Health Centre El Paraiso Verde Paraguay

Reljuv El Paraiso VerdeRELJUV – Paraguay Healthcare Center in El Paraiso Verde

And another gigantic success for our board of directors. Another historic day in the success story of the largest private urbanization project in South America.

The most important reason for the El Paraiso Verde project was the establishment of an alternative HEALTH center (hospitals build the others …).

paraguay healthThat is why we, Erwin and Sylvia, emigrated to Paraguay. Alternative health can only be practiced and explored in a country where the free choice of treatment for every adult and for their children is guaranteed by the constitution.

Paraguay healthcare has an age-old tradition of natural remedies, which “modern medicine” has not erased. The people here trust the many medicinal herbs that the jungle produces. Some of these medicinal herbs are already grown in El Paraiso Verde.

Because of this constitutionally guaranteed freedom of treatment, nationally and internationally known naturopaths, such as Hans Peter Reinhardt (Hans Peter von Liechtenstein) and Uwe Crämer, have left Germany and practice in El Paraiso Verde.

Our health center is managed by Dr. Scipione Mortato

Dr. Scipione is a multi-specialist, emergency physician and much more. We’ll be announcing a lot more on our health center website that was “in progress” until approval.

Dr. Scipione and his 3 nurses who are on duty 24/7 in the EPV. And our team had to take action after a couple of bike and motorcycle crashes.

Some naturopaths and naturopaths are already packing their bags to come to us.

From the beginning it was planned that up to 700 “health tourists” would live in El Paraiso Verde. We therefore advise everyone who moves to us to build apartments on their property if possible.


  1. Because you can get from the Hotel PIRA TAVA to your own home faster
  2. Because it saves you money and makes it easier to look after the garden on your own property
  3. Because relatives can follow more easily and
  4. Because we are starting this year, we can accept health seekers after application and consultation with our doctor and alternative practitioners. This is our dream that became true – the El Paraiso Verde health center – and a reality. Yes, we do what we say, no matter how hard it is.
  • Offered Treatments
  • Ozone therapy
  • Autologous blood therapy
  • Radionics with Quantec®
  • Homeopathy
  • Naturopathy
  • Rejuvenation Programs
  • among others

The Health Center is managed by…

1. Scipione Mortato

Dr. Scipione Mortato is a multi-specialty physician and emergency medicine specialist with years of experience and also lives at El Paraiso Verde.

2. Uwe Craemer

Uwe is a very well known naturopathic doctor from Germany, who has now settled in Paraguay, in El Paraiso Verde, to guide people to health with a wide variety of treatments. His successes speak for themselves.