Case: Wochenblatt Paraguay – Counterstatement to Bucker

Dear Wochenblatt,

Caazapa, April 7th, 2024

I hereby request the right to respond to the publication of your newspaper in relation to the broadcast of Mr. Juan Joaquin Büker in the visual radio station 98.1 “Caazapá Poty FM” in the program with the ironic title “LA HORA DE LA VERDAD” of Friday, April 5 of this year. And it is as follows:

Mr. Juan J. Büker has not yet been charged, he is being reported to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, for the punishable offense of breach of trust, with an expected sentence of 10 years in prison, where he should explain where the money of the company is, which according to the accounts has a great lack of money, a situation whose investigation has just begun, moreover, the defendants have not yet been notified of the charge, but Mr. Juan Joaquin Büker is making publications through all the media about the situation in which he finds himself.

His reaction and desperate attempt to proclaim his innocence in the press is so IRONIC that he is the only signatory of all the money withdrawals in the company, since as president he is the only one who has the signing authority.

It is wrong that we pass the ball to the prosecutor’s office, the reality is that in Paraguay there is justice and due process, so the first step is to file the complaint along with all possible documents and attach the annual balance sheet that reflects the state of a company.

Regarding his “CLEAN MANAGEMENT”, Juan Joaquin Büker has a lot to explain to the Public Prosecutor’s Office and shareholders, such as cash receipts with exorbitant amounts to people who did not do any work for the company, and checks, one of which was withdrawn by an employee of the company and another impressive amount to a well-known politician whose name will be revealed in due course. Juan Joaquin Büker must explain why and for what purpose he made
these payments.

The truth, and he says so himself. Juan was always the one who signed the contracts, and that is legal and obligatory when you are president of an S.A. or an S.A.E.C.A., But that does not give him the right to use other people’s money as he wants. It is infamous how he portrays himself as the BIG ENTREPRENEUR in those moments when the situation is dangerous, he becomes the victim who does not see what he is signing, a weak excuse because he himself is of age and has had no
problems or difficulties in the distribution of our money.

Finally, there is much to investigate about the person of Mr. Juan Joaquin Büker, such as his “doctorate” which is false, he does not have a university degree, and to answer your question as to why we are doing this, it is because we have recognized the lack of money in the company and this money must be returned.

Since he is responsible for the company being in this state, it is too late to play the victim, as well as his accomplices who abandoned us the day we handed over the administrative management and destroyed all the evidence. –

Yours sincerely,
Dr. Erwin Annau
President of RELJUV S.A.
RUC. 80095083-6

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