Our vision El Paraiso Verde Paraguay

The EL PARAÍSO VERDE Project – A becoming Holistic Society

We are establishing a private colony, a kind of holistic society, with an urban, suburban, and rural infrastructure. Lakes, canals, and water landscapes are being built and expanded upon. Agricultural and grazing areas have been created with room to grow. Our primeval forest will be enlarged through reforestation.

El Paraíso Verde offers its inhabitants private properties and recreational spaces. More than 1500 residential plots of land are in the process of being parceled out. We are creating a multicultural peace community with the potential of at least 1,000 to a maximum of 20,000 inhabitants. El Paraíso Verde is already in the process of being established as the largest private colony in South America.

We plan to build an on-site, comprehensive school system. Starting with Kindergarten through high school and beyond, the education of our next generation will be geared toward self-development in harmony with the environment. We are especially excited for our future Schauberger-Tesla-Reich University El Paraíso Verde.  The areas of study in this institute for higher learning will focus on alternative physics, alternative energy, alternative medicine, and alternative agriculture, with the inclusion of a music and art college.

El Paraiso Verde is essentially an independent colony, managed with emphasis on ecological principles. Our goal is to be 100% autonomous if necessary.

Our vision in El Paraiso Verde Paraguay

I. Private Colony (in foundation) El Paraiso Verde

We are founding an independent, private colony to create a holistic society in the future.

El Paraíso Verde, our green paradise, will be a place of freedom and integrity. Free speech, freedom of expression and science, as well as access to unmandated holistic healthcare is everyone`s right.

II. International Peace Community

Based on mutual goodwill, respect, and solidarity, the community of El Paraíso Verde welcomes people of all nationalities, religions, and beliefs. Excluded are only individuals who hold worldviews, or are members of religions, which claim supremacy or exclusive rights over others, their religions, and beliefs.

Every resident of El Paraiso Verde shall be able to cultivate their traditions and values freely. All may exercise their spirituality or religions, within the framework of the laws of the country and community. Each individual is encouraged and enabled to cultivate their divinity.

We are a NON-religious community. The lowest common denominator is not a religion or set of beliefs, but only mutual goodwill, respect toward all life and direct communication between all residents.                                    

Our goal is to be an exemplary model of a peaceful community, interacting with a code of ethics and reason. We are growing through our diversity and the constructive exchange between people from different backgrounds and ideologies.

III. El Paraiso Verde is a self-sufficient Community

El Paraiso Verde is an autonomous settlement in which each member contributes to the development of our self-sufficiency as much as they are able. Teachers, health practitioners, engineers, farmers, contractors, hairdressers, shop owners, restauranteurs, and all such persons who can contribute to our community in any capacity are especially desired to set up shop in our paradise and further our autonomy.

IV. School in El Paraiso Verde

We will establish a school and a college based on anthroposophical teaching methods.  From an early age, kids will learn basics we consider to be vital. Responsibility for one’s own well-being through a holistic approach to wellness, nutrition, horticulture, growing food and medicinal plants, as well as the care of animals is considered as important as languages, technologies, science, and art. The language curriculum will include Spanish, English, and German, with Guarani being taught as an elective.

Students will be encouraged to define, organize, and carry out projects freely. They will form their own opinions, research topics, and come to logical conclusions. Our graduates will be independent people and critical thinkers, able to master todays electronics without being reliant on them.

V. Schauberger-Tesla-Reich University of El Paraíso Verde

Our university will pioneer research in the direction of its namesake.

The Schauberger-Tesla-Reich University will be established with the everlasting guarantee of independent science, research, and teaching. The best start for a holistic society.


  • Faculty of Science
  • Faculty of Agricultural Sciences
  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Philosophies and Humanities
  • Faculty of Music and Art

More information see: LINK (University)

VI. ENVIRONMENT in El Paraiso Verde

Because El Paraiso Verde is an autonomous community, protection, care, preservation, and restoration of nature is our highest priority.

VII. Financial self-sufficiency

El Paraiso Verde is entirely self-funded. It is being built and managed without borrowed capital or loans.

VIII. RELJUV® Health Center El Paraíso Verde

The RELJUV® Health Center will be an institute for health and rejuvenation. Doctors, alternative practitioners, and natural healers (including spiritual healers), will collaborate in developing and practicing the best possible healing methods to benefit patients. Our motivation is not financial profit, but general health and wellbeing. We strive not only to heal, but to keep people well by transmitting the knowledge and tools necessary to achieve vibrant longevity.

IX: Industrial Center for Alternative Energy and Environmental Technology

Our center of commerce will work in collaboration with the Schauberger-Tesla -Reich University to develop, manufacture and market  alternative energy technologies, as well as alternative environmental technologies of all kinds.

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