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So, seriously, El Paraiso Verde started out as a planned Noah’s Ark. But everything in order….

THE STORY of the “Noah’s Ark El Paraiso Verde” (by Erwin)

The El Paraiso Verde did NOT start in Paraguay, but with the idea that in the event sequences predictable every 100 to 200 years (pandemic, bank crash, economic crash, war, Great Reset = e.g. 1916, 1923, 1929, 1939, 1948) Few awakened people retreat to a Noah’s Ark to survive there.

This was initially with the “Noah with the long beard” with a ship, later a wave of emigration (e.g. North America 18th and 19th century, Argentina at the beginning of the 20th century).

In anticipation of the events that are currently in full swing (missing only the war conjured up by the RESET already announced by the “Swabian”), we were looking for a ship at the beginning of 2016 and – found it!

A wonderful 80 meter ship in a half-finished state, ready to be converted into comfortable living cabins and areas for hydroponics, was for sale at a “knockdown price” (at least for such a ship).

Best of all, the ship was a converted minesweeper, so it was not metal, but mahogany! An Arab sheik had bought it from the German Navy (for practically one Euro, because “we have it”). He had started the conversion, but ran out of funds before the final completion.

No sooner had I presented the idea in principle than some of my clients transferred larger sums to me for the first cabins (that was still possible at that time).

We (Sylvia and I) just had to go to Egypt, there to the port of Alexandria, inspect the ship and buy it. So we flew to Egypt.

Even before the trip I did what I always do – excel sheets, calculations, forecasts, risk analysis…. And the closer the flight got, the more doubts we both had about the “Mahogany Ark Noah business model”.

Too many imponderables (harbor fees, authorities that could prevent docking, etc). We hardly had to fear torpedoes, the hull was made of mahogany.

When we then arrived in Cairo at a limp 51 degrees Celsius, we were both practically certain that Noah’s Ark as a SHIP would offer more risks than opportunities.

The arranged sightseeing date was postponed “by chance” by 4 days. So we hired an Egyptologist professor and let us show the pyramids and temples. It was funny what he told us (e.g. “sell the younger pyramids as the older ones and the older ones as the younger ones, and everything was done by the Egyptians…”).

But as it happened (coincidence), we met Axel Klitschke, whose return flight to Germany had also been postponed by a few days, in front of the King’s Chamber of the Cheops Pyramid on the day when we were supposed to “look at the boat”, and received from him a guided tour through the King’s Chamber of the Cheops Pyramid – with the information about the power plant “lied about” as the burial place of Napoleon, which is light years closer to the truth….

Conclusion: We did not look at the ship any more, but Sylvia started to look for the suitable land for a “Noah’s Ark of the spiritually awakened”… and she found it.


The NOAHs Ark El Paraiso Verde

Full completion of the project: On November 29, 2024 – 7 p.m., Paraguay local time.

El Paraiso Verde is the only permanent settlement project of significant size in the world. There is nothing like it and – unfortunately – there is unlikely to be anything like it in the foreseeable future.

Our “Noah’s Ark”, like the old Noah’s Ark, does not (yet) have a sister ship…..

It is now high time to complete the “Noah’s Ark Paraiso Verde”, take on the (few) passengers, close the bulkheads and start the journey through the stormy seas of the next 10 years.

My estimate: Until AFTER 2030, we will still experience things that most people cannot imagine today. I do not want to say more about it.

Who could have imagined in 2019 that mankind would be running around in 2020 wearing face diapers, being “fu****” by a faked “test” and having a bioweapon blown into the musulus deltoideus…?

Had I announced this at the Robert Stein interview in December 2016 (honestly: how bad it would get, I didn’t know then either), I’m sure they would have called out the friendly gentlemen with the vests buttoning up the back. Therefore, I’ll stick with the present.

The “Noah’s Ark Paraiso Verde” sets sail at 7 p.m. on November 29, 2024. That means: Whoever is on board then sails along.

To elaborate:

Who then…

  • has at least rented an apartment or a house in the EPV or
  • who has bought a Plan A or Plan B – WOHN property in El Paraiso Verde,

…can then of course (if it is still possible then) join us and live with us.

Plan B:
These are all those people who only come when things get too bad in their home country.

Rented apartment (apartment, house) or residential property as a basic requirement for the journey through the next years on the EPV Ark.

All others will have to try to conquer the wild waters of the next 10 years by rowing boat if necessary….

Our Noah’s Ark – El Paraiso Verde


16 square kilometers in size, including 12 square kilometers of agricultural and forestry area…

  • Fully self-sufficient (including electricity if needed).
  • clean air
  • no chemtrails
  • 300 sunny days a year
  • clean water
  • organic, insect-free food and

El Paraiso Verde is big enough to not HAVE to go out, even for years, if need be.

I, Erwin Annau, was during 2 years Covid only 4x outside. At El Paraiso Verde it is simply nicer and the people are much nicer.

Save here a Place on the Noahs Ark!

Infrastructure: The essential infrastructure has been completed.

Only recreational facilities and road improvements will be made as possible and needed.

Recreation: 1 tournament size soccer field, 2 tennis courts, 1 beach volleyball court, 1 basketball court and a sandy beach with beach bar.

We expect to have these facilities completed by November 2024.

Our library (multipurpose room) will be ready by after the Paraguayan winter of 2023.

Who is going with us?

  • Who is unvaccinated (i.e. no mRNA vaccination) and has an open heart
  • Who can rent a room, apartment or house in EPV
  • Who can still get hold of a free plot of land and build a house there
  • Most of the homes will be completed by November 2024
  • All homes currently under construction will be completed in 2023
  • All planned and commissioned homes will be completed within a maximum of 12 months

How do you secure a spot in the EPV?

