El Paraiso Verde – Immigration to Paraguay

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Immigration to Paraguay – The Green Paradise

The El Paraiso Verde offers full service for emigration to Paraguay and land purchase on the 16 square kilometers of land. With lakes, rivers and an already established infrastructure with supermarket, café, restaurant, hardware store, bakery, hotels, apartments and much more. Recently, you can also live in El Paraiso Verde for testing or rent permanently. If you are interested please contact us at “Contact“. –

In August 2016, the founders of El Paraiso Verde – Dr. Erwin Annau and Sylvia Annau – decided an immigration to Paraguay and establish the world’s largest settlement (urbanisation) in the heart of South America – in Caazapa, Paraguay – for people who want to keep physically healthy and develop mentally and spiritually.

The residents of El Paraiso Verde live according to the principles of mutual goodwill, meeting each other with respect and open and direct communication written by the founders.

The first interviews and information were in German. Therefore, initially, primarily Germans, Austrians and Swiss were addressed. From 2020 onwards, people from Anglo-American countries were addressed. Over time, an international peace community is to be established at El Paraiso Verde. Paraiso Verde is open to all people who think and feel with their hearts.

On an area of almost 10 square miles a settlement for up to 20,000 inhabitants with a town, several villages and a lot of recreational space is planned. The extensive recreational area consists of primeval forest, lakes, canals and (quiet) rivers. El Paraiso Verde is located at the Ilsa Suzu nature reserve.

El Paraiso Verde is by far the largest urbanisation and settlement project in South America

Satellite view

Located in the heart of South America and in the heart of Paraguay – near the provincial capital Caazapá – a settlement area with a total size of 1597 hectares (almost 10 square miles) is being built.

Dedicated to all enlightened and/or political “awakened” people from all over the world, who plans an immigration to Paraguay into the El Paraiso Verde has been attracting emigrants mainly from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, England, USA and Canada since August 2016. This is mainly because almost all videos and websites first have been published in German since 2016. We also have some Dutch, Belgians and French among the property owners so far. Enquiries to buy land have already come from Paraguay, the USA and Canada.

El Paraiso Verde originally has been planned as a settlement for 6,000 people with several “villages” and a town.

In case of changes in Europe or in your country also, the influx of close family members would therefore not go beyond the scope of this monster project. The main settlement area has about 360 saleable hectares, of which more than half have already been sold. The rest is public recreational land.

Of the almost 60 miles of planned roads, about 40 miles have already been completed. Every plot sold is accessible in all weathers. So El Paraiso Verde will be a canal, river and lake landscape. More than 15 lakes will be dredged (1 hectare to 12 hectares in size).

In addition, there are many smaller lakes and ponds which are planned by our landowners on their properties. About 10 of these private lakes have already been created.

In total, about 40 hectares of lakes, rivers and canals are planned within the settlement area

Drone view

Many lakes and canals (“rivers”) are interconnected. Once the waterways are completed, one can take a boat to almost any district. The connected lakes and canals (some of them are 60 feets wide, we call them “rivers” because of the width, although they are still waters, yet) are basically accessible to all residents of El Paraiso Verde. Respecting the privacy of the fellow residents living on the banks and with consideration for people and nature, every fellow resident can move on these waters by quiet watercraft or by swimming.

Thus, one will be able to take a boat for a cappuccino to Chinampa village or later to YPY town. If one lives on such a body of water oneself, it goes from one’s house directly to the café or restaurant.

This all guarantees a wonderful place for an immigration to Paraguay.

Our forest

El Paraiso Verde has a green treasure – an “unplundered virgin forest”. In the south and centre of Paraguay, almost all the virgin forests were robbed of their old precious wood trees. These were processed into windows, doors, roof trusses and furniture. El Paraiso Verde has about 40 hectares of natural virgin forest with many trees older than 500 years, some even about 1,000 years old. This unique primeval forest is privately owned by the founders Dr. Erwin Annau and Sylvia Annau. However, it has been made available to ALL residents of El Paraiso Verde as a recreational area. For meditation, walking, jogging, horseback riding and more.


Hundreds of years old trees stand on an area of more than 2 hectares in a park. The “rebirth energy” detected in the gigantic tree circle and in this forest by the world-famous shaman Mag. Peter Fischer offers an ideal place to meditate, “reflect on the essentials”, go for a walk or to hold a meeting with friends. This forest, privately owned by the founders, was also dedicated as a recreation area to all the residents of El Paraiso Verde.

And for all those who prefer vastness and seclusion: 8 square miles of further Paraiso Verde natural landscape with the unique nature reserve Isla Susũ (World natural monument) invite you to horseback riding tours. Natural forests, water bodies and wetlands with a unique bird population are an additional recreational area for the inhabitants of El Paraiso Verde.

ALL INCLUSIVE for your immigration to Paraguay (!) and for our fellow residents

But it is not only recreational spaces, tranquil forests and waterscapes that make El Paraiso Verde unique in the world.

The planned town and villages, the first of which is currently being realized, bear witness to the foresight and thoughtful conception of its founders. There are no straight, right angles, everything is “cosy” and homely, round, nature-conforming shapes spread a completely different energy than other, modern housing developments.

The Pueblo Chinampa (working title) has already been started. Roads and squares have been laid out. In 2020, Lake Chinampa will be dredged. After that, construction work will begin in the village centre. Several catering establishments (café, restaurant, brewery) and a large square by the lake are planned, as well as a pedestrian zone where people can sit outside practically all year round.

Economically, El Paraiso Verde will be 85% self-sufficient in normal times and 100% self-sufficient in times of crisis. Food, water and energy are produced on the estancia.

Therefore, an almost 15 hectare industrial estate was planned at the large north-east entrance. The first commercial enterprises with innovative inventions from all over the world will set up production facilities here. El Paraiso Verde will be a showcase for environmental technology.

This health centre was the initial spark for the emigration of the founders Dr. Erwin and Sylvia Annau.

Originating in PIRA TAVA, the already built place in El Paraiso Verde, it will provide a new home for naturopathy and alternative health practitioners.

Paraiso Verde is a new kind of living space.

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