invoices for 334,800,000 Gs.
    So increases.
  • For 2022 invoices invoiced and paid by Buker Transporte in the amount of Gs 2,862,300,000.
  • For 2023, invoices invoiced and paid for Buker Transporte from January to 30.06. in the amount of 687,200,000 Gs.

This results in 2 1/2 years paid out 

7,088,300,000 Gs



ANALYSIS: The following results from the calculations provided:

1. Buker had a RUC (tax number). This was authorized by the main collection.
2. Buker was self-employed and NOT employed by Reljuv.
3. Buker had several companies of which neither Sylvia and Erwin nor the settlers knew anything.
4. Buker sent large sums of money to his companies, of which he was the OWNER.

The service on each invoice is undefined with “servicio de asesoramiento” – consultancy service.

It is therefore not clear whether these invoices represent the remuneration of the Board of Directors approved by the Annual General Meeting (Remuneración Miembros del directorio) or ADDITIONAL, alleged services.

The amounts and the text of the invoices also do not correspond to the approved Executive Board remuneration.

Examples of Consulting Invoices: 

buker rechnungen 1

bucker rechnungen 2

=> All Consulting Invoices found so far: Servicio Asesoramiento Download PDF

ANALYSIS of the consulting invoices of Mr. Buker

For the Buker company “asesoramiento” the following conclusions can be drawn :

  • 2020 invoiced and paid invoices in the amount of 1,850,678,911 Gs.
  • 2 invoices of the Buker company “Transporte” were included in this invoice bundle with 145,200,000 Gs plus 141,000,000 (= 286,200,000 Gs).
  • 2021 Invoices invoiced by “asesoramiento” and paid to Bukers in the amount of 1,196,182,200 Gs.
  • In December 2021, Buker paid itself an additional “gratificación” in the amount of 44,000,000 Gs.
  • 2022 invoiced and paid invoices for Buker in the amount of Gs 132,000,000.
  • 2023 invoices invoiced and paid in the amount of Gs 165,000,000.

Total of this company from 2020 to 2023 = 3,343,861,111 Gs.

Both companies, of which Buker was the owner, together invoiced Reljuv from 2020 to mid-2023 (i.e. within 3 1/2 years) in the total amount of…

10,432,161,111 Gs

and paid themselves via the Treasury.

These sums and invoices were neither known nor discussed.

This is IN ADDITION to the Executive Board remuneration approved by the Annual General Meeting.

Added to this are:

  1. the 100,000,000 Gs in 2023 for the company C. D. Transporte of José Luis Caceres’ mother and
  2. the 325,000,000 Gs in 2023 for the company C. G. Transporte of Azucena Garcete’s mother.

And Azucena Garcete is the wife of José Luis Caceres!

The independent auditors were tasked with uncovering possible illegal activities, regardless of the individuals involved. We are only at the beginning of the process.

The final balance sheet 2023 was handed over together with the ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS and a copy of all original documents to the public prosecutor for their in-depth investigation. This means that the rumors about Dr. Erwin and Ms. Sylvia Annau can also be refuted THREEfold:

1. review by the previous auditor.
2. review by an independent auditing company with experience in forensic audits
3. the public prosecutor’s office

The damage to the company and the settlers caused by Mr. Buker alone, which can be proven by evidence up to 29.4.2024, amounts to

24,805,272,237.00 PGY
(USD 3,397,982.- EURO 3,043,592)

The in-depth audit will be continued and extended to all years since the inception of the company at the order of Dr. Annau and Ms. Sylvia Annau. 

Dr. Annau was paid only 25% of his 2023 board compensation due to the company’s financial situation and used most of his compensation for settler construction invoices. Sylvia Annau had 44% of her Executive Board remuneration paid out and used part of her remuneration for payments to settlers in need because of Mr. Buker.

Mr. Buker had 2023 – 230 (two hundred and thirty!!) percent of his approved board salary paid out to him, although some settlers and former settlers did not know where to get the money for their food.

4. Of this total invoice amount of PGY 1,341,131,000, a maximum of 580,800,000 was authorized and should not have been paid out without the knowledge of the directors and founders in view of the financial situation. However, Buker withdrew PGY 760,331,000 from the company without authorization solely through direct fee notes. (over and above the reported 15,000 million!)

5.Buker even granted himself and his company with 2 x 16.5 million in March 2023

6. these funds were invoiced by Buker to Reljuv without Sylvia Annau and Dr. Erwin Annau knowing about it. They would NOT have authorized this due to the company’s financial situation.

7.Buker gave these invoices to his employee Azucena, who worked in the Tesorería located within the office of Buker.

8.Azucena was the only one authorized to countersign these invoices, the inicials on the invoices also look like her initials.

9. Azucena was authorized to pay these funds from the Tesorería to Buker or his companies.

10. the invoices are marked “contado”, i.e. “paid”.

11. Buker therefore appropriated the funds in one act within the Treasury, which is always located in the president’s office, without anyone else knowing, without Sylvia Annau and Dr. Erwin Annau knowing and without the settlers knowing ❗.

12. note the dates of these bills, how long these sums were still being taken from the Tesorería’s coffers, and note the financial situation at the time. ❗

It is not clear whether the remuneration of the Board of Directors is included in these invoices. Based on the amounts, based on the text of the invoices and based on the total amount withdrawn from the company in 2023, it seems to be money withdrawals that were ADDITIONAL and NOT agreed with the Board of Directors and that have nothing to do with the 15,000 million that were withdrawn entirely without an invoice! And this is only the 2023 balance sheet!

