Paraguay Jobs – directly in El Paraiso Verde

In El Paraiso Verde, every settler has the opportunity to develop freely, to turn his own hobby into a profession and to express his calling creatively. In a community that has to be built from the ground up, there are always niches and needs of the settlers. In a young settlement, of course, everything is fundamentally missing that one is used to from the old homeland, but does not want to do without. From groceries such as yoghurt and quark to a café, raw food restaurant, shuttle service and good home-made bread. Martial arts, sports & yoga groups have also been initiated by settlers. In the following, some self-employed activities that the settlers have implemented are presented.

Paraguay Jobs? We offer a lot of Jobs in El Paraiso Verde

So it is possible to set up your own ideas in El Paraiso Verde and make a living with them.

In a young community like El Paraiso Verde, everything is needed, from a seamstress to a restaurant manager. Take also a look at our Job Offers.

We already have here…

  • Café
  • DIY store
  • Restaurant
  • Library & jazz club
  • Bakehouse
  • School
  • Kindergarten
  • Health Center
  • Natural pharmacy
  • Ice cream sales
  • Bread, cake and bread roll sales
  • Tailoring shop
  • Body & consciousness work
  • Chiron natural healing practice
  • Editing, writing assistance, proofreading
  • 3D visualization for house designs
  • Consciousness/living – Bioenergetic
  • Feng Shui
  • Dairy manufactory (curd, yoghurt, cheese, butter etc.)
  • Riding school
  • Gardening and landscaping service
  • 3D printer service
  • Web design & SEO
  • Google Ads Marketing
  • Mosquito specialist service
  • Tool and equipment rental
  • Wood workshop
  • Experimental gardening & compost development
  • Care products for skin and hair
  • Pain therapy and massage
  • Wool workshop
  • Hairdresser
  • Dance classes
  • Shuttle service
  • Travel and excursions

and a lot more …