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Comments and Feedbacks about the El Paraiso Verde

House building

Dear Erwin

I think that you will rarely meet someone in life whose word you can rely on more than yours! THANKS! so far everything has been right down to the last detail, what you promised … (mostly unbelievable things). You are sooo a great team … fantastic-unbelievable! H.H. Germany

Dear Erwin,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you once: for supporting me and my plans for El Paraiso Verde so competently, but also critically. In every one of our conversations, I notice how carefully you sound out and review my construction plans in connection with my financial situation. Thank you for your great ideas, and for your courage and visionary power to set up such a huge El Paraiso Verde project. But what impresses me most about you is your integrity: In view of the current crisis situation (Corona, financial crisis) you actually stopped my project on Pirapo 1 and urgently advised me to plan everything at least three sizes smaller. Thanks for paying attention and not hesitating to bring this up! As a result, I realize once again that the well-being of investors is important to you !! I feel in good hands with Reljuv and so happy that there are people like you.

All the best and all the best, Regine

Land purchase exchange

Dear Erwin,

Dear Erwin, thank you very much for your quick repurchase of our property and the corresponding payment. Everything went very professionally, amicably and pleasantly. You don’t just talk about trust and humanity, you also act accordingly! Thank you again and good luck for Paraiso Verde!

Warm greetings, Ralph


Thank you very much 🙏 for your support.
Everyone goes crazy here and 99% of Germans believe Ms. Merkel is mad.
People are so stupid !!!

Be hugged, Tobias.


Dear Juan,

Thank you very much for your arrangement 👏👏 for justice and truth. Also a big thank you to you dear Erwin. That you don’t celebrate this non-festival (Halloween). We have distanced ourselves from this Celtic custom as a family.

Greetings Henryk see you soon at El Paraíso Verde 💚😊🌈

Dear Erwin, dear Sylvia,

We like to see and read the Paraiso Verde News. When you see the joy with which you approach everything and how everything changes in the EPV, then the question “How are you” answers itself. Unfortunately, so many people have lost this joy in tackling things and turning things around for the better, especially here in Europe in the German-speaking area. Dealing becomes rougher, but what is even worse from our point of view is the refusal of very many people to recognize the wrong and bad or to look at things around us logically, and very bad is the fatal indifference to one’s own happiness and to use it for your own future.

It is high time for all of us to come quickly to Paraguay in the EPV. Who knows how long the time window will remain open.

Peter and Petra, Germany

Here is one of many letters from the “Völker-Kerker” Germany:

Dear Dr. Annau,

Thank you for your info mails.

At least there is resistance in Paraguay from a medical point of view. In Germany they would like to whip through the compulsory vaccination, at least they try. But over 80% of Germans do not want to be vaccinated. Now Spahn is trying through the back door, there would be no compulsory vaccination at all.

“Nobody plans to build a wall”, no, no, Mr. Spahn, we are vigilant. We already know that from times gone by.

In Germany two standards are now used. Those who conform to politics are allowed to do anything, the evil “corona deniers”, those who have woken up and those who refuse to wear masks are attacked. Now we had a demo on August 1st, 2020 with 1.3 million visitors (over 17,000 were spoken in the media).

Video 1
Video 2

August 29th, 2020 the big demo in Berlin (one speaks of 3 million visitors, which were downscaled by the media to 38,000). On the demo was Robert Kennedy jun. invited and gave a speech.

Video 3
Video 4

Our goal is to get rid of the system. At these demonstrations, many people were beaten up by the “police”, even a pregnant woman was mistreated. People who “ducked” into the parks were chased with police dogs. Some people collapsed while being arrested. Even doctors who tried to help these people were chased away.

Video 5
Video 6

The Berlin Senator Geisel, who is responsible for all of this, was a member of the SED in the GDR and learned everything from scratch.

These people (Merkel and her henchmen, the thug police in the big cities and all the helpers) will be arrested later. We have documented everything. There are thousands of pictures and videos. That is why the YouTube vloggers are flourishing in house searches, during which they confiscate the laptops. But we have secured everything :-)))

You wake up in Austria too. On Saturday there were events in Vienna and Graz. In October there will be a big demo in Konstanz, at which our friends from Austria and Switzerland will again be represented in large numbers.

