Tiny House Projects in El Paraiso Verde


El Paraiso Verde could be the perfect place for your tiny house:

Rising property prices and limited budgets, especially of young families, especially or those who need to make a living are strong arguments.

Coupled with the more than one dozen lake, waterways, natural woods and the vast pastures of the
1423 hectar big property (about 7 times bigger than Monaco) the size of the house and of the garden do not have to be big and thus costly. Especially since settlers are getting more and more involved in the agricultural production. Motto: instead of producing everythin in your backyard why don’t we work together in a larger garden or agricultural production unit.

But what makes El Paraiso Verde perfect for tiny house owners is the tremendous infrastructure:

School, health center with 24/7 emergency care, Markeplace, Library, Café, Restaurant, soccer field, volleyball field and many more to come, like a big beach with a each bar.

Real estate developers are welcome to invest into land, develop it, build tiny houses and sell and rent them.

Prerequesites: unjabbed settlers, obligatory info-week, acceptance by the community.

A tiny house project can be submitted for most of the hectar lots in El paraiso Verde. The project developer buys the land, divides it according to his plan into small parcels. He sells the parcels with or without houses that he builds. Planning and surveying may take several months and comes with a cost.

The land developer has the following options:

1. Sell the land parcel. It is best to divide the project in to a maximum amount of small percels. Wait about 2 years or until about 70% of the parcels are sold. During this time future settlers can buy more than one lot, ignore the property borders between their lots and ceate their own little paradise. After about 70% of the parcels are sold RELJUV takes care of the cataster and the registers and apply at catastre for a parcellation of his property. Cost per parcel until now 15 Million PGY. This is the cost for the parcellation, NOT for the property tax, the notary public and the entry into the property register. However if one new settler for example buys 4 properties he or she only pays one time 15 Million PGY (this is the fee as of April 2024, subject to change)

2. Build houses on the parcels and sell the land with the houses parcellation see at: 1. Advantage: more possible profit per parcel with profit of the building

3. Lease the land and just sell the house. The owner of the house can resell the house if a buyer is approved by the community AND the developer. Advantage for developer: regular income, advantage for the settler: lower price (does not have to buy the land that will get very expensive at El Paraiso Verde). Easyer to get in and out, no title transfer. The owner of the house can of course lease it.

4. Lease Land and House (rental property)

El Paraiso Verde as of today

tiny houses 4

TINY HOUSE SETTLEMENT CARACOL: District Pirapo 1-30 to P1-39

Caracol is a new settlement of 10 hectares (24.7 acres). Planning, parcelling and register in the RELJUV cataster as well as calculation and pricing are done. Even the sales have been started proving that the prices at Caracol are real.

The perfect opportunity for a real estate developer to com in, buy as much as he wants to invest and start building tiny houses (or other houses).

tiny house project 6


  • Minimum distance of house to the property border: 1,5 Meters
  • maximum building density: 50%

TWO Stories possible

Houses: Any type possible, hipped roof (this can be changed if a group of houses is being built with another type of roof) any building material.

tiny house project 1

tiny house project 2

Red: sold properties, orange: reserved for sale


  • Minimum distance of house to the property border: 1,5 Meters
  • maximum building density %: 50

TWO Stories possible

Houses: Only waddle and daub, clay houses, ecological buildings, innovative forms.

tiny houses project 3

tiny house 5


  • Lots without access to water: 250.000 PGY/m²
  • Lots generally with access to canal (without unobstructed view to the natural wood): 350.000 PGY/m²
  • Lots on or around lakes or with waterway and unobstructed view: 450.000 PGY/m²

Discounts: currently 30% the discount will be reduced gradually as sales progress. At the latest in 3
years the discounts will be zero (or with the entering into the cataster office)

  • The developer can buy any property he or she desires withthe 30% discount
  • Investments of 200.000 and more receive an additional discount of 3% (total 33%)
  • Investments of 400.000 or more receive an additional discount of 6% (total 36%)
  • Investments of 800.000 or more receive and additional discount of 9% (total 39%)

LIST of PROPERTIES AVAILABLE – Please inquire at: info@paraiso-verde.com
Samples of waddle and daub houses: Please see Newsletter No. 21:

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