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Buy Paraguay Land with a real Title

Now! Living in Paraguay with title! Buy Paraguay Land with a real Title!

Paraguay land title for the property with registration in the land registry and the national land register

El Paraiso Verde has been fighting for this for years and has finally achieved it! Every settler who is entitled to his own title for his land in El Paraiso Verde can now obtain a title.

El Paraiso Verde is a huge area of 16 km² with 1711 subdivided plots. Obtaining a title for a single plot of land in Paraguay is nowhere near as complicated as when the cadastral office in Paraguay has to deal with 1711 plots of land and the total area runs across two districts. This is not only a challenge for the Paraguayan bureaucracy, but also a gigantic effort. It has taken years until the time has finally come: every settler can now receive a real title for their property!

El Paraiso Verde – Living in safety and freedom… with its own title

Just one day after the titles were signed by our first settlers, they were entered in the electronic land register of the National Land Registry of Paraguay:

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Entry in the land register

Transfer of title for a plot of land

Here, for example, you can see the entry in the Paraguayan land registry with the transfer of a title to a couple who have been living in El Paraiso Verde for around 4 years, have received a plot of land and have successfully built a house on it. With their inner trust and loyalty to the community of around 250 settlers, they have clearly expressed that they are happy in El Paraiso Verde and enjoy living here. For this reason, they were one of the first settlers to have their plot registered in the land registry.

Is the title genuine?

Oh yes, the title is fully valid. It is not a right of use, because the couple already had that for 4 years, but it is now a full transfer of a title to the two of them. This transfer of the real title was carried out with a notary and is now fully valid. This validity came into effect the moment the title to the land was signed by the founder of El Paraiso Verde and subsequently registered at the Land Registry and Land Registry Land Registry.

Anyone who wants to obtain land in El Paraiso Verde now, who wants to live in security and peace and who wants to live a life in a country far away from the West, can now obtain their land with a title in El Paraiso Verde. If you are interested, just write to us: Email.


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paraguay land title video

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