Last week we learned that all politicians around the world had been offered between $ 90 million and $ 900 million to get a lockdown. Was that Vice Minister of Health Portilio there?

“Mutti” was definitely there, she has her fingers in everywhere and is showered with awards and honorary doctorates for her evil deeds. In the coup against Salvini, Ukraine, Venezuela, in the Ibiza affair (in which Strache was pushed away), Belarus and in the Trump / Putin bashing. Now funds have been found in one of their Swiss accounts that are undeclared. Where do you think they come from? One does not know 😉

As a result of the lockdown, almost all of my orders have collapsed. As soon as this has normalized again (and an end is in sight, we have our information there :-)), we will tackle Paraguay again.

I am honest, in Germany we are currently living in hell. The communists really let off steam here. Children are traumatized at school and have to wear masks all day. Elderly people are not allowed to see their children and grandchildren when they live in old people’s homes. Parents are threatened that their children will be taken away from them if they do not have a corona test carried out after their vacation. Mothers who give birth often have to wear a mask during childbirth and the seriously ill are yelled at in shops and on the train if they don’t wear a mask, even though they can show a certificate.

It all reminds me of the darkest times. My mother (85 years old) has a certificate so that she doesn’t have to wear a muzzle. Not a day goes by when we shop that we are not treated viciously. “Mask on”, the slogan among cashiers and fellow citizens who mutate more and more into malicious informers and block waiters. The Germans have probably learned nothing from the past and defend this symbol of dictatorship and lack of freedom with claws and teeth. Obedience to the point of destruction!

I hope that we can get rid of this system as soon as possible. We will see how it goes on. But we do not give up.

The “corona pandemic” (which never existed) has thwarted all of our plans at the moment.

I am writing this to you so that you don’t think we’re tired of Paraguay.

But right now we can’t do what we want.

You can be glad that the people of Paraguay are such a proud and energetic people, with whom you cannot do everything. Many Germans (especially the older ones) are very obedient to the authorities. They would also go shopping in a handstand if “Mutti” asked for it.

The trouser suit has only caused suffering, tears and disasters in Germany. Lots of unemployed people, lots of small and medium-sized businesses bankruptcies, lots of suicides (as many in a month as it normally does in a year), lots of deaths from not having an operation (the hospitals are empty). Deaths that have nothing to do with Corona are declared as Corona death (so that the numbers are correct).

Nevertheless, she can put her evil plan of a totalitarian surveillance state to the files, we will take care of that!

Warm greetings and we keep in touch


Hello Erwin,

We are in Amsterdam right now and have watched your terrific YouTube video. I would like to personally thank you for this, with a grin on my face, as we would also see seeds for more light / awakening in this world in all of our networks!

I wish you and the EPV dream team a joyful day and

Mf Gruß


Hello Gottfried

Thanks for your comment. Yes, it must be really bad when I pick up my ax (= guitar) again after 35 years … The big secret remains: “Who is the red panty from?”

Greetings to Dominik, Erwin

Dear Erwin,

just read the newsletter. Just wanted to say briefly how wonderful I think the Paraguayan return campaign! And very clever and wise. Did that “grow on your crap”?

All the best, Anja

Dear people

I am very surprised where some people see problems. In Switzerland there are extended compulsory measures, appointments for applying for a passport are hard to come by, airlines no longer give information by phone, and there is nothing to be learned about conditions in the countries of arrival. The whole system is insecure. Identifying animal husbandry as a problem in this situation requires a lot of imagination. Hats off!

With kind regards

I was amazed and excited about the new newsletter. In these times you can actually move from one excitement to the next! I’m really done on the tires and you certainly too, if I consider the massive construction work and everything else that you still have on your heels.

