Art and Culture

Paraguay Art and Culture

Is there in Paraguay art and culture? Oh yes! We have collected some pictures in our gallery.

Most of all, the founder of El Paraiso Verde, Erwin Annau, grabs his guitar and starts right away with a solo. This is his passion, which he uses to unwind from all the work.

His skills on the guitar are amazing and in this way it quickly comes to a spontaneous concert in our Café Bambambo.

Suddenly a drummer joins in, maybe someone else with a concert guitar or a harmonica.

There are also some talented singers at El Paraiso Verde. There is Peter, with his divine voice, incomparable and enriching. He demonstrates his creative and melodious skills with some evergreens of Elvis Presley.

Then there are Saphira and Christo, who love to pick up the guitar and as a couple deliver a song that touches the heart. In doing so, they point to the inner bond that exists in our community.

Quickly, sometimes an older settler rushes out from the crowd, especially for a little serenade for a settler’s birthday, and shows off his skills on the harmonica. So heartfelt and skillful, it brings tears to the eyes of many a settler.

El Paraiso Verde is also very happy to support local musicians from Paraguay. They are then invited to parties, Asados (barbecues), birthday parties, Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties or other occasions and play the local music in a band.

Quickly you feel like you are in the Caribbean and on a dream vacation. Surrounded by the wooden buildings, thatched roofs and many positive and good-humored people, sipping their cocktails, listening to the pleasant sounds of the evening under the moonlight of Paraguay with its fascinating starry sky.

New settlers who come to El Paraiso Verde are quickly taken by the exhilarating vacation atmosphere, sweetening everyone’s day ahead. Living in peace, freedom and security is the optimal condition for a creative and relaxed life.

This is our small contribution to the Paraguay art and culture and also to the preservation of the European culture.

You too are invited to join us at El Paraiso Verde and become part of a community.