Mini Mercado El Paraiso Verde Paraguay

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Paraguay Supermarket in El Paraiso Verde

On March 21, 2020, our mini market (mini mercado) in El Paraiso Verde was opened. This marked another milestone in the development of the private colony in the founding of El Paraiso Verde.

It is essential for a community to have its own supply of daily necessities (WTB). Now our settlers can buy the things at Estancia El Paraiso Verde for which they used to have to go to Caazapa.

In addition, our Mini Mercado carries a variety of products that are difficult or impossible to get even in Asuncion.

These are products that are important for our health-conscious roommates, such as:

  • Natural sugar
  • Organic jungle honey
  • Home-grown, organic peanuts
  • Organic fruits and vegetables
  • Organic fruit juices
  • and much more

We have fluorine-free toothpaste and biological detergents.

  • But also dietary supplements like
  • Vitamins (especially vitamin C)
  • Multi-vitamin supplements
  • Natural preparations for strengthening the immune system, as well as CDL (chlorine dioxide solution) and colloidal silver can be found in the Mini-Mercado.

We have an exquisite selection of wines and beers for small after-hours celebrations.
This means that the grand opening ceremony, which is still to be held, is also taken care of.

The mini mercado also sells dishes and desserts (e.g. cakes without white flour and white sugar).

We will import goods from Europe and the USA and want to create the “most exquisite” market in Paraguay.