Thank you very much, that is good, hopefully we will have sold our house soon and will be able to come to you. Please include us in your prayers too. I also always pray for the whole EPV for the very best divine protection, order and guidance and the success and of course the best health for everyone involved, especially for you, that you always have enough strength and energy to make the very best decisions and to that you are always well guided in everything you do. The last newsletter was so nice again to see everything growing and thriving and moving forward. And the many beautiful animals – just wonderful – a real paradise – God reward you for all your efforts, work and all the time that you have invested to make this possible. Thanks a lot for this. 🙏😇🙋🏻💕Bettina (still in Germany)

Hola Rodrigo, please publish under Comments / Newsletter
Hello Erwin.
That’s unbelievable, a big compliment for everything you do. And now the 3 D printer! Also the last newsletter, Bettina and I were completely thrilled !!!!!
Many greetings and keep it up!

To the newsletter Loosening and lifting of the lock down soon!

Dear Erwin,

dear El Paraiso Verde team,

I am deeply impressed by what has been going on at El Paraíso Verde since my investor trip over a year ago! Not only what was presented to us at the time as planning has now been implemented. A lot more has been created and further plans have been implemented and more are being forged and certainly also implemented. My respect to everyone who has contributed to it and continues to do so!

Back then there was almost all green grass, a small garden and a few dusty roads. It took a bit of imagination to imagine that in a few months large blooming and fruitful gardens and fields and several successful animal breeds could be marveled at and that in a few years many hundreds of people will have found a new home. And yet it happened. Even the first settlers from our tour group have now settled.

What a success for a very special project!

Many warm greetings from a currently chaotic Europe

Karin G. Germany

To the newsletter Current situation in El Paraiso Verde

Dear Erwin and dear Sylvia,

Thank you for the newsletter and the nice and good video. For me it brings a warm ray of hope into the confusion in Europe and what is currently going on there. Few understand the real background.

Thanks again and best regards to everyone else


Current situation in El Paraiso Verde

Hola Erwin, Sylvia & “Don Juan”,

Sylvia, with all my heart Happy Birthday !!!
Stay healthy and happy and thank you for your great creative power!
Hoping to embrace you again soon, we will remain with light and love until then

Andy & Family & last but not least – Alfredo!

PS .: Dear Erwin, also a big “thank you” for your efforts with the newsletters !!!
We read everything … yes, literally devour the information that you provide to us!
Where do you get the strength & the time to cope with all of this … ?! – RESPECT !!! –
See you soon, –
Andy and Henrieke

Community helps in an emergency – magic hands – waxing with the challenge

Hello dear Sylvia, dear Erwin

Dear Erwin, I was very happy to see your “New Series Health in the Crosshairs”! …. and especially the last series with Steffi in the interview, who can not only massage, but also has good hair as the “previous hairdresser” can cut. In addition, there are no coincidences in life “, I discovered by chance that I did not receive this” newsletter / report “at all! this report because I only read “Paraiso Verde”! ….. which I “clicked” directly

I hope that I can leave Germany “unscathed” …. so it is good that everything is going through the Netherlands for me (“In terms of pensions, where there is still a cooperation / continuation with PARAGUAY!

You definitely do a SUUPER job and I with my detoxification and drainage …… my feeling tells me that everything will come together at the right time! … but there are still very “waiting months” to come … ..

Lots of love … Martin

Social responsibility

Hello dear Erwin,

Many, many thanks for the replying emails you sent me.

I’ll be happy to follow your advice and I’ll call Henning tomorrow.

Here is a short answer from us regarding your last newsletter.

Dear Erwin

My dear Daniela & I would like to thank you for the great newsletter from February 19th, 2020.

When we finished reading these lines with great enthusiasm, our hearts opened.

You are addressing exactly what we miss in our lives.

Encounter at the heart level “what a nice feeling.

But that is a dream, at least here in Vienna, where we are taught each other year after year and unfortunately it is no longer as worth living as it used to be.

That is why Dani & I will travel to you from July 1st, 2020 with a ONEWAY TICKET and would like to make a joint contribution with our TUN.

The “forgotten of Paraguay …”

Daniela humbly nursed the thought that she would very much like to contribute to the old people’s home in Caazapá with her expertise as a qualified nurse.

We would like to thank the entire RELJUV board for your tireless DOING and are pleased that we can be with you soon.