(For those who have not received MRNA vaccination…).

  • 12% interest-bearing capital for rent for a room, townhouse or single family home
  • Purchase of land and construction of a house.

Decision to commit is now: 1 year time for info week, getting to know the community (trial living) picking a residential lot and planning a house without being tied to a property.

If it doesn’t fit…

  • you will go your way after 1 year with 112% of your commitment.

If it fits…

  • your place in the EPV Ark is secured.

Save here a Place on the Noahs Ark!


THE STORY of “Noah’s Ark El Paraiso Verde” – Episode 2

Noah’s Ark El Paraiso Verde is preparing for its journey into the new era.

First one must look with such a Noah’s Ark before the journey, how many cabins (=plots) one still has for fellow travelers. Since there must still be room to provide food for the travelers and, if necessary, to take children, grandchildren or grandma and grandpa with us at the last moment, the ship cannot be filled “to the last seat” with passengers.

We have settlers from many countries in Europe and North America, and now also from South America, Norway, Canada, Australia and more.

How many more people can El Paraiso Verde accommodate between now and November 29, 2024, if the world events we all predict will run their course in 2024?

If THEN a safe and toxin free habitat becomes unaffordable?

Answer: 1000 more. Then the ark will be full.

Conclusion: Those who do not have a plot with us by the end of September may not get a plot anymore.

Please apply at least 3 months before the investment expires. Choose the plot and make a reservation.

We have only 258 plots left free. In some districts and near the school, Minimercado, etc., only 20-30 plots are left free. We are going to sell these now so we can do the house construction there and finish the roads. These will be beautiful settlements planted by the settlers. No more excavators, no more big construction machines. Just living in paradise.

Save here a Place on the Noahs Ark!

Family discount: 5% per minor child (maximum 4 children or 20%) – remains in effect!

NEW: Family school allowance

If you move to us with a kindergarten or school-age child or more than one school-age child, we will credit an amount of ANOTHER 5% of the property price to an account for the payment of school fees (kindergarten contribution) at El Paraiso Verde. We will then pay your school fees or kindergarten contribution up to this amount.

PROPERTY- Investment for investors – VALUE of the land in EPV.

This week the titles for the individual plots were handed over to the cadastre.
Next week we will sign the land registry applications for the first 15 families and submit them by about June 20.

As the bureaucracy moves back to normal under President Santi Peña, we should be able to show the first titles with video evidence between the end of August and the end of September.

Then the last lie of the envious will collapse (“you’ll never get a title”).
You still remember “it’s all a swamp and always under water” or “you’ll never get electricity and water in your house”. Today we laugh about it. Back then, this badmouthing hurt a lot.

Value of the land: Through a TITLE – PLUS 30%!

As soon as a TITLE is available for a parcel of land in Paraguay, it increases in value by 30% on average.

Further increase in the value of the land: PLUS 20% for road to project.

As can be seen in the meantime on site, the road from Caazapa to El Paraiso Verde is ready for asphalting.

Santi Peña has stressed that the opening of this road will be the first opening he will make as president in the state of Caazapa. Still in 2023, this is the commitment of the President of Paraguay.

We, the settlers of El Paraiso Verde want settlers with an open heart. Therefore, we will NOT raise the prices of the plots by 30% at the beginning of October and by another 20% at the beginning of 2024. These increases in value are expected to occur automatically after November 29, 2024.

We will raise prices by 1% each month starting in October 2023. This will give investors and new settlers the opportunity to realize 12% increases in value by purchasing land from October 2023 to October 2024.

Normally, the plots near the local infrastructure Paraiso Verde are sold first. This is how it looks now:

epv grundstuecke belegung

RED: Sold, gone
ORANGE: Reserved
WHITE: still vacant, available for purchase NOW
GREY: for settlers who want to practice a trade or build rental properties
VIOLET: Released for resale.

From this picture you can easily see how the situation really is. In detail:

RED-SOLD: most of the properties are sold in this part of the district. These owners also want to get into the land register.

ORANGE-RESERVED: e.g. in the settlements PV-49 and PV-19 there are no more free (white) plots. There we will finish the settlements with our road milling machine first.

VIOLET- RELEASE FOR SALE: A few plots of land from settlers who in most cases have exchanged and in some cases have moved away again. This shows how few actually move away again.

GRAY-LOCKED: for special use: in some of these areas a pedestrian zone with stores and pubs should be built. Please keep in mind that in a few years we will have tourism in EPV. Rental apartments (some of them multi-storey) can also be built there. An opportunity for investors: combination of local and rental or only rental apartments. The first of these houses (Leonartis house, see picture) is under construction. On the first floor there are 2 pubs, which can alternatively be used as residential studios, on the 1st floor there are 2 apartments. Above them a roof terrace with a breathtaking view over El Paraiso Verde.

House Leonartis:


WHITE: that’s just over 30 vacant lots still available for purchase in this settlement area. Prices will remain the same until October 1, 2023.

If you would like to live within walking distance to YPY Lake, Café Bambambo, the school, and the Minimercado and dining hall, please RSVP here: CLICK HERE

Anyone looking for another property in EPV, please report here: CLICK HERE

Rent in El Paraiso Verde. We still have rooms, apartments and a few houses for rent and for sale. Registration for a preliminary interview here: CLICK HERE

Overview of investment opportunities in El Paraiso Verde: CLICK HERE

Please consider:
El Paraiso Verde is the only permanently existing settlement project worldwide of significant size. There is nothing like it and – unfortunately – there will likely be nothing like it in the future. Closing of the Noah’s Ark Project on November 29, 2024 – 7 p.m.

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