Hotel & Apartments in El Paraiso Verde

Paraguay House for rent in El Paraiso Verde

The Newtel (also called star houses) in Pira Tava sets a new standard for the entire region in terms of quality, cleanliness and comfort and is available to the new settlers as a hostel to bridge the time until their own house is completed and ready to move into is.

The Newtel consists of several houses that are equipped with hotel rooms and are based on European standards, i.e. with a large bedroom and a bathroom with shower and washing facilities.

Newtel Hotel Room

Block C (also called the Sun house) consists of a two-story house with two floors and a total of 24 apartments with a large living room, a kitchen and a bathroom, shower and bathtub, as well as a large balcony. They are therefore larger than the Newtels’ hotel rooms (standardized hotel rooms for individuals or childless couples) and therefore better suited for families with children.

Apartment Block C

The apartments in block A (also called moon houses) and B  consist of one-story houses, each with an apartment, a small kitchenette and two terraces. Also suitable for families and couples. From there, the direct access to the village center and the dining room (see Asado hall) is very nice. These house blocks are built very high and have access to a meadow on the front.

Apartment Block A & B

The hotel block D (also called the Mars house) consists of one-story row apartments with 12 rooms, which are very similar to the Newtels. As in the Newtels, there are no cooking facilities in the rooms, but there is a communal outdoor kitchen.

Often couples and individuals can be found here and are a little away from the village center and thus offer a little more peace and quiet to relax.

Extension Block D