Settlements in El Paraiso Verde

The kind of settlements in El Paraiso Verde – Be a part of it and make your decision…

The Star Circle

Star-Circles are a proven living concept from the USA, which is designed in harmony with the ambience and with innovative ideas of the planning team from El Paraiso Verde.

8 cake-shaped plots are designed to offer maximum space and give the impression of a much larger property.

Star-Circle plots are very economical: a carport, ancillary rooms or a guest apartment can be built next to the house, near the central roundabout. Fewer driveways on the property mean fewer utility lines and easier maintenance.

In our plans, houses are designed with a view of the garden and a large terrace to the rear. Perfect for enjoying nature from home while maintaining your own privacy and that of your neighbors.

The building sites for the houses are planned in advance and will be provided by RELJUV S.A. built. The prices of the plots include all initial landscaping (construction site, platforms for carport, garage, driveway) and are therefore very inexpensive.

The maximum house size is 10x10m in order to keep a distance of 3m to the property line. The terrace can be extended to the garden. If desired, the house can be built on two floors and with a green roof terrace.

It is not possible to build a second house in the garden area. A pavilion, grill, sauna or similar is allowed.

Star Circle 1

Paraiso Verde-Nord district

The Star Circle 1 (Paraiso Verde 90) will be built in the Mediterranean style. It is close to a number of shops and restaurants that can be reached by a short walk to the nearby planned village of Pueblo de la Chinampas.

A good kilometer from this settlement is also Pira Tava with our RELJUV® health center as well as the pavilion and the Madonna forest.

There are many swimming opportunities nearby. The Lago Pora is only 300m, the Lago de Chinampas 500m and the large YPY lake 1.5km away.

8 plots from 1,111 m² to 1,258 m² are available.

Villa Park Pirapo

The Villa Park Pirapo is located in the quietest corner of El Paraiso Verde and is ideal for everyone looking for peace and relaxation.

Although Villa Park Pirapo is secluded, the planned city of YPY can be reached in 2 minutes by car. Pira Tava and the health center are 4 minutes away and the planned village (El Pueblo de las Chinampas) is only 3 minutes away.

The Villapark Pirapo 1 consists of 15 lots and can be reached via 4 public access roads. The building regulations (distances, building density, divisibility) on these plots are the same as in the Paraiso Verde district.

13 of the properties are located on the centrally located lake, which is mainly intended for landowners and their guests. However, there is a small public beach area with access from West Street.

The 10,325 m² (more than 1 hectare!) Lake has a diameter of 130 meters. It is not connected to the El Paraiso Verde canal system. The lake remains the property of RELJUV S.A. and is operated by RELJUV S.A. waited.

Access to the lake and canal system is approx. 100 meters from the northeast corner of the villa park.

The large canal outside the Dammstraße can also be used with canoes when the water level is higher. The nearby Pirapo River will be accessible for hiking and boat trips in the future.

A small therapeutic center with a seminar room is to be built on the adjacent property (28).

For a limited time, there is a start-up discount and a family discount for the properties.

Families who move to El Paraiso Verde within 12 months of the investor trip will receive a 5% discount in addition to the start-up discount for every minor child who moves with the family. (maximum 35% total discount).


Bezirk Anastasia Circle

Following the example of Anastasia, a healer and media-savvy woman from Russia, several Anastasia circles were created, which consist of a circular arrangement of four properties, with each family having access to a lake. Each plot has a size of approx. 2500 square meters. These Anastasia Circle are particularly popular among settlers, especially those who know its energetic benefits.