And this is only the 2023 balance sheet!

=> Balance sheet 2023 Download PDF

The same applies to the other TWO companies “run” by José Luis Caceres’ mother and Azucena Garcetes’ mother. Everything was paid for by settler money.
According to Buker, José Luis Caceres was “just a foreman at EPV with a normal salary”. In fact, he was one of the highest paid employees in the company, as was his wife Azucena Garcete. Each of them had a RELJUV pick-up truck in addition to their top salary.

The fact is that José Luis, whose wife is Azucena Garcete, has had at least one new truck for at least six months and has built himself a large house by Paraguayan standards.
The height of Mr. Juan’s impudence, however, was that he allegedly embezzled the settlers’ money and his clan used it to buy trucks, which the then president of RELJUV S.a.e.c.a. rented for horrendous sums so that they could stand around in El Paraiso Verde and his clan could rip off even more money. Appeals from Dr. Annau and Sylvia Annau to cancel the trucks standing around were ignored by Mr. Juan, who looked through the rim of his horn-rimmed glasses and took a deep breath from his cigarette.


Transport company of the mother of the treasurer
of RELJUV S.a.e.c.a.
Eva Mirian Orue de Garcete

Just a few sample invoices:

The transportation company of the mother of the former treasurer of RELJUV S.a.e.c.a. (Azucena Garcete). Where did the mother get the money? What qualifications did she have to run a transport company? Can she drive a truck?

It helps if you have connections. Being the mother of the client’s treasurer and renting out trucks (of which no one knows where the money for the purchase came from) is an advantage.

Clear conflict of interest that would have had to be reported. This could only have been approved with an Acta del Directorio. Clear breach of trust on the part of Mrs. Azucena Garcete, approved by the President. The invoice data is also interesting. This was a time when construction work had practically stopped and when some settlers did not know how to pay for their food.

rechnungen unternehmen 1

And because business was going so well, the mother of the site manager JOSE LUIS CACERES, also a member of the Buker clan reported by RELJUV S.a.e.c.a., entered the transport business – and was immediately successful…

Transport company of the RELJUV S.a.e.c.a. site manager’s mother
Olga Tunilda Duarde de Caceres

Just a few sample invoices:

Transportation company of the mother of the former construction manager of RELJUV S.a.e.c.a. (Jose Luis Caceres). Where did the mother get the money? What qualifications did she have to run a transportation company? Can she drive a truck?
It helps if you have connections. Being the mother of the client’s site manager and renting out trucks (of which no one knows where the money for the purchase came from) is an advantage.
Clear conflict of interest that would have had to be reported. This could only have been approved with an Acta del Directorio. Clear breach of trust on the part of Mr. Jose Luis Caceres. The accounting data is also interesting here. This was a time of great hardship for many settlers
the invoice numbers give the impression that Mrs. Duarte de Caceres only had ONE customer – RELJUV S.a.e.c.a.

rechnungen unternehmen 3

rechnungen unternehmen 4

It was probably a lucrative business to buy trucks with money allegedly embezzled from the employer and then rent them to the company for expensive money. If the president can do it so successfully, the employees can do it too, can’t they?

Based on the invoice numbers, you can see that RELJUV S.a.e.c.a. was pretty much his only customer at the time.

Classic conflict of interest, classic breach of trust, no Acta de Directorio, no approval of the Board of Directors, not even information to the Board of Directors. No scruples, although at that time some settlers were very tight with the cost of living. No qualms.

He probably reckoned that the RELJUV would go bust, he could come back as a “savior” and then destroy the evidence…..

Mr. BÜCKER/BÜKER/BUKER often complained that he was only the “useful idiot” for the settlers, he often felt under-acknowledged and not sufficiently praised.

The question that arises from this evidence is: 

So who were the “useful idiots?”

The settlers of El Paraiso Verde ask:
“Where is our money?”

The mansion of the “Godfather of Maciel”
Built with the life savings of the settlers of El Paraiso Verde?

On July 18, 2022, the floor slab was finished.

Mr. Buker had a plan B, the settlers and the owners of RELJUV did not.

You can also see beautiful roof beams. In 2023, the owners argued at a board meeting that around half of the beams had disappeared from the timber storage area. Mr. Buker denied this. He asserted that the precious wood would also be used for the owners’ planned house. Later, the store was filled up with inferior wood.

The owners still do not have a house, only an earthen platform. However, he had the house by the lake built at the settlers’ expense, which the owners have now put up for sale. The proceeds will be used to complete the buildings.

What neither the settlers nor the owners knew: the alleged deacon, doctor, and what else, the “moral authority” seems to have built his “Plan B” with the settlers’ money, with the material of the company for which he mimed the president and with the workers of this company, brazenly and without shame in front of the eyes of the settlers only a few kilometers away.

Here is an insight into the “Casa Juan, or Casa Nilda”?

buker haus 0

buker haus 1

buker haus 2

buker haus 3

buker haus 4

buker haus 5

Referring to the case: Bucker

Here is the evidence for the criminal complaint against Juan Joaquim Bucker. These charges could only be brought after all the evidence had been collected:

=> This whole webpage as Download PDF

Management Board remuneration 2023, 2022:
What is the real name of Mr. Juan?
Mario Bracho: investigative Journalist or blackmailer?
Criminal complaint against Buker:
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