Newsletter: Noahs Ark No. 21: Paradise Ticket Plot with own Paradise House

Dear El Paraiso Verde Fans,

The Paradise Ticket plots were a complete success. Within 2 days of publication, 6 plots were sold and 4 were reserved for purchase.

Schnecken klein

Pueblo Caracol

We are now opening plots P1 – 35 and P1 – 30.

P1 – 30 will be built with conventional houses with hipped roofs.

 P1 30

P1 – 35 become totally different….

P1 35

If you like it, I mean you, the young families, the creative souls out there, and you want to realize a dream, the following construction method could be extended from P1 – 34 to P1 – 39.

A village could be created by you as a new landmark!

People from all over the world would visit this village and learn how to build their own house using the oldest and most natural building method in human history.

Unlimited creativity in the construction of your house – and also for yourselves, both in the planning and the construction

Wattle & Daub

Wattle & Daub is an earth building technique in which clay is “poured” (or pressed) into a wickerwork made of bamboo, boards or reeds. Depending on the requirements of the local soil, the clay contains additional sand and fibers.

W&D 1

Wattle & Daub has been used for at least 6,000 years and is still an important construction method in many parts of the world. Many historic buildings are made of wattle and daub.
W&D 2

The clay is mixed to a dough-like consistency and applied to the latticework. A building made of wattle and daub can be erected by a single person without any specialist knowledge.

The Japanese, the Europeans, the Paraguayans and many others have historically used this construction method. There are buildings that are 600 years old and still fully functional today, which proves their durability.

W&D 3

W&D 4W&D 5

Compared to other natural building methods, the waddle-and-daub method is by far the least labor-intensive. The materials are also inexpensive, but earth is lightweight, and its structural flexibility contributes to earthquake and storm resistance.

Clay is very good insulator, so the use of air conditioning in such homes is less than in traditional brick or concrete buildings. How about a fireplace for the few cold winter evenings?

Wattle & Daub is ideal for tropical and semi-tropical climates. It is insensitive to moisture and heavy rain. The wooden frame is completely covered with this clay mixture so that no termites can penetrate.

Your family can be creative and change the design as they wish, there is no need for a rigid, precise construction plan.

W&D 6

You can have the house built by a team of settlers or – even better – have experts from the settler community teach you and you can build your own house and experience the unique adventure of building a house together with your family. Imagine your children being able to creatively design and build their own rooms or you yourself turning your artistic dreams into reality.

W&D 7

Secure your Paradise Ticket plot at El Paraiso Verde NOW and reserve your space to make your dream home a reality.

CLICK here:

All the best,
Erwin Annau


A small house floor plan for small plots

This house would be ideal for smaller plots, for a single person or a couple. Imagine if instead of a wooden wall, as shown here, the house was made of clay.

W&D 8
Spiral design, rooms can be added as with the Nautilus. Your house grows with you and your family.
W&D 9

Artistic designs – there are no limits to your creativity

W&D 10

W&D 11

W&D 12

W&D 13

W&D 14

W&D 15

Modern elegance with a 6000-year-old construction method

W&D 16

W&D 17

Breathtaking views – sunrise over the Pirapo river, sunset over the Isla Suzu nature reserve

(suitable for larger plots, enquire about building regulations for buildings higher than 2 storeys. 2 storeys and a roof terrace are permitted in Caracol).

W&D 18

How about a rustic-style house?

W&D 19

W&D 20

W&D 21

The perfect house for a small plot: lots of space, roof terrace is possible, can be built in Waddle & Daub.

W&D 22
W&D 23

W&D 24

W&D 25

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