Warm greetings from Vienna

Daniela & Helmut Jelinek

March 2020

Michael Meier:

And on the subject of shame and easy money. Everyone should ask themselves what they have already done for Paraguay as their adopted home. We (the settlers of the private colony in El Paraiso Verde) have given our neighbors access to clean water. In the poorest region of Paraguay we create jobs that support over a hundred families (editor’s note: just under 200 employees in El Paraiso Verde), and that at the minimum wage and well above … Unfortunately not common in Paraguay. what do you pay your gardeners and housekeeping staff so ?? We have taken on the sponsorship of the old people’s home in Caazapa, because otherwise it would have to be closed and we will ensure that there will continue to be humane conditions there in the future, even if the state cannot help. We managed to improve the road to the estancia (El Paraiso Verde). Soon it will be tarred. Any idea what that means for the local population ?? Or what a political show of strength that was? In the future, we will offer emergency medicine to EU standards to families who live in the area ….. free of charge. There is a Spanish course for the settlers and, if we want, Guaranii (language lessons). We train permaculture and alternative medicine. All of this is made possible by a community of wonderful people from all walks of life in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Just leave your prejudices and envy in the old homeland and us alone.


An email from quarantine:

Dear Erwin, dear Sylvia, dear team

I’m currently in quarantine, looking west, across to Argentina in the distance.

Everyone is friendly, the food tries very hard, the accommodation even allows walking up and down a few meters.

From here I wanted to say thank you very much for bringing me this far. At the moment, the brain is slowly clearing up again after the exhausting flights.

I’m really looking forward to the Estanzia, to the many possibilities that seem feasible. In my mind I am already walking through a herb garden – I have a lot with me – and I would be really happy if we could spread homeopathy, spagyric, astrology and herbal tinctures here as diagnostics and preventive therapeutics. These have always been the real medicines. I scratch my hooves.

Again, the very best greetings and many, many thanks

Christian from Bavaria

Reljuv Tours S.A.

Dear Juan!

After four eventful days in Uruguay, we are now on our flight home to Vienna.

We would like to thank you again very much for everything, especially for the lovely last evening where you gave us the opportunity to get to know your friend Cartes and to hear Max’s magical songs!

Thank you for your willingness to support us in buying a hacienda! We’d like the hilly grounds south of Paraiso verde, near Alexis German, best.

By the way, on the last day in Paraguay we met a lady who achieved sensational healing successes in den fever with a dragon’s blood tincture. If you are interested, I will be happy to send you the contact.

Greetings Hannes and Kerstin

Dear Erwin! Dear Sylvia!

Greetings from your native Vienna! We just got back.

Thank you again for your tremendous commitment to our common paradise!

And thank you that everything went so well for us with the Cedula and the extra collection!

Information trip to the EPV

Hello dear Paraiso Verde team,

now I would like to finally give my report of the trip.

Arrival: We were still in the customs area and were already received by Silvia, Erwin and the Reljuv team. You immediately felt very comfortable, after only a few minutes you noticed immediately: Hey, the other “ticks” are all like you. In other words, you understood each other immediately. Everything was great and very professionally prepared.

To Paraiso Verde: After an overnight stay in Villarica, we finally went to the estancia. The tension was great. What can we expect? Will we like it? How is the climate? How are the people there? And much more.

When we got off the bus, I immediately felt very comfortable. The people welcomed us with a warmth that, unfortunately, is rarely felt in Germany. Here, too, everything was well organized, we got to know the tree nursery, the garden, the jungle that belongs to the property and of course the whole property itself. We had a nice room, the lake was right in front of our door and we could also admire the sunset (it is really legendary). Food was a pleasure every day, kudos to the kitchen.


For us this is a piece of land that we have lost our hearts to. We will make the next trip (definitely this summer) with our daughter to El Paraiso Verde. And our future will be in Paraguay at some point, we can’t say for sure yet. Finally, a word to Silvia and Erwin…

Dear Silvia, dear Erwin,

You are two wonderful people, that what you do in El Paraiso Verde can hardly be described in words. We would like to take this opportunity to express our deepest respect and thank you very much. We will be back! There is so much sweat and work behind it that everyone should form their own opinion if they think about emigrating. In this sense, light and love for all people on this beautiful earth.

-T. and M.H.

Outstanding organization of the information trip

“It was a very nice time, the first week of information travel was excellently organized. And my second week at the Estancia was no less nice 👍 I consciously wanted to experience a week very close to everyday life and yes of course there is something everywhere, otherwise we wouldn’t be human, but I want to make it very clear:

I want and will come!
It is a good field that we all want to cultivate. I cannot express how deeply relaxed I am leaving Paraguay.

Thank you for your commitment. Greetings from the airport in Asunción ”

– A.W.

Dear Erwin, dear Juan,
It’s been a week since we landed in Frankfurt.
El Paraiso sounds good in us. We would like to thank you two, as well as Sylvia and Annett, for the wonderful stay, the great food, the good conversations, your friendliness and openness. We are looking forward to the next time.

At this point, I would also like to praise everyone involved, who made such a great and excellently organized trip possible in the first place.
I think all of the travel participants were able to collect an immense amount of new and wonderful impressions and that only because few have a great vision and tirelessly promote it.
So, in summary, a big THANK YOU to the heads behind “Reljuv S.A.” or the “Paraiso Verde”
And of course the whole, very warm team in the background!
But also to all the nice travel participants with whom a great exchange of information took place or is taking place 😊😊😊


Comment on the finished landscaping (including drone image):

Dear Erwin, I would like to thank you for the nice birthday present of the aerial photo of our property. We are very pleased! Kind regards G.

Planning with Erwin is a dream

El Paraiso Verde, not only a green paradise, but also a service oasis. We can thank Dr. I can only recommend Erwin Annau as a planning partner. No problem too big not to be solved with a quick smile and a portion of “Viennese Schmäh”. Erwin always responded to our wishes in our discussions. He leaned far out of the window with his promises and estimates and then really did everything to keep promises. Even when there was a misunderstanding, Erwin always made decisions for our benefit. Thank you very much. We look forward to further cooperation and wait until our arrival in paradise. See you soon.
Kind regards Martina & Christian with family (6 children)

Thank you dear Erwin for the prompt answer.
In the appendix, as requested, printed out, signed and scanned in is my landscaping plan!

And my deep thanks for the opportunity that in the future I will be able to live independently in a free country.

I look forward to this community in Paraiso Verde

Warm greetings


House building

Garden design & Bank account money transactions

Dear Congregation … I am proud to announce that I have just finished my 1st online visit to our account at the Banca Nacional de Fomento. Account balance is correct … Password has been changed. Everything is good … my spanish is enough too. As far as I am informed, we are the first ones where it worked. I ask for applause 👏 so we are in the EPV’s history books. I would like to thank especially Annett and her competent team for doing a great job! With a lot of patience … thank you !!! 🎉🎉🎉🍾🍾🍾 Your Michael

Hello Erwin,

the transfer has arrived. I think it’s great that there are still friends with handshake quality!
Keep it up – MANY THANKS !!!

R.S. Lower Austria

Living in El Paraiso Verde

More comments

Hello everyone, hello Erwin!

Again and again I am amazed how great you are managing the new life, respect!

Thanks also for the old tip from the new world, the effect of the onion is obviously right, I have used it successfully several times, also helps with colds etc. overnight next to the bed. Stinks, but is healthy.

Stay healthy, my friends, I’ll see you soon, all the best, Günter from Vienna.

Dear Sylvia, dear Erwin,

just seen video …
Madness this progress – respect for your commitment and your indomitable belief in this wonderful paradise.
All the best
Judith 👍👍👍

Good afternoon dear Erwin

The progress of the EPP project, which I am following with interest in the various videos, is impressive.
I congratulate you as well as Sylvia and your entire crew for the great work that is done every day
A huge compliment to EVERYONE involved.
Warm wishes

W. I. Switzerland

Dear Syliva, dear Erwin

We would like to thank you very much for the constant information about El Paraiso Verde.
We already get withdrawal symptoms if it takes 2 weeks for another information to come back.
Many thanks also go to Dr. Buker and his wife and the whole team. What you are doing for all of us is great and thank you very much again.

We would rather come to Paraguay today than tomorrow to help and also to build our new home.

All the best and good luck for the future

O. and F. A